Ferret for Sale in Texas – Top 4 Breeders! (2024)


If you are looking for a ferret for sale in Texas, you have come to the right place. We have a great list of genuine pet shops and breeders that sell ferrets in Texas.

The ferret is an adorable exotic animal considered the most sought-after small pet! Ferrets are domesticated versions of wild European polecats from the same family as the mink and badger.

They are friendly and low-maintenance pets, and the best part is that they can form a powerful bond with their owners. They are known to be sociable and, over time, can become very attached to their owners.

In the state of Texas, you can legally keep a ferret as a pet, so waste no more time and take a look at the list we have for you below:

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1. Walter’s World of Pets


Walter’s World of Pets has a wide variety of ferrets in Texas; from the looks of it, it is one of the best-selling small animals the pet shop has. As their website explains, ‘It wouldn’t be Walter’s World without ferrets!’

They have a large variety of colors of ferrets ranging from dark hues to light ones that are cream and beige colored. Most of them have dark brown or black mask and feet, and their tail also has this dark color giving the animal a charming and adorable look.

The pet store has a wide variety of animals. Even if you are not interested in purchasing during your visit, walking around can be fun and exciting, especially for kids.

The store is owned by Ryan Blakely, who opened the shop in 1997 when inspired by his pet lizard Walter, he decided to share the wonder of exotic animals with fellow Texans.

Initially, the pet shop was small, but then it moved to its present location and bigger quarters.

It presently houses what is known as the ‘Jungle,’ a dedicated space where visitors can walk through an area where exotic lemurs, primates, and even a crocodile lounge around.

The shop truly is an experience, and they even offer live presentations at schools, colleges, and nursing homes for small and large groups.

The presentation includes a live exhibit of small animals shown to live audiences.

This is one pet shop you want to take advantage of and something of a tourist site in West Texas! Ensure it’s on your list when looking for your pet ferret.

Walter’s World of Pets Details:

2. S & S Exotic Animals Inc.


S & S Exotic Animals Inc. is located in Houston and is one of the most popular shops if you want to take home a pet ferret.

The pet shop specializes in small mammals and has such a fantastic variety of them on display that you may take home more than just a ferret!

At S & S Exotic Animals Inc., you can find:

  • Flying Squirrels
  • Hamsters
  • Prairie Dogs
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Mice and Rats

S & S Exotic Animals Inc. has a great website that is easy to navigate. With so many pet stores taking online orders, it is now more convenient than ever to browse and look at what is available before you visit the shop.

The sidebar lists all the animals available for purchase, including ferrets. These are all included under the Mammal section, where you will find the ones listed above.

The ferrets are displayed in an easy-to-read fashion with descriptions and prices under each picture.

They are all spayed and neutered; some have been descended, meaning the ferret’s anal glands have been removed to decrease odor.

Some pet shops only advise this practice, so you must ask each breeder before you purchase.

However, organizations like the American Ferret Association do not prescribe that this procedure should be performed unless the ferret needs it for medical purposes.

Ferrets come with a one-year health guarantee, but it is essential to determine what this pertains to. You can contact this ferret breeder in Texas with the information listed below.

S & S Exotic Animals Inc. Details:

3. Partners Pet Center


Partners Pet Center is a small animal retail outlet and a convenient pet shop with ferrets for sale in Texas.

With years of experience and three locations in the Texas area, they are a reliable and excellent choice if you are looking for a legitimate pet shop.

If the Round Rock location does not have ferrets, try their other sites: Austin and Georgetown.

In addition to small animals, they sell small breed designer puppies, freshwater fish, and feeder crickets. Their small animal section has ferrets, Syrian hamsters, guinea pigs, bunnies, and mice of all sizes.

The website is easy to navigate, but the font size needs to be bigger and easier to read. If you cannot find important information, it is better to call the pet store or check out their Facebook page, where you can see pictures of the animals.

Partners Pet Center is a small, individually owned business that works with the community to raise awareness about animals and pet care. Purchasing from a company like this is essential.

With so many commercial retail pet ‘malls,’ getting to know your local pet store will support a small community business and enable the shop to connect with community members who can spread the word.

Partners Pet Center Details:

4. Harlingen Pets


Harlingen Pets is another small pet shop that provides high-quality pets to the local community. The pet shop has a Facebook page with pictures of sloths, birds, amphibians, and ferrets.

The pet shop owner has a pet sloth named Sid the Sloth. The sloth is a local celebrity, with community members lining up and paying $30 to take pictures with Sid on special occasions like Valentine’s Day.

It was such a hit; the owner decided to do it again in December! What a great way to introduce the public to the beauty of exotic animals like sloths and a great way to support a local pet shop like Harlingen Pets.

This is what a local community pet shop should look like.

A place where individuals can walk in and experience the feeling of holding a hamster or petting a ferret. What a great way to introduce kids to this fantastic activity while promoting pet awareness.

On November 30, the pet shop had baby ferrets for sale, $375 each. This is an average market price and a great deal if you want a white, grey, or beige ferret.

Reviews for the pet shop show that it is a good choice for small animals but not too great for dog grooming. It is always important to read customer reviews to know which breeders and pet shops are good for what.

Some may be great for purchasing small animals like ferrets but could be better with dogs.

The pet shop also does interactive school presentations funded by public donations.

If you want to learn more about the ferrets for sale in Texas at Harlingen Pets or how you can take a picture with Sid, call them at the information listed below.

Harlingen Pets Details:

  • Location: 1305 N 77 Sunshine Strip, Harlingen, Texas
  • Phone Number: 956-425-8488
  • Website: Harlingen Pets
  • Social Media: Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do ferrets lick you?

If a ferret licks you, it may be getting ready to bite you.

How often do you give ferrets a bath?

Give a ferret a bath every two months or so, and clean out its cage at least once a month.

How do you calm a scared ferret?

Rock your ferret back and forth in your hands to get it to calm down.

Where Can I Find a Ferret for Sale in Texas?


Getting a pet for yourself, your children, or your elderly parents can be life-changing. Science shows that having pets decreases cortisol and lowers blood pressure.

Here is the best part: a tiny animal like a ferret is perfect for small children, elderly parents, or a family that needs a low-maintenance furry friend.

Sometimes we can’t get the dog or cat because our children are not the right age, we don’t live in a pet-friendly area, or we can’t afford everything that comes with raising a dog or cat.

Small animal pets are lovely because they give you that adorable furry vibes and are easy to take care of, not noisy, messy, and kid-friendly. But please remember, they are still pets and not less important than a dog or cat.

This means they still want your attention and need your care. Clean bedding, food, and water are essential requirements and something that every pet owner must be able to provide in addition to light exercise and playtime.

Now that you have a great list of pet shops you can call, visit and contact, your journey of finding a pet ferret just became much easier!

Here’s hoping you find your adorable furry friend soon!

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