Ferrets for Sale in Houston – Top 3 Breeders! (2024)


Do you want ferrets for sale in Houston? Check out our top three picks for breeders that deal in this exotic animal.

Domesticated almost 2500 years ago, ferrets are a common exotic furry pet. They are curious little animals that love to scavenge, hence their name. Ferret is derived from the Latin word furittus, which means little thief.

Don’t be fooled by their small size! These little furry animals are a big bundle of energy and need as much exercise and physical activity as a cat or dog.

Moreover, ferrets have an energetic spirit that keeps them active from dusk to dawn.

Ferrets are friendly animals; despite their excessive energy, you’ll fall in love with them! Let’s look at the top 3 ferret breeders in Houston.

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1. S&S Exotic Animals Inc.


Our first pick is a breeder that has been breeding and raising ferrets for sale in Houston for nearly 30 years.

S&S Exotic Animals is a one-of-a-kind private breeder licensed with USDA, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and Harris County Animal Control.

S&S Exotic Animals sells its ferrets through a retail store close to its breeding facility, but it does not allow visits to the breeding facility as it can cause the spread of germs which can make their kits sick.

This breeder is not only involved in ethical breeding but also aims to educate pet owners on how to take the best care of their pets.

They provide care sheets for the pet so that you can get a head start on taking the optimum care of your pet and have the know-how of their essential needs, such as health and nutrition.

To get a pet, you have to deposit 20 percent of the total price of the pet. This deposit is non-refundable, but it can be transferred to another litter if you don’t like any kit in the current one.

S&S Exotic Animals Inc. does not offer any guarantee for their animals once they are out of their facilities. They only ship their animals through airlines, and the shipping cost begins from $200.

S&S Exotic Animals Inc. Details:

2. Middle Earth Ferretry


Ferrets for sale in Houston are hard to find, so ferret breeders in nearby states can come in handy.

As an AFA registered breeder in Kentucky, Middle Earth Ferretry allows you access to well-bred ferrets due to their shipping policy.

Middle Earth Ferrety is a small hobby breeder that primarily breeds EU polecat hybrids and half and full angora ferrets.

Its breeding program is designed to ensure these small furry creatures’ health, quality, and temperament.

Middle Earth Ferretry has been breeding ferrets for over 19 years and is a member of The Heart of Ohio Ferret Association, The Ferret Breeders Network & The Angora Ferret Enthusiast.

The ferretry also emphasizes the socialization and training of their kits right from birth.

The breeders handle the small babies, talk to them, and shower them with love and attention so they become well-adjusted ferrets.

While the breeders start socialization from birth, you must ensure that you continue training and socializing your pet after adoption for continued good behavior.

Before leaving the Middle Earth Ferretry facility, the baby ferrets or kits come with a signed and legally notarized contract. Moreover, each ferret has had their first round of distemper vaccinations, wellness exams, and microchips.

In addition, each ferret receives a bag with a small supply of kibble, a hammock, a toy, and a blanket to make the transition easier.

The bag also has all the paperwork, including vaccination and health records, a copy of the purchase agreement, and ancestry records.

The price for each type of ferret varies. For a standard hybrid ferret, the price is $450. Angora ferrets are on the higher end, with their prices beginning from $500. To reserve your kit, you must make a non-refundable deposit of $100.

The best part of Middle Earth Ferretry is that they ship their ferrets, but this depends on airlines’ permission and the weather. They only ship through Delta’s Pet Safe Program, and the buyer has to bear the shipping expense.

Middle Earth Ferretry Details:

3. Fuzzy Ferrets


Last on our list is Fuzzy Ferrets, a small private Ferretry that can ship you a ferret if you cannot find ferrets for sale in Houston.

While they mainly breed ferrets as companion animals, their ferrets have the potential to be show participants.

You’ll have to act fast to have your kit since the breeder only schedules a limited number of litters yearly.

They have been rescuing and breeding ferrets for over 20 years, and their breeding practices are carefully curated to maximize the health and longevity of their ferrets.

Health, quality, and temperament are the main priorities at Fuzzy Ferrets.

All the kits are hand raised and socialized from birth so they can easily adjust to their new homes.

They ship their ferrets outside Alaska, but they only do so if you can adopt them. The breeder will discuss the details of eligibility with you after first contact.

Fuzzy Ferrets Details:

How to Choose Ferret Breeders in Houston


Since there aren’t many breeders in Houston, be careful when avoiding the risk of scams.

The chances of being scammed by a breeder are higher when there are a limited number of breeders in the area and people are less strict in their evaluation.

Here are a few key points to note that can help you choose a credible breeder:

  • Ensure your breeder is reliable and registered with the American Ferret Association (AFA). Trustworthy breeders will ensure their ferret is healthy and thus may provide you with a health guarantee or insurance.
  • Before buying a ferret, ensure that the breeder has a good reputation. Read online reviews or take feedback from local vets. Breeders with a strict applicant screening process and eligibility criteria may seem like a hassle, but these are the ones to choose because they want to find their pets a loving home.
  • Ask questions from the breeder about the ferrets they breed, their breeding program, the services they offer, and more. You may visit their facility if you want, and remember that a breeder who complies with the breeding standards will answer all the questions. A responsible breeder carefully plans their breeding to ensure they produce healthy ferrets.
  • Buying ferrets can be difficult because of the rarity of these breeders in Houston, so make sure that the breeder you choose has healthy ferrets rather than those suffering from any disease in their breeding lines by asking to see health and vaccination records.

More Information About Ferrets in Houston


Ferrets are generally friendly, but their disposition and health greatly depend on the breeder you choose to get your ferret from.

A responsible breeder will always focus on raising healthy and well-socialized ferrets by ensuring the following:

  • A pool of healthy and genetically tested jills and hobs from high-quality bloodlines in the breeding program
  • Clean and hygienic cages and birthing and play areas
  • Nutritional food for their kits and ferret parents
  • A well-structured socialization program
  • Timely vaccinations
  • Adequate deworming
  • Microchipping
  • Health insurance or guarantee

A good breeder will train and wean its kits before sending them to their new homes.

Moreover, based on its energy, you can easily differentiate between a mill ferret and a well-bred ferret. If it always appears lethargic and sluggish, it must be sick.

Although small but extremely cheeky, ferrets are a significant and constant commitment, they will require your time, effort, and money to care for them.

Regarding their health, ferrets are prone to developing health issues such as insulinoma, heartworms, and problems with the adrenal gland.

Ferrets are similar to cats in their grooming, but they need you to care for them by setting up a grooming schedule.

You’ll have to clean their litterbox daily to ensure they are healthy and your house is free of unwanted animal scents.

Ferrets sleep a lot, but they are also very active when awake. Ensure you give them sufficient play time and get them out of their cage for some part of the day so they can socialize with you and channel their energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my ferret run away if I let it outside?

Ferrets don’t have a homing instinct like dogs and birds, so it might be hard for them to find their way home.

Do ferrets like to go on walks?

Ferrets enjoy going for walks as much as dogs do. Get a harness and leash and allow them to roam within reason.

Do ferrets like the cold or hot?

Ferrets don’t deal with heat very well, and prefer cooler temperatures. Make sure to keep your AC on if you have a ferret.

Where Are Ferrets for Sale in Houston?


Search nearby states offering shipping services if you can’t get ferrets in Houston. However, before you decide that a ferret is a pet for you, make sure that you do both your research and evaluation if you are ready to care for a ferret.

For a ferret to live a healthy life and enjoy a good time with your pet, you must do the necessary health drills such as vaccinations and spaying or neutering.

The above three breeders are excellent options for getting a healthy furry pet, and we wish you the best of luck in getting one!

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