Ferrets for Sale in Arizona – Top 4 Breeders! (2024)


Want to get a pet for your child that is unique and high-energy? Why not go for a smaller animal like a ferret? Check out this list of ferrets for sale in Arizona.

A ferret is a domesticated version of the wild European polecat, which also comes from the same family as the mink and badger.

Ferrets are small, cute, and very friendly. They are legal in all US states but two: California and Hawaii.

Looking for a ferret breeder is more challenging than it seems, but this guide lists four breeders with ferrets for sale in Arizona and nearby states.

Let’s take a look:

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1. PetSmart


You might have a hard time if you are looking for ferrets in Arizona. There are only a few ferret breeders within the state, so you must look for pet stores that sell other pets and possibly have ferrets for sale.

PetSmart is a retail pet store that often has ferrets for sale and a place you can reliably visit knowing you will walk out with a pet ferret. This PetSmart is conveniently located in Arizona and is a great place to check out.

You can ask questions from the PetSmart floor managers, and they will know about the health and wellness of the pet as they sell hundreds of pets and will be well-versed in any questions and concerns you may have.

In some states, finding small animal breeders may not be simple for several reasons.

First, breeding exotic animals like ferrets requires expertise and skills that not everyone has. In a way breeding a dog or cat may be easier than breeding a ferret.

Commercial pet stores can fill this gap and often are the only option for customers in certain states and not a wrong choice.

As always, buying from an individually owned pet store is preferable, but if you cannot find one, PetSmart is an excellent second option.

PetSmart Details:

2. West Michigan Ferret Connection


As mentioned above, it will be difficult to find breeders in Arizona, so your best bet is to look for breeders in other states. You can then negotiate and work out travel and shipping.

Not all breeders will ship, but many will be open to working out an arrangement to transport it halfway, or you can have a pet transporter pick it up from their premises. You will know once you try.

West Michigan Ferret Connection, as the name suggests, is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This breeder is passionate about ferrets and has advocated for them since 2001.

If you are looking for a breeder who is passionate about her work and willing to go the extra mile to explain what it takes to keep a ferret as a pet, then this is the place for you.

Just be careful because some reviews indicate that if the owner does not like your attitude, she will not make the sale.

As always, remember to be polite when asking questions. As a possible buyer, it is sometimes easy to forget how attached pet breeders and owners are to their pets and often treat them like children.

She has both bred and rescued ferrets, so it is essential to ask her when looking at her site to clarify which one is a rescued ferret and has been born on the premises. In the end, it should not make a difference to you.

If you are willing to take in a pet, why not take a rescued one? Not only are you taking in a pet that needs a loving home you are doing something good for the community and giving back.

She is very particular about selling her ferrets to individuals and has a list of questions that they would need to answer yes to even to be considered:

  • Are you ready for a pet and the time it will take to take care of it?
  • Do you have enough money to pay for high-quality food?
  • Can you afford to pay for a cage to keep the ferret safe?
  • Can you keep your ferret safe from your children?
  • If you have pets, can you keep them away from the ferrets?
  • If you rent, is your property owner okay with you having a ferret?
  • Can you create a safe area for your ferret to play?

Answer to the above that are not YES will automatically not be considered by the owner. So if you are looking for ferret breeders in Arizona, consider West Michigan Ferret Connection if you are ready to commit.

West Michigan Ferret Connection Details:

3. Happy Dookers


With a name like Happy Dookers, you can rest assured that you buy from a reliable and well-friendly pet shop.

Unfortunately, Happy Dookers doesn’t provide ferrets for sale in Arizona; it is located in the state of Ohio. However, there are a few reasons why we’ve included this breeder in our list.

Firstly, with over 30 years of ferretry, this is an option you should be looking at. Secondly, the breeder has over 70 ferrets used in professional shows and events, so you can rest assured that you are buying a quality pet.

The breeder also has a great About Us page to learn more about how they started professionally breeding ferrets.

You can also learn about the different locations the breeder has lived in and how the owner used to work in a shelter.

If you agree to purchase from them, you must know you are responsible for spaying and neutering them and for Rabies shots. If you are interested in breeding, indicate this to the breeder before purchasing a ferret.

To reserve a ferret, you will need to place a $50 deposit to reserve a kit which is the term for a baby ferret. Before taking your kit home, complete an adoption application and sign the purchase contract.

This can be found on their adoption page, where you will find the most up-to-date information about the 2023 litter.

Happy Dookers Details:

4. Stump’s Aquatics and Exotic Pets


Stump’s Aquatics and Exotic Pets is located in Mansfield, Ohio. It is a pet store that sometimes sells ferrets to people in Arizona, so it is worth a shot.

The pet store has many google reviews and a Facebook page, even though they need a good website.

You can find a lot of information on their Facebook page, like their adoption process, pictures of the ferrets, and comments from others who have bought pets from their store.

Everything from farm chicks to crocodiles can be found in the pet store, along with exotic aquatic marine life. The owners are beneficial and ready to answer any questions you may have.

The community loves this pet shop, and many buyers are return customers who have bought more than one kind of pet.

The staff is very responsive via phone and email, so if you have any questions about the availability of ferrets, you can drop them a line, and they will get back to you sooner rather than later.

Many of their reviews reflect how impressed customers are by the cleanliness of their fish tanks and how healthy the reptiles and small animals look.

With all positive reviews, this place is one that you should contact if you are looking for a ferret.

Although they do not have ferrets for sale in Arizona, they are nearby and can work out an arrangement with you so that you can pick up the animal once you have guaranteed payment.

Stump’s Aquatics and Exotic Pets Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do ferrets live for?

Most ferrets live for around six years or so, but they can live up to ten years.

Do ferrets smell bad?

Ferrets have a distinct, musky odor that their owners will have to adjust to, but they shouldn’t smell too strongly.

Do ferrets use a litter box?

You can train a ferret to use a litter box, but it will take some patience.

Where Are Ferrets for Sale in Arizona?


It is challenging to find ferret breeders in Arizona and neighboring states.

The state of California, by law, does not allow you to keep a ferret as a pet, so there is no use in searching there. We have found some legitimate places to look, but you must be prepared to arrange transport.

Most small pet stores cannot transport the animal for you but can work with you to devise an arrangement.

Because ferrets do not mix well with other animals, leaving the other large animals at home may be a good idea if you take a long car ride to get your ferret.

In addition to this, please remember that although ferrets are small animals, they are still animals and require love, patience, and attention. They can live as long as dogs or cats and even need to be spayed and neutered.

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