Ferrets for Sale in Los Angeles – Top 5 Breeders! (2024)


If you’re looking for ferrets for sale in Los Angeles, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will list and discuss the best ferret breeders where you can get healthy and well-socialized kits in Los Angeles.

More and more pet enthusiasts in the United States are realizing that ferrets make excellent pets.

Naturally curious, fun-loving, and compact, ferrets are an ideal pet for those yearning for the companionship of an animal but not having enough space or time for a cat or dog.

If you, too, are looking to adopt a ferret, read on to find the best ferret breeders in Los Angeles! Remember also to get a county permit before adopting one of these lovable mammals.

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1. PetSmart

What to Consider When Buying Ferrets in Los Angeles

The American Ferret Association lists only nine licensed ferret breeders in the country.

With just a handful of reliable breeders in the country, it is hard to find dedicated ferret breeders; however, some pet stores get ferrets from small genuine breeders across the country and make them available for sale for enthusiasts.

PetSmart is one such pet store that sells ferrets in Los Angeles. While pet stores have earned themselves a bad reputation as some operate as a front for animal mills and unethical breeders, PetSmart is a respectable organization.

People who have purchased pets from the store appreciate it for its friendly staff, pet financing program, affordable prices, and healthy animals.

Despite these good reviews, we recommend you remain vigilant when buying a ferret from PetSmart.

Look out for the signs of a healthy ferret, i.e., clean, bright-eyed, curious, and active. It is unhealthy if your ferret looks down, has matted fur, unfocused eyes, and appears lethargic!

In addition, ask the staff about the health records of the ferrets they are selling; make sure the ferret has no genetic diseases or illness and has had its vaccinations.

If you find purchasing pets from a pet store too expensive, the store also has some financing options you could consider.

PetSmart Details:

  • Location: 4550 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles
  • Phone Number: 323-602-0874
  • Website: PetSmart

2. Petco


Petco – an American pet retailer with 1,500 facilities in the USA, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, is a renowned name in the country.

It sells pet supplies, food, and small animals, including fish and ferrets. They also offer pet-related services such as obedience training, grooming, vaccinations, and veterinary care for some animals.

Petco is an excellent option if you’re looking for ferrets for sale in Los Angeles. The retailer has several stores around Los Angeles where you can easily get a Kit!

Moreover, you can also inquire whether or not they’ll be willing to vaccinate your ferret before you adopt it from the store.

Here are the Petco stores where you can buy ferrets:

Petco – La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles Details:

  • Location: 200 S. La Brea Ave, Ste C, Los Angeles, CA 90036
  • Phone Number: 323-934-8444
  • Website: Petco

Petco – Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles Details:

  • Location: 5507 Hollywood Blvd Suite A, Los Angeles, CA 90028, United States
  • Phone Number: 323-871-4269
  • Website: Petco

Petco – Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles Details:

  • Location: 8161 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048, United States
  • Phone Number: 323-591-6254
  • Website: Petco

3. Fuzzy Ferrets of the North


Located in Anchorage, Alaska, Fuzzy Ferrets of the North is a breeder 3,397 miles away from Los Angeles.

So, why are we listing it here?

There are two reasons; first, Fuzzy Ferrets of the North breeds high-quality ferrets that are a product of excellent bloodlines and a focus on their good health, sound temperament, conformation, and longevity.

Secondly, since there aren’t many ferrets for sale in Los Angeles, it makes sense to consider breeders in other states that offer to the breeder ships their ferrets safely from the cold north to the rest of the country.

So even though it is located hundreds of miles from LA, your kit will be at your doorstep within one working day, safe and sound.

Furry Ferrets of the North has a small breeding operation, so it only has a small number of ferrets available for adoption in a year.

The good news is that the breeder does not sell on a first-come, first-served basis; it evaluates each applicant and selects the most suitable homes. Therefore, to get selected, submit an application that meets the breeder’s criteria.

The breeder has videos on their websites of the ferrets available for sale. Moreover, you can also visit their Facebook page to see the number of ferrets they’ve bred and raised over the years.

Fuzzy Ferrets of the North Details:

4. FerreTown USA


Ferretown USA is a renowned ferretry located in Washington with several champion ferrets.

All the ferrets under their care are raised in the breeder’s home with the utmost attention and love. Ferretown aims to breed healthy ferrets with excellent temperaments and good structure.

However, like many other ferretries in the United States, they also breed a limited number of kits every year.

In addition, all kits are sold with a spay/neuter/care legal contract that requires the young ferret to be spayed/neutered by the new owners between 6 to 12 months of age or placement.

You will need to get yourself approved to be eligible for the purchase of a ferret. Contact the breeder for more information on their adoption process through the details below.

Ferretown also has a rescue shelter where it places and rehabilitates vulnerable ferrets.

If you’re open to adopting a ferret instead of purchasing directly from the breeder, you can ask the owner for further details regarding the ferrets in its shelters.

FerreTown USA Details:

5. Scarlette’s Happy Dookers Ferretry


Ferrets for sale in Los Angeles are hard to find, so we list Scarlette’s Happy Dookers Ferretry as the breeder of last resort for Los Angeles ferret enthusiasts.

Located in Ohio, this breeder is the founding member and president of the Ohio Ferret Association and Rescue and a member of the American Ferret Association. Therefore, you can rest assured that they’re genuine and know what they’re doing.

Scarlette’s Happy Dookers Ferretry also has 30 years of experience in breeding and raising these tiny creatures. They aim to breed healthy ferrets with excellent temperaments, disposition, and longevity.

Their ferrets come from diverse genetic bloodlines, including Hungarian, Finnish, New Zealand, German, Russian, Swedish, English, and American.

However, Scarlette’s Happy Dookers Ferretry does not ship their ferrets. Therefore, you must visit Ohio to get your hands on their high-quality ferrets.

You can also have a relative or friend living in Ohio contact the breeder on your behalf if they have the expertise to do so and then arrange the shipping. You must still include your details in the adoption application.

You must complete an adoption application if you want to adopt one of their ferrets. You can contact the breeder for more information about the adoption process through the below contact details.

Scarlette’s Happy Dookers Ferretry Details:

More Information About Ferret Breeders in Los Angeles


Ferrets are still considered rare pets in the United States, so it is challenging to find breeders or ferretries within specific states.

If you still have trouble finalizing a breeder, you can ask for recommendations from friends, family, or neighbors who have ferret pets or have owned any.

However, whichever breeder you finalize must be a reputable breeder that prioritizes the health and temperament of the ferrets under its care.

After all, a healthy pet is a happy pet! Since ferrets can be prone to severe health conditions, ensure your breeder follows the AFA breeding guidelines and has proven bloodlines in the breeding program.

Moreover, if the breeder does not provide medical information about the ferrets, ask it yourself. We strongly recommend inquiring about distemper and rabies vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, and microchipping.

What to Consider When Buying Ferrets in Los Angeles


Here are a few essentials that you must consider when purchasing ferret pets:

Ferrets Need Patience

Ferrets are playful animals with an inquisitive nature with an insatiable need to stay active. They become destructive if they’re not given a positive outlet to vent their energy.

So they will require your patience in case they cause damage to your belongings or property. You will also need to train your ferret to prevent this from happening.

Ferrets Don’t Always Love Company


While ferrets may get along well with dogs and cats, they’re not known to appreciate sharing their space with hamsters, rabbits, rats, or other small and rodent pets.

Therefore, if you already have small pets in your home, reconsider your decision about getting a ferret as a pet.

Ferrets Require High Levels of Exercise Regularly

Ferrets are energetic and active pets that require lots of playtime and interaction; experts recommend at least 2-3 hours of exercise daily.

Ferrets Need Food


The ferret may be a tiny animal, but it will still require a diet with high protein and animal fat to remain healthy. Also, know that ferrets have a high metabolism and must eat every 3-4 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to own a ferret in Los Angeles?

You have to get a permit to own a ferret in Los Angeles.

Do ferrets eat house mice?

Ferrets are carnivores so they can catch and eat mice. They make for excellent natural pest control!

Is ferret poop toxic?

You shouldn’t pick up ferret droppings with your bare hands.

Where Are Ferrets for Sale in Los Angeles?


Ferrets are small animals that demand patience, care, and attention worthy of big pets from their owners. If you’re getting a ferret because it will be easy, think again!

However, if you’re getting a ferret because you love these bright creatures, get one from a healthy breeder.

While caring for a ferret, especially as a first-time owner, may get overwhelming, you will become an expert at the job with time.

We wish you the best of luck in welcoming a ferret into your home!

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