9 Best Norwegian Forest Cat Rescues in The USA! (2024)

If you want to adopt a cat in the United States, you may be interested in a Norwegian Forest Cat. The breed developed in the forests of Norway for hundreds of years before humans domesticated them. No worries, though. We have a list of the best Norwegian Forest Cat rescues in the USA for you right here!

Owners often purchase Norwegian Forest Cats without an understanding of the care, time, and money that the breed requires. Unfortunately, this leads to Norwegian Forest Cats in pet rescues and shelters throughout the United States. 

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Why Are Norwegian Forest Cats Put Up for Adoption?


Norwegian Forest Cats are put in shelters because owners fail to understand the amount of time, care, and resources that the cats require.

Because they originated in the wild, the breed requires ample space to move around and plenty of socialization and exercise. 

Before purchasing a Norwegian Forest Cat, people fail to think through if they have the financial resources to devote to a new cat.

Vet bills, grooming, food, and pet supplies can quickly add up. They also need to ensure they have enough work flexibility so that their Norwegian Forest Cat is socialized and not left alone for long hours. 

Unfortunately, when owners’ expectations do not match reality, they can give Norwegian Forest Cats up for adoption.

If you see a Norwegian Forest Cat in a shelter, remember that they are lovable and friendly cats, and are great fits for families and individuals. 

If your family is looking to adopt a cat, check out the top Norwegian Forest Cat rescues in the United States. 

The Top Nine Norwegian Forest Cats Rescues in the United States 


When adopting a rescue cat, it is important to find a Norwegian Forest Cat that is the right fit for you and your family.

Reputable and ethical cat adoption agencies will know their cats’ personalities and histories. They will screen for any health issues and will work with you to find the perfect Norwegian Forest Cat for your home and environment. 

When working with a rescue organization, know that there is an adoption process to ensure that cats are placed in the right forever homes. Most rescue organizations will not offer free cats but will require an adoption fee.

Reputable cat adoption organizations will walk you through the process, which includes:

  • Completing shelter visits 
  • Filling out the application paperwork 
  • Paying the adoption fee 
  • Setting up a home visit 
  • Preparing your home for your new cat

Keep reading to learn about trusted Norwegian Forest Cat rescues in the USA, with a breakdown of each organization.

1. Feline Rescue 


Feline Rescue is a cat adoption shelter based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. For over 25 years, Feline Rescue has matched Norwegian Forest Cats and other rescues or strays with individuals and families. 

Once rescues come into their care, the team at Feline Rescue socializes their cats and provides top-notch veterinary care.

The staff’s primary goal is to match their cats to the right family so that the Norwegian Forest Cat is well-taken care of and in a loving home. 

To ensure a smooth process, Feline Rescue has an extensive website that allows you to search for cats that are currently up for adoption.

They also provide information about their cats’ histories, personality traits, and socialization tendencies so that you can find the best Norwegian Forest Cat for you.

As a bonus, Feline Rescue offers discounts to owners who adopt two or more cats. They highlight that cats are social beings and often thrive when they have more furry friends in their homes.

The Feline Rescue team will work with you to ensure the cats are the right fit for your family. 

Feline Rescue Details:

2. Petfinder 


Petfinder is a national organization that can identify cat adoption agencies near you. Simply search for Norwegian Forest Cats and enter your location details on their website.

Petfinder will search their national database of rescue organizations to tell you which Norwegian Forest Cats are currently up for adoption. They will also provide pictures of the rescue cat, and its personality and health details. 

Once you find a cat you are interested in, Petfinder provides the rescue organization’s contact information. Petfinder updates its website daily, so you will always find Norwegian Forest Cats that are currently waiting for rescue. 

Petfinder Details:

3. Wags and Whiskers Pet Rescue 


Founded in 2015, Wags and Whiskers Pet Rescue is a volunteer-run rescue organization in California. Once they rescue their cats, the animals go to loving foster homes before they go to a forever home. 

Their organization provides top-notch veterinary care and treatment to Norwegian Forest Cats.

The team at Wags and Whiskers is committed to ensuring that their rescues end up in loving homes where they will receive the proper care, love, grooming, and attention. 

Wags and Whiskers’ adoption center is open for walk-ins from Monday to Saturday. You can also peruse their website, where they post pictures, ages, health information, and personality traits of Norwegian Forest Cats up for adoption. 

Wags and Whiskers Pet Rescue Details:

4. The Cat Connection 


The Cat Connection is a rescue organization located in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts. The shelter specializes in rescuing stray and abandoned cats, including Norwegian Forest Cats. 

The Cat Connection works with families to match the right Norwegian Forest Cat to their lifestyle and home environment. Before adoption, cats undergo checkups for any health complications and receive all of their necessary vaccinations. 

The Cat Connection has a personalized adoption process when selecting your Norwegian Forest Cat.

They require an interview with prospective adopters and the completion of an extensive adoption form. The volunteer team prides itself in giving each cat love, care, grooming, and training before they go to their forever home.

The Cat Connection Details:

5. Adopt-a-Pet 


Adopt-a-Pet is an online platform that can connect you with Norwegian Forest Cats up for adoption in your area.

Simply go online and enter your zip code and demographic information into the site’s search bar, and you will see which Norwegian Forest Cats are up for adoption near you. 

Adopt-a-Pet also allows you to search for specific ages, sexes, and how far you are willing to travel. The site also has a national database of Norwegian Forest Cat rescues, so you can search for cats by state. 

Adopt-a-Pet Details:

6. Animal Ark 


The Animal Ark is an organization that has rescued and rehomed cats since 1977 in the Minnesota area, including Norwegian Forest Cats.

For almost 50 years, they have been a no-kill shelter that provides medical care and socialization for injured or stray cats. They even provide a “cat condo” to their rescues, so that they have ample room for playing and socialization. 

To adopt a Norwegian Forest Cat, check out Animal Ark’s website for available cats. Look at their events schedule because they often host adoption events on weekends, so you can meet their rescue cats. 

Animal Ark does require that their adopters live within 50 miles of Hastings, Minnesota.

Even if you are not in the area, the team accepts donations online to keep the shelter up and running. They also offer several free resources on adoption, training, and fostering that you can access no matter where you live. 

Animal Ark Details:

7. Second Chance for Pets  


Second Chance for Pets is a non-profit rescue organization that specializes in re-homing cats.

They work with families who unfortunately need to give their cats up for adoption, so they often have Norwegian Forest Cat rescues who need forever homes.

Before your rescue comes home, they receive top-notch medical care. The Norwegian Forest Cats arrive with their vaccinations and receive flea and heartworm medications.

Other procedures they undergo include spaying or neutering, microchipping, and de-worming. 

Based in Clinton, Illinois, Second Chance for Pets has been uniting Norwegian Forest Cats and other rescues with the perfect owners for 25 years.

Their adoption process is extensive and requires checking your references and home environment. The volunteers at Second Chance for Pets work hard to place Norwegian Forest Cats in loving homes. 

Second Chance for Pets Details:

8. Austin Pets Alive!


Since its founding in 2008, Austin Pets Alive! has rescued over 100,000 cats and dogs in the Austin, Texas, area.

The organization has a remarkable story, with founders James Collins and Judy Ford aiming to reduce the euthanasia numbers in central Texas.

With innovative and creative programs, they have saved thousands of animals and completed over 10,000 adoptions. 

To rescue a Norwegian Forest Cat from Austin Pets Alive! check out their website. You can select the breed, sex, and age you are interested in and see which rescue kitties are available.

Austin Pets Alive! also regularly hosts public adoption days and fostering programs, so you can be sure to help a cat in need. 

Austin Pets Alive! Details:

9. Richmond SPCA


Located in central Virginia, Richmond SPCA provides shelter, safety, and medical care to homeless or unwanted cats and dogs.

Through partnerships with local veterinary clinics, they work to provide life-saving care and treatment to injured, sick, or abused animals at low costs. 

With Richmond SPCA’s resources, they are experts in matching animals with their forever homes.

If you are looking to adopt a Norwegian Forest Cat, check out their available cats online or contact the shelter directly. Richmond SPCA also offers free sterilization, education programs, and pet training classes to community members.  

Richmond SPCA Details:

Conclusion For “Best Norwegian Forest Cat Rescues in The USA”


Rescuing a Norwegian Forest Cat can require a lot of time, energy, and resources.

To find the best cat for your lifestyle and family, there are many rescue organizations and shelters across the country that regularly put Norwegian Forest Cats up for adoption. 

Use this list as a starting point to find shelters that care deeply about placing their Norwegian Forest Cats in forever homes.

These nine Norwegian Forest Cat rescue organizations are committed to matching their cats with families that will allow them to stay healthy and thrive.

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