9 Best Horse Rescues in Florida! (2024)

Horses are strong, intelligent, and majestic animals that deserve support, love, and care, which is why we have a list of the best horse rescues in Florida for you right here.

Unfortunately, some of them in Florida end up in rescue horse shelters due to a few ancillary issues. Like other animals, horses often become victims of over-breeding, neglect, and abuse from their previous owners.

With that in mind, reputable rescue agencies in Florida have taken it as a responsibility to rescue horses and offer proper training, shelter, care, and rehabilitation, giving them a second chance at life.

Below is a list of the top horse rescues in Florida.

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Why Do Horses End Up in Shelters?


Myriads of reasons contribute to horses being taken to rescue centers in Florida and across the United States. The most common reasons include:

  • Owners’ death
  • Financial constraints, forcing the horses to fend for themselves.
  • Aging
  • Chronic diseases
  • Overbreeding
  • Behavioral issues
  • Owner relocating to a less horse-friendly neighborhood.

The Top 9 Horse Rescues in Florida


Most horses in rescues are not there because of their shortcomings; the issues are often attributable to their previous owners. Thus, rescue centers strive to rehabilitate the adopted horses to guarantee their long-term well-being.

Here are the top 9 rescue centers in Florida:

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Horse Rescue and Sanctuary


To start this list is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Horse Rescue and Sanctuary, an equine protection agency committed to rescuing abandoned, abused, neglected, and unwanted horse breeds.

Founded thirty years ago, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is a great advocate for horse rescues such as Air Falcon, a thoroughbred who was nursed back to health. They strive to offer rehabilitation services and find their horse breeds’ the best homes.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. also prides itself on having a great volunteer program that welcomes community people who want to help and incarcerated Individuals seeking to do their community service working hours.

Additionally, they have a magical mini program that allows parents to bring their children to celebrate birthdays and tour the agency, mainly for educational purposes and fun.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Horse Rescue and Sanctuary Details:

2. South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a reputable rescue organization in Miami-Dade, Florida.

Liaising with local law enforcement, they strive to rescue and offer second chances to horses and livestock who have fallen prey to starvation, abandonment, and cruelty.

The majority of horses are survivors of the slaughter industry. Knowing that people are intentionally auctioning horses to be killed off is a grave crime against animal life.

However, the South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is driven by the need to serve and provide sanctuary to such neglected cases.

The organization accepts donations to provide for the animals’ security, shelter, veterinary, and hoof care to allow them a second chance at survival.

If you have the passion, you can try adopting horses from the South Florida Society, provided you can care for them. Take a chance on them!

South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Details:

3. Hidden Acres Rescue for Thoroughbreds (HART)


Are you a fan of horse racing? If so, have you ever thought about what happens to former racehorses that cannot compete anymore?

You should know that some are often neglected by their owners, while other owners are incapable of taking care of them.

With that in mind, HART has taken it upon itself to provide a safe space for former racehorses.

The organization works with sponsors such as Rockin Robbin Entertainment and Slug-A-Bug, offering these athletic horses a chance to rest, rehabilitate, and retrain for their new roles.

HART is also a large advocate for rescues, volunteering to learn the art of discipline, horsemanship, and training adoptable horses. They go all-out to ensure that all their horses and adopters are a perfect match.

So, if you are located in Florida and ever feel like taking horse lessons, getting an education about horsemanship, or volunteering at the ranch, then HART is the place to go.

Hidden Acres Rescue for Thoroughbreds (HART) Details:

4. Peaceful Ridge Rescue


Suppose you have a big ranch and are looking to adopt horses, then consider Peaceful Ridge Rescue as your first option.  

Peaceful Ridge Rescue is a non-profit rescue agency that endeavors to provide a safe haven for neglected, abused, abandoned, and survivors of slaughterhouses.

It prides itself on its sanctuary services, noting some progress in rehabilitation, veterinary care, and offering adoption services for rescued horses. 

If you are looking for a thoroughbred, look no further because Peaceful Ridge Rescue has rescued many retired thoroughbred racehorses you can adopt and offer a home at your ranch.

In addition, they offer instructional support and equine-assisted programs, all in favor of educating the masses about the importance of horse care and support in society.

Be a part of the movement!

Peaceful Ridge Rescue Details:

  • Location: 2995 Peaceful Ridge Road Davie, Florida 33330 USA
  • Phone Number: 954-240-6080
  • Website: Peaceful Ridge Rescue

5. South West Florida Horse Rescue, Inc.


Tina Garett and Matt Vanaleck founded South West Florida Horse Rescue in 2009 after seeing the need to rescue and support horses in their local area.

The founders viewed some of these horses as victims of neglect and abuse from their previous owners, recognizing the need to protect them.

Since founding, South West Florida Horse Rescue has stayed true to the cause and has rescued hundreds of numerous horse breeds.

Occupying a 40-acre piece of land, South West has dedicated its sanctuary to providing the best medical, nutritional, and social rehabilitation to its rescues.

They also run volunteer programs for students looking to get extra credit. At the same time, they offer education on proper equine care and support while advocating for horse adoption.

South West Florida Horse Rescue, Inc. Details:

6. RVR Horse Rescue


If you are in Florida, RVR Horse Rescue is a terrific horse rescue agency that offers volunteer programs for helping and supporting horse breeds.

This facility believes in rescuing horses and then rehabilitating and rehoming them, understanding that every horse’s life is valuable.

At RVR Horse Rescue, as a volunteer, you will see how horses are rescued and what happens when they arrive, such as conducting medical exams and offering specialized care.

You will also learn more about treating horses as human beings that deserve rest, support, and love for them to heal both in mind, body, and spirit.

RVR Horse Rescue Details:

7. The World Horse Rescue Center


Rated at 4.9 stars, The World Horse Rescue Center is a non-profit rescue and rehabilitation center devoted to conserving America’s wild horses.

It was instituted in 2000 by Diane Delano to rescue and rehabilitate wild mustangs that have lived in abusive situations and environments.

They have a dedicated team of expert horse trainers that understands the need for mentoring mustang owners and hold educational forums to create more awareness about the existence of wild mustangs and caring for their physical and behavioral needs.

Mostly relying on sponsorships, donations, and volunteers, the organization has managed to rescue many mustangs and wild horses over the years, provide safety, and groom most for their next home.

The World Horse Rescue Center Details:

8. Dream Catcher Horse Rescue


Located in Clermont, Florida, Dream Catcher Horse Rescue is an amazing organization offering personal attention, safe accommodations, and love to all equine rescues.

Their main goal is to create awareness by educating the masses on the importance of horse rehabilitation and preventing cruelty that may risk an equine’s life.

Since Dream Catcher Horse Rescue is a volunteer-based ranch center, communities are allowed to help out whenever they can.

Dream catcher also provides space for fun activities. For instance, if you are looking to take some fun riding lessons, they have various horse breeds that suit your horseback riding needs.

You can also bring your family to the ranch and allow your kids to enjoy the extensive pony rides services at Dream Catcher Horse Rescue Center.

Dream Catcher Horse Rescue Center Details:

9. Horses Without Humans Rescue Organization


Ending this list with the Horses Without Humans Rescue Organization is only fitting. This establishment prides itself on saving endangered horses in Florida.

Yvonne Barteau started the Horses Without Humans Rescue after she came across emaciated horses of different breeds that captured her heart and attention.

Seeing their sorry state, she decided to start an organization where communities join hands and protect these equines from going extinct.

With that in mind, Horses Without Humans Rescue Organization works with a team of horse experts who strive to rescue and rehabilitate any horse needing help and support.

With the understanding that most rescued equines are malnourished and weak, they nurse them back to health, provide their physical and nutritional needs and train them well before instigating the adoption process.

Horses Without Humans Rescue Organization Details:

Conclusion For “Best Horse Rescues in Florida”


If you are searching for horse rescues in Florida, look no further than these top nine horse rescue agencies and organizations. They understand the value of each horse and offer the best rescue services and support.

If you want to adopt an equine, regardless of the breed, these horse rescues will make it worthwhile for you.

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