Boxer Pros And Cons – Is This The Right Breed For You? (2024)


Boxers are fun-loving dogs that make great pets. But like every other dog the Boxer has pros And cons.

Understanding the needs of a boxer and providing proper care will ensure your dog fits in with your family and is happy and healthy. 

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Boxer Pros And Cons


Are Boxers good dogs? Boxers are good dogs that are known for being gentle and loyal.

They are also very protective and do well with training. They are ideal for families, but they also have some issues that may not make them suitable for all households.

If you are considering getting a boxer, read on to learn more about the breed. 

Why Boxers Are The Best Dogs


Many people consider boxers the best dogs, and here’s why.

1. Protective Nature

Boxers are very protective by nature and were bred as guard dogs. They bond with their owners quickly and become protective over them and other pets.

2. Great With Children

Boxers are very social, and they do well with children. Boxers are gentle and tolerate a lot of children. They are also protective of them.

 3. Affectionate 

Boxers love affection and attention. They are happy to cuddle up on the couch with their owners and enjoy being petted and hugged.

4. Respond Well To Training

Most boxers do very well with training and enjoy it. They like to please their owners, so doing tasks and being rewarded for them make the dogs happy.

5. Playful And Comical


These dogs are very silly and playful. They have a lot of energy and do silly things all the time. They are perfect for active families and families with young children.

6. Easy To Groom

Because boxers have short hair, they are very easy to groom. There is no daily brushing required, and they can be bathed as little as once or twice a week, depending on their normal routines, daily schedules, and any working tasks they do.

7. Not Too Small, Not Too Big

Boxers are a perfect size. They are not small and fragile dogs but also aren’t large and hard to move around.

They are gentle and small enough to play with children without worrying about them accidentally hurting the kids and are big enough that you won’t have to worry about them getting hurt.

8. Loyal

The breed is known for being very loyal. They love to stay close to their owners and often stick right by their sides.

9. Courageous

Boxers are very courageous and are not likely back down from danger. This is ideal for families who want guard dogs that are protective and loyal.

10. Energetic & Athletic

They are full of energy and love to play. They enjoy playing fetch, running, and catching the frisbee and can be trained to do other activities as well.

Boxer Downsides


While boxers are a great dog breed, threesome downsides might make them the right dog for every household.

1. Energetic & Excitable

Their high energy and excitability can be too much for some families, and without proper training, it can make them hyperactive.

2. Slow To Mature

Boxers stay puppies for a long time, and even though they may grow in size physically, their maturity rate is slow.

3. Can Be Stubborn

The breed may be smart, but they are also stubborn. Sometimes they don’t want to learn new tasks and will refuse to train properly.

4. Needs Plenty Of Socialization

Boxers need a lot of socialization. They can be shy, and without being introduced to people and animals at an early age, they may develop a fear of strangers.

5. Should Not Be Left Alone For Long Periods


They can develop social anxiety and should not be left alone for long periods of time as they may become destructive and even harm themselves.

6. Intolerant Of Extreme Cold And Heat

Due to their body types and short hair, they do not do well in extreme temperatures. They should not be left outside in hot or cold weather.

7. Can Be Aggressive

If not properly trained and socialized, boxers can be aggressive. While they are mostly gentle and timid, some boxers can become dangerously aggressive.

8. Health Issues

Boxers are known to suffer from specific health problems. They may be genetic or can develop over time. This can lead to costly medical procedures that are stressful for the dogs and their families.

9. Can Have Strong Prey Drive

Boxers have a strong prey drive which can make them chase after cats and other small animals. Sometimes they will do so to play, but it can also be aggressive behavior.

10. Can Drool And Be Gassy

Boxers are known for drooling and can also be very gassy. They are sometimes messy and sloppy, which may not work for all families.

Things To Consider Before Getting a Boxer


If you are considering getting a boxer, keep these things in mind. 

  • Boxers are very immature and require a lot of training
  • Boxers can be messy and smelly
  • They need plenty of exercise and socialization
  • Boxers should be vet-checked often to watch for health problems
  • They can become aggressive with small animals without training
  • They can be very needy and follow you around often
  • They require regular exercise
  • Boxers should not be left outside in extreme temperatures

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Do Boxers Have Sensitive Stomachs?

Boxers can have sensitive stomachs, and some can suffer from a disease of the intestines called colitis. They may require special foods to help make digestion easier.

Do Boxers Snore?

Boxers do snore and can do so loudly. This is due to their short snouts and large chests.

Conclusion For Boxer Pros And Cons – Is This The Right Breed For You


Boxers are great dogs and do well with most families. As long as you know what to expect from these dogs, they could be a great addition to your family.

Make sure you understand the needs of this breed before you make decisions on buying or adopting one.

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