Ferrets for Sale in Las Vegas – Top 3 Breeders! (2024)


Are you a ferret lover looking to buy ferrets for sale in Las Vegas? You’re not the only one. Ferrets are becoming popular as companion animals in the USA due to their friendly nature and charming personality.

For those of you who don’t know, ferrets are small, domesticated species that belong to the Mustelid family.

The Mustelid family contains all weasel-like animals, such as otters, pine martens, skunks, badgers, wolverines, polecats, and more. While most of these animals aren’t safe to keep indoors, ferrets are surprisingly different creatures.

Ferrets make excellent pets, and there are countless reasons why these furry little creatures are perfect for you.

Firstly, they are affectionate animals who love to cuddle and spend time with their humans. Moreover, these low-maintenance intelligent animals are fun to be around; their curious nature makes them entertaining pets.

Unfortunately, finding ferrets in Las Vegas can be challenging because there aren’t many ferret breeders in the state.

Luckily, we’ve done the legwork for you. This article lists the top ferret breeders near Las Vegas and those that offer shipping and delivery services to Las Vegas.

Let’s take a look:

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1. The Little Foot Ferretry


Founded in 2012 by an age-long ferret enthusiast, The Little Foo Ferretry is an Ohio-based breeder that is a proud member of The Heart of Ohio Ferret Association’s Breeder Circle!

It is a small home-based breeder that focuses on breeding a small number of healthy and well-behaved ferrets every year that conform to the breed’s standards.

Interested applicants can choose from Sable, Black Roan Mitt, Albino, and Champagne-colored standard ferret babies. The breeder does not breed micro or angora ferrets.

To adopt a ferret from this excellent breeder, fill out this form. When your application is received, you will be placed on a waitlist, and the breeder will contact you when a litter becomes available.

Prices start from $425 and may increase depending on the ferret’s vaccination status, bloodline, and color.

You can take your ferret home at nine weeks old; the breeder offers unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, and fully vaccinated kits.

The price of unvaccinated kits is the lowest, and the price of fully vaccinated kits is the highest.

The breeder is determined to raise healthy kits, so they ensure ADV testing. When you purchase a ferret, you will get complete vet records, ancestry records, a birth certificate, and a copy of the purchase agreement.

Unfortunately, The Little Foot Ferretry doesn’t ship their ferrets. To get one, you’ll have to come and pick the kit yourself.

It takes around 3.5 hours to fly from LA to Ohio; you can decide to make the trip or ask a friend or relative to collect the pup and ship it via a trustworthy pet transported to you in LA.

The Little Foot Ferretry Details:

2. PVO Ferrets


Another Ohio-based breeder, Ron and Pam Overloop, AKA PVO Ferrets, has been run by the couple since the 1990s. They breed standard and novelty ferrets like the highly desired angora ferret.

The owners of this breeding program not only breed ferrets but also rescue them and help them find loving homes.

The owners are also very conscious of their animals’ security and health, and they take all the necessary steps to ensure they are well cared for, even after being sent to their homes.

In addition, the breeding house owners offer their animals the best food possible, ensure they are up-to-date with their vaccinations, and keep them in clean cages.

Also, they provide bespoke accessories and crate decorations to delight ferret owners.

It is safe to say that the owners of this breeding operation are all about the welfare of their ferrets and are willing to go the extra mile for them.

To register your interest, contact the breeder by emailing them. The prices of their ferrets vary with color, type, and bloodline.

PVO Ferrets Details:

3. Fuzzy Ferrets


The last breeder on our list of breeders raising ferrets for sale in Las Vegas is located in the cold planes of Alaska. Fuzzy Ferrets is a top-quality ferret breeder that has been around for over 20 years.

It is managed by ferret enthusiasts who only wish to give their pets to dependable and responsible owners.

This small ferret shelter prioritizes quality over quantity; only a few ferret babies are available for adoption yearly. Therefore, they invest a lot of time screening the applicants and matching their fur babies to the perfect home.

In addition, the breeders at Fuzzy Ferrets emphasize ethical breeding methods to maximize the well-being, longevity, and health of their ferret babies and parents.

Unlike many ferret breeders in the USA, the Fuzzy Ferrets ships their kits all over the USA.

Contact the breeder via email to discuss prices, availability, and shipping.

Fuzzy Ferrets Details:

How to Choose Ferret Breeders in Las Vegas


Reputable ferret breeders should be kind, open, and straightforward with you about the commitments involved in keeping a ferret as a pet.

Moreover, genuine breeders will want to ensure that their ferrets go to loving homes; they will not hand them over to just anyone.

Use this list as a resource when you investigate ferrets in Las Vegas:

  • Start by researching ferret breeders in your area or online. Look for reviews, ratings, and feedback from previous customers. Check if the breeder is a member of any ferret clubs or associations.
  • If it is geographically possible, visit the breeder’s site to examine how the ferrets are cared for. In addition, you should only purchase a ferret after seeing it.
  • Inquire the breeder as to why they choose to breed ferrets. A skilled breeder can claim that they are breeding ferrets to improve the overall wellness and temperament of the species.
  • Look for a breeder who socializes their ferrets. Ferrets handled by people and exposed to different environments from a young age tend to be more well-adjusted and easier to train.
  • Ask what will happen if the ferret isn’t suitable for you. Will the ferret be returned to the breeder? A good breeder will take accept their kit back.
  • Try to get and verify references from customers who have purchased the breeder’s kits. Be wary if a breeder won’t provide recommendations.
  • Inquire the breeder about the ferret’s immunization schedule and medical record. If you buy a kit, be sure the breeder provides you with a written health guarantee. You should have access to a contract for adoption (or buy) in advance.
  • A reputable breeder will offer follow-up support to help you care for your new ferret. They should be available to answer any questions you have after you take your ferret home.

Following these tips, you can find a reputable ferret breeder and get a healthy, happy pet that will bring you joy for years.

More Information about Ferrets in Las Vegas


Before rushing to the nearest ferrets for sale in Las Vegas, take all the time you need to learn more about the animal. To help you understand even further, here are some things to keep in mind about ferrets:

  • Ferrets retain a pungent, musky smell, and even after they have been de-scented, Ferrets will continue to have a softer musky scent that some people find repulsive.
  • In some parts of the United States, ferret ownership is prohibited. Ensure you comply with local regulations before adopting or buying a ferret.
  • Ferrets can contract and spread rabies, and ferrets must be vaccinated for rabies around 4-5 months old and then yearly after that in many places where they are permitted as pets.
  • Ferrets get their name because they physically “ferret out” almost everything. Especially when young and extremely curious, they dig up, chew in, and remove practically every object, especially shoes, furniture, and anything made of foam, cloth, or rubber. So be patient with them and ferret-proof your home!

Ferrets enjoy curling up and sleeping, especially if they can find a warm location. They also like toys, running, climbing, and playing hide and seek.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a ferret in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has made it legal to own animals like ferrets, so you won’t need a permit.

How often should I hold my ferret?

You should hold and interact with your ferret as much as possible so that it becomes socialized.

Why does my ferret hiss while playing?

It depends on the ferret. Some ferrets hiss because they are frightened, while others just hiss to communicate.

Where Are Ferrets for Sale in Las Vegas?


So that concludes our list of the best ferret breeders in Las Vegas. As mentioned earlier, ferrets are adorable pets.

If you believe that a ferret is the perfect furry companion for you, you can easily find one from any of the top breeders mentioned in this article.

Furthermore, remember that despite being tiny animals, ferrets can be a handful. They are known for chewing almost everything in their path and require annual checkups.

Moreover, ferrets are also prone to illnesses as they age. Ultimately, the longevity and health of your ferret depend on the type of breeder you choose.

So, reach out to a breeder that promises quality and health above everything and get the ferret you deserve!

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