Ferrets for Sale in Dallas – Top 4 Breeders! (2024)


There are hardly any breeders with ferrets for sale in Dallas, but you can easily find a reputable breeder in neighboring states.

Ferrets are playful and social animals who love entertaining their owners through their adorable antics. Being a popular pet worldwide, many people want these exotic furry animals to be their pets.

Ferrets are especially suitable for apartments or smaller homes because they only take up little space and don’t have extensive exercise requirements.

However, they need enough space to run around, play and explore as it shapes their personalities.

While it may seem like ferrets are no-fuss pets, it is a great responsibility to own and care for them because they have special needs that require time and resources.

Like any other pet, they need age-appropriate vaccinations, regular vet checkups, proper attention, and diet to stay happy and healthy.

In addition, ferrets also require behavioral, social, and obedience training to improve their temperament and social skills. You can also teach your pet ferret tricks for fun and entertainment.

It is of utmost importance to take time and research your options for breeders to choose the safest one.

The trustworthiness of a breeder is reflected in many factors, such as responsible breeding practices and socialization programs for the ferrets.

While we were unable to find trustworthy ferret breeders in Dallas, we’ve compiled a list of ferret breeders in neighboring states; let’s have a look:

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1. Mi Corazon Ferrets


Mi Corazon Ferrets is a small-scale breeder in New Mexico, a few hours’ drive from Dallas. They have loved and owned ferrets since 1996 and have been breeding them since 2005.

Years of experience with different breeds of this exotic animal has helped them learn and improve their practices over the year. They breed to produce kits with excellent appearance, health, long lifespan, and disposition.

They usually have two litters yearly, and every mother ferret is only bred thrice and then retired.

The ferrets live in their home with them as their pets and have an outdoor play area that allows them to run around and play. They are handled, loved, and spoiled from the day they take birth till they leave for new homes.

All the ferrets are on a raw diet, which helps with their health and longevity. All the ferrets come from excellent and reliable bloodlines and have won many awards in the show ring.

Each kit costs $300 to $400, and you can email them to start the application process. However, they only consider applications that promise to care for the ferrets forever and keep them on a raw diet.

They will review your application and call you to set up an interview. In addition, they will also ask you to provide the reference of your veterinarian and call them to verify your eligibility as a ferret owner.

You can visit their website or email them to learn more about the upcoming kits.

Mi Corazon Ferrets Details:

2. PVO Ferrets


Since there aren’t any ferrets for sale in Dallas from responsible breeders, we recommend PVO Ferrets, a breeder in West Chester, Ohio. While this breeder is almost 13 hours away from Dallas, it is worth the visit.

Ron and Pam Van Overloop have been running this breeding operation since the 90s, and they have provided several healthy and high-quality Ferret kits over the years.

They utilize imported and local bloodlines and follow standard breeding practices to maintain their ferrets’ temperament, good looks, disposition, and health.

All the ferrets here live with love, care, and attention for their well-being. They are provided with an excellent diet of nutrients to help them grow into healthy adults.

The breeders at PVO ferrets expect their ferrets to receive the same love and care in their new homes and believe in the welfare of this rare and exotic animal. Hence, they thoroughly investigate every applicant.

Moreover, they also match their ferrets to each approved applicant according to their personalities.

There is no waiting list; interested people contact the breeders to get approved and get their names added to a spreadsheet.

Once the kit turns one month, and it’s easier to determine their personalities, they are matched to the applicants on the spreadsheet.

The breeder then contacts the applicant for a refundable deposit of $50, which helps start the logistic planning. The price of Ferrets depends on their breed; a typical pet ferret is $300, and full Angora ones are $500.

PVO Ferrets Details:

3. Middle Earth Ferretry


If it is proving hard to find ferrets in Dallas, search for breeders in neighboring states that offer responsible shipping and delivery. Middle Earth Ferretry is a breeder that can ship ferrets to Dallas from Kentucky.

Middle Earth Ferretry was established almost two decades ago; it is also a member of organizations like the American Ferret Association, Ohio Ferret Association, Ferret Breeders Network, and Angora Ferret Enthusiast.

This breeding operation produces excellent quality EU Polecat Hybrid, Angora, and standard ferrets. Not only do they follow standard breeding practices, but put in hours of research and effort into selective breeding.

They aim to maintain and improve their ferrets’ temperament, health, structure, and quality. Their ferrets are well-loved, and they expect to find good homes for them to live happily ever after.

The ferrets at Middle Earth Ferretry live with other pets, such as dogs, cats, horses, and donkeys, on a farm and are treated like their children.

They receive nutritious food, which keeps them healthy, and excellent conditioning to help them socialize and adjust well in household settings.

The prices of ferrets range from $450 to $600, according to their breed. It includes a kit with a small food supply, a toy, a hammock, a blanket, and their documents.

You will also receive their pedigree documents for up to three generations.

The ferret babies will be around eight to nine weeks old when they come to you and will have had their vaccinations, microchip, fecal float, and a wellness exam done by a registered vet.

You can apply to purchase a ferret from Middle Earth Ferretry by filling out an application form online and then paying a non-refundable fee of $100 to reserve your preferred ferret.

Middle Earth Ferretry Details:

4. Scarlett’s Happy Dookers


Ferrets for sale in Dallas are scarce; while you may find ferret rescues in Dallas, breeders are almost non-existent.

So, instead of falling prey to an unethical breeder, consider buying from an ethical breeder in a nearby state.

Scarlett’s Happy Dookers is an Ohio American Ferret Association licensed breeder who has been breeding ferrets for over three decades.

They have also judged ferret shows worldwide and are well-reputed for their responsible breeding practices.

There is no doubt about the credibility of this breeder, and a ferret from this setup is well worth the 3-hour long flight.

Scarlett’s Happy Dookers is known for breeding healthy and adorable domesticated ferrets as companion animals. They currently have sixty award-winning breeding ferrets from all across the world.

Most prominently, nine were awarded AFA’s Specialty Ferret of the Year, and five won the AFA Breeder, Alter, or Adolescent Ferret of the Year awards.

The pictures of these adorable ferrets are uploaded on the breeder’s website.

The ferrets in Scarlett’s Happy Dookers receive love, respect, and attention like family members.

They undergo regular health tests and are ADV-free. Their breeder practices selective breeding to achieve excellent temperament, health, genetic diversity, and looks.

Many colors are available such as roans, chocolates, champagnes, black sables, and others.

The kits live in a garage with central heating and cooling. They are continuously monitored through a camera and aren’t left alone for long.

This breeder usually has kits available from spring to summer. The application forms are available on the website; fill and submit the form to get the buying process started.

Scarlett’s Happy Dookers Details:

How to Choose Ferret Breeders in Dallas


Choosing a ferret breeder is a decision that requires time and effort. It is difficult to find a reputable breeder because of the increasing number of scammers who don’t care about the health of the animals.

To help you choose, here are a few factors to consider when selecting a ferret breeder:

Good Health

A professional breeder will gladly give you the ferret’s medical records and documentation to verify their treatment and checkups from licensed vets.

Moreover, the ferrets’ weight, the radiance of their coats, and bright eyes are additional indicators of their health.



Socializing ferrets early on is crucial to prevent misbehavior around other animals and people.

A good breeder invests time doing this for the animal’s welfare and growth. You can inquire about their socialization program and meet the ferrets to determine their comfort with people and pets.

Breeding Practices

See if the breeder’s breeding procedures meet the requirements and expectations for breeding ferrets given by the American Ferret Association.

Moreover, if the breeder is ethical, it won’t hesitate to provide details about the ferrets’ pedigree or bloodline.

Reviews and Testimonials


It is vital to check what the previous customers say about the breeder; read online reviews on independent third-party review sites.

You will better understand the breeder’s reputation and whether their ferrets are as high-quality as they claim to be.

Clean and Safe Environment

Check the breeder’s facility to make sure it’s kept clean. There should be enough room for the pets to run around, and it should be clean and hygienic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a ferret cheaper than a cat?

Cost and time investment for any animal requires a certain level of investment, no matter what the animal is.

Are ferrets OK for kids?

Ferrets are not ok for small children because they require attention and adult supervision.

Why do ferrets thump?

Ferrets thump, or make a “dooking” noise, when they are excited.

Where Are Ferrets for Sale in Dallas?


Finding a reputable breeder with ferrets for sale in Dallas can be tedious, but the resources mentioned above will help you.

Remember to take your time before deciding because having a pet ferret is a commitment, and you should be ready for it before bringing them home.

Like any other pet, ferrets require love, care, and attention – all things will demand time, money, and effort.

Consider getting a pet only if you can provide them with a loving and safe home. We hope you find a good-quality ferret soon!

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