Ferrets for Sale in Kansas City – Top 5 Breeders! (2024)


Looking for ferrets for sale in Kansas City? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Ferrets have recently risen in popularity as pets in the United States, and these tiny creatures make excellent pets because of their playful, fun-loving, and curious temperament.

Moreover, they’re cuddly and interactive, often developing strong bonds with their owners. However, before you bring a ferret home, know that ferrets aren’t for everyone.

Before adopting a ferret, you should know that ferrets, especially when young, will chew and dig into everything they can find. Not only is this a threat to their well-being due to choking and safety hazards, but it can also be destructive to the stuff in your house.

Secondly, although ferrets love a good nap, they enjoy nothing more than running and playing around when they’re awake. They’re extremely energetic and need plenty of exercises to remain healthy. Additionally, ferrets – like every other pet will require vaccinations. So, prepare yourself for several visits to the vet. Lastly, ferrets are social creatures and do not do well alone.

So, you can’t leave your ferret alone for long stretches; it will make planning trips and time away from home challenging.

If you still believe a ferret is a right pet for you and you can raise one, then let’s read on to find the best ferret breeders in your location.

Unfortunately, Kansas does not have ferret breeders, but a few neighboring states do. Moreover, we’ve also listed breeders in other US states that offer shipping and delivery services.

Most breeders offer transportation, so your ferret will be delivered to your doorstep. If your preferred breeder does not provide transportation, we recommend taking a short trip and bringing your ferret home yourself!

Here are our top ferret breeders in Kansas City and neighboring locations:

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1. Legion of Superferrets of Iowa & Black Dragon Ferretry and Shelter


Located in Council Bluffs, Iowa, about a 3-hour drive from Kansas City, Black Dragon Ferretry is about breeding healthy and fit ferrets. In addition, the breeder also provides rescue services and rehabilitates rescued ferrets.

All privately bred kits come with a full health guarantee, and the owner will also inform you about any pre-existing health conditions if they’re present in the ferret, although they tend to be rare.

They’re also sold with a spay/neuter contract that you must strictly adhere to.

The prices for these ferrets are as follows:

Heavy Foreign Bloodlines:

  • $225 for females, $275 for males
  • $25 extra for a rare color/pattern.
  • $25 extra for championship lines

Light Foreign Bloodlines:

  • $175 for females, $225 for males
  • $25 extra for a rare color/pattern
  • $25 extra for championship lines

All ferrets also undergo a complete vet checkup before being adopted. For more information regarding the adoption process, you can contact the breeder through the contact details mentioned below.

Legion of Superferrets of Iowa & Black Dragon Ferretry and Shelter Details:

2. Middle Earth Ferretry


Owned by a small hobby breeder and a veteran of the United States military – Middle Earth Ferretry is located on the breeder’s farm in Kentucky.

It will take around 8.5 hours to reach Kentucky from Kansas City by road and under 1.5 hours by air. Purchase the ticket, take the plane, and pick up your ferret from the breeder’s home.

You’re in luck if you don’t want to make the trip! Middle Earth Ferretry ships their ferrets all over the United States at the buyer’s expense.

At this time (the time when this blog was written), the flight ticket price after taxes is around USD 550.00. Prices may vary with time.

The breeder is in partnership with a USDA-licensed pet ground transporter; you may opt for this service if you’re uncomfortable receiving your ferret through an airline or find it too expensive.

Middle Earth Ferrerty prioritizes their pets’ good health, temperament, and structure first and foremost.

They’re also proud members of the American Ferret Association, the Heart of Ohio Ferret Association, the Ferret Breeders Network, and the Angora Ferret Enthusiast.

If you want to purchase a ferret from the Middle Earth Ferretry, click here to complete an application.

You will then be allowed to view the currently available ferrets up for adoption. The application evaluation will determine whether your home will be a good fit for the ferret. Know that there are no good or wrong answers. Just be honest!

You can contact the breeder for more information regarding the adoption process through the contact details mentioned below:

Middle Earth Ferretry Details:

3. Scarlette’s Happy Dokers Ferretry


Don’t be discouraged by the lack of ferrets for sale in Kansas City; you can still fulfill your dream by venturing out of town.

One of the best ferret breeders in the country – Scarlette’s Happy Dokers Ferretry is also the oldest in Ohio. The breeder has an experience of around 30 years and is the breeder and owner of over 70 award-winning show ferrets.

With diverse and healthy bloodlines, each new ferret is healthy, active, and has an excellent temperament. The breeder also claims their ferrets have terrific conformation, disposition, and longevity.

Scarlette’s Happy Dokers Ferretry is also a founding member and president of the Ohio Ferret Association & Rescue, producer of Ferret Buckeye, Bash member of the American Ferret Association, and licensed AFA judge.

If you want to purchase a ferret from Scarlette’s Happy Dokers Ferretry, click here. All kits are priced at $375-$400. Basic microchipping of the ferrets is available upon request.

Unfortunately, Scarlette’s Happy Dokers Ferretry does not ship outside Ohio. Therefore, you must visit Ohio to adopt a ferret from Scarlette’s Ferretry.

By road, it will take 10 hours to reach the breeder from Kansas City, and by air, the travel time is condescended to under 2.5 hours. On average, it would cost you about USD. 480 to make the round trip from KC to Delaware and back.

For more information regarding the adoption process, you can contact the breeders through the contact details mentioned below.

Scarlette’s Happy Dokers Ferretry Details:

4. Southeast Michigan Ferrets


Southwest Michigan Ferrets – owned and operated by Luci Nye and Michael Dee, is another option worth considering if you cannot find ferrets in Kansas City. This small ferretry started in 1996 to breed and raise healthy and fit ferrets.

As members of the Great Lakes Ferret Association, American Ferrets Association, and International Federation of Ferret Breeders, they’re up-to-date on every new development in ferret husbandry and aim to continue improving their standards.

They also prefer to keep their breeding stock limited to 15 ferrets not only so the parents can remain healthy but also so they can enjoy the company of their ferrets as pets and not only keep them for breeding purposes.

All the ferrets under their care come with good temperament, sound health, and show quality.

They also offer ferrets from Germany and New Zealand. Some colors available include chocolate, cinnamon, panda, siamese, sable, and black-eyed white.

However, before you go ahead and bring a ferret home, make sure your future pet is healthy and fit. Look for a bright, alert, and active ferret. Preferably, your ferret should have a shiny, lush coat and appear well-fed.

If you visit any ferret breeding facility and find even one that looks sick, avoid adopting even a healthy ferret from this breeder, as the other may eventually develop signs of illness.

If you’re interested in adopting a ferret from Southeast Michigan Ferrets, contact the breeding service through the contact details mentioned below:

Southeast Michigan Ferrets Details:

5. Fuzzy Ferrets of the North


Located in Anchorage, Alaska, Fuzzy Ferrets of the North is the last on our list of breeders providing ferrets for sale in Kansas City.

Although it is located far from KC, 3471 miles, the breeder offers responsible ferret transportation all over the USA. However, they only ship their ferrets to homes they believe will make suitable forever homes for their ferrets.

With over 20 years of experience breeding and rescuing ferrets, the breeders at Fuzzy Ferrets of the North consider breeding and raising these tiny creatures their passion.

They’re a small ferretry that only breeds a small number of ferrets every year.

The ferretry has been involved in rescuing and other ferret-related activities for over two decades.

Their experience helps them breed ferrets with good tempers, sound health, conformation, and longevity so you can receive the healthiest and fittest ferrets.

To look at the ferrets available with the rescue, you can click here.

If you want to know more about the adoption process and how you can apply to adopt one of the ferrets, you can contact Fuzzy Ferrets of the North through the contact details below.

However, before purchasing a ferret home, ask the breeder relevant questions regarding whether the pets have been vaccinated or undergone regular vet checkups to ensure your ferret is healthy and fit.

Fuzzy Ferrets of the North Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do ferrets show sadness?

They might flatten themselves, sigh, or slouch, without moving or squinting.

What do ferrets hate?

Ferrets don’t like bitter apple. If you need them to stop biting something, get some bitter apple and apply it to the area.

What human food can ferrets eat?

Ferrets are carnivores, so some strips of cooked meat are safe for them to digest. Make sure it isn’t seasoned, though!

Where Are Ferrets for Sale in Kansas City?


Although there aren’t any ferret breeders in Kansas City, you can always search other states, and you may even find more for less!

Although the breeders mentioned above are located outside Kansas City, they are excellent options to adopt one in the USA.

These breeders raise perfectly healthy ferrets with all love and affection, resulting in happy, friendly, healthy, and smart ferrets.

Therefore, if you find a breeder that offers to ship to Kansas City – feel free to go ahead and consider buying from this breeder. Most allow you to watch the kits through ferret cams to see how well they’re being raised!

If that’s not something you’re comfortable with, you can also choose to fly out and visit the breeder – we assure you your tiny ferret will make the trip worth it!

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