9 Best Cat Rescues in Florida! (2024)

Are you hoping to adopt a feline companion? If so, you should choose one from a cat rescue. There are so many cats in these shelters looking for homes, that it doesn’t make sense to purchase from a breeder. 

Like other areas in the United States, Florida has plenty of cat rescues. You may have to pay some adoption fees before bringing a kitty home, but these fees are meant to cover vaccination, microchipping, and/or other fees for the animal’s well-being.        

First, let’s learn about why some cats end up in shelters. After that, we’ll go through a list of excellent cat rescues in Florida. 

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Why Are There Cats in Shelters? 


There are several different common reasons why cats end up in shelters. Here are some of them below: 

  • Doesn’t get along with other pets
  • Not using a litter box
  • Owners have allergies
  • Too expensive to maintain
  • Takes too much time to care for
  • Moving homes

In the majority of cases, the cats in shelters are wonderful pets who would make a great addition to your household. 

The 9 Best Cat Rescues in Florida


If you’re looking for cat adoption options in Florida, check out these excellent cat rescues. 

1. Beyond Nine Cat Rescue


Beyond Nine Cat Rescue is a highly respected Florida cat rescue, with locations in Oakland Park and Fort Lauderdale.

Visit Beyond Nine Cat Rescue’s website to see pictures and descriptions of several of the cats that are currently available for adoption. If you’re interested in adopting a feline friend from this rescue, contact them by email or phone. 

This cat rescue was first established in 2007 and it is powered by its dedicated volunteers. There are plenty of cats available here, so go ahead and contact them if you’re in Florida and want to give a cat a forever home. 

Beyond Nine Cat Rescue Details:

2. Abandoned Pet Rescue


Abandoned Pet Rescue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida rescues both cats and dogs. Anyone looking for rescue cats for adoption in Florida should take a look at Abandoned Pet Rescue.

This rescue is serious when it comes to sending their animals to the best possible homes. 

In fact, they have adoption counselors. These professionals are there to help you find the perfect pet for you. You’ll have to make an appointment to talk to one of the adoption counselors at Abandoned Pet Rescue. 

This rescue is open and available for you to contact every day of the week, from 12 noon to 5 pm. You can find a list of cats currently available to adopt by going to the site’s Adopt a Cat page. 

Abandoned Pet Rescue Details:

3. Candy’s Cats 


Do you live in Central Florida? Candy’s Cats is a cat rescue you should contact. This rescue was established much more than a decade ago, and it’s known for its integrity.

It screens its cats for health conditions, such as feline leukemia. Candy’s Cats even microchips its felines before they go to their new homes.

Candy’s Cats holds adoption events in different parts of Florida. Find out if there are any in your area. Of course, you can also contact the rescue directly via its phone number or website. 

Visit the Candy’s Cats website to find out how many cats are currently available for adoption. You’ll also see a list of Highlighted Cats. This includes cute personality descriptions, as well as pictures.

Candy’s Cats Details:

  • Location: Apopka, Florida 
  • Phone Number: 407-760-2052
  • Website: Candy’s Cats

4. The Way Home


The Way Home is a cat shelter as well as a trap, neuter, and return (TNR) program. That means that it humanely traps feral cats, neuters or sprays them, and releases them back into their original habitat.

The shelter part of The Way Home houses former pet cats that are looking for loving homes. 

You can find a list of the adoptable cats at The Way Home on their website. The descriptions include names, life stories, personality facts, and more. You can find out if the cat is good with other pets and good with children. 

The Way Home Details:

5. Rescue Pets of Florida


Rescue Pets of Florida has been part of the Tampa Bay area for many years. They once operated under the name rescue Cats of Florida and Cat Call, but today they’re known as Rescue Pets of Florida. 

This nonprofit organization is run by volunteers, and they have a partnership with PetsMart. They rescue and find homes for cats and kittens as well as puppies and dogs.

Like many other shelters, Rescue Pets of Florida finds foster homes for its animals before they find forever homes. This makes the pets especially well-socialized and ready to be perfect family pets. 

If you’re interested in adopting a cat from Rescue Pets of Florida, contact them for more information. 

Rescue Pets of Florida Details:

6. SPCA Florida Adoption Center 


The SPCA Florida is one of the best-known places in the state to adopt a cat.

You’ll need to contact the organization’s Adoption Center and make an appointment if you’d like to adopt a cat here. SPCA Florida provides a list of currently available cats on its website. 

However, animals here tend to be adopted out quickly, so it’s always possible that the cat you have your eye on may be adopted out by the time you have your appointment.

Remember this and try to have an open mind when you go to view the animals. You may just find the perfect pet! 

As with many other shelters, you’ll have to pay an adoption fee to adopt your new cat from the SPCA. This fee will cover microchipping, spaying or neutering, vaccines, and more, ensuring you get a healthy and well-protected pet. 

To make an appointment with the SPCA Florida Adoption Center, go to the site and fill out the Schedule Appointment form. 

SPCA Florida Adoption Center Details:

7. Jacksonville Humane Society 


Everyone has heard of the Humane Society. This organization has built up a stellar reputation over many years (more than a century) of its existence. If you live in or near Jacksonville, consider adopting a cat from the Jacksonville Humane Society. 

The Jacksonville Humane Society offers lists of its currently available cats for adoption on its site. Contact the organization if you’re interested in adopting or attending one of the exciting adoption events that they frequently hold. 

The Jacksonville Humane Society opened way back in 1885. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most dependable cat shelter options in Florida 

Jacksonville Humane Society Details:

8. Friends of Strays Animal Shelter 


Established in 1978, Friends of Strays Animal Shelter is one of the top places to get a cat in St. Petersburg,

Florida. As well as providing shelter and home placement services for rescue cats and dogs, Friends of Strays Animal Shelter does impressive advocacy work in the community. 

This shelter is open for several hours every day except Monday and Tuesday. One of the advantages of choosing a cat from Friends of Strays Animal Shelter is how well-socialized the animals are. 

Friends of Strays Animal Shelter has several programs to enrich the lives of its animals, including foster programs. That means that the cat you adopt may have already lived in a loving foster home, making it better ready to be your family pet. 

Friends of Strays Animal Shelter Details:

9. Raining Cats and Dogs Shelter 


Raining Cats and Dogs is a smaller shelter that works in partnership with nearby municipal shelters. They come together with these organizations to find homes for rescued felines and canines. 

They find foster homes, as well as permanent “forever” homes, for the cats under their care. If you live in Florida’s Park/Hillsborough area, think about contacting Raining Cats and Dogs Shelter for more information. 

Raining Cats and Dogs Shelter is located in a house on Route 60. It is designed to be comfortable and hospitable for the animals there. Just take a look at the cat patios while you’re there! 

Raining Cats and Dogs Shelter Details:

Conclusion For “Best Cat Rescues in Florida”


Now you know that Florida offers many great cat rescues where you can find felines to adopt.

Instead of going to a breeder, give a rescue cat a home. Any of the rescues we’ve listed here are reputable and reliable options for finding and adopting the perfect feline friend. 

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