4 Best Bird Rescues in Las Vegas! (2024)

Today we are going to talk about the best bird rescues in Las Vegas. Are you considering adding a pet bird to your family/home in Las Vegas?

To help make your search easier, we have compiled a list of some reputable bird rescues in Las Vegas. These groups rescue and adopt various bird species, including parrots. Read on to see our top picks. 

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The Best Bird Rescues in Las Vegas

1. Southern Nevada Parrot Rescue and Rehoming Society


If you are looking for the best place to adopt a parrot, we highly recommend Southern Nevada Parrot Rescue and Rehoming Society.

SNPRRS is a non-profit organization that works with parrots only. This organization has many fine and healthy parrots available for adoption. 

SNPRRS is operated by volunteers who are 100 percent committed to saving these pets and giving them a second chance at life. They dedicate their resources and time to helping these loving creatures and finding responsible, loving homes for them. 

The organization conducts a thorough vet exam for all rescued birds. All the birds admitted into the program are health-checked and tested for various conditions. They ensure the birds are perfectly healthy and sound before placing them for adoption. 

They work with many “bird people/organizations” in Nevada and can recommend places to adopt smaller birds and other species. Most of their birds are owner-surrendered. They only accept birds into the program with the full written consent of their owners. 

The decision to rehome a bird is not easy for many owners. Parrots have a long lifespan, with some living over 60 years, and often outlive their owners. So they surrender their pets for SNPRRS to find them new homes. 

SNPRRS spends in excess of $150 on vet care alone for each bird in the program. The organization also help bird owners modify their bird’s behavior, if that is the reason they want to surrender them.

They have dedicated Rehoming Coordinators that educate people about various bird species and how best to care for these exotic animals. 

The first step to adopting a bird from this organization is becoming a member of the Southern Nevada Parrot Education, Rescue & Rehoming Society. Afterwards, fill out the adoption application and provide all necessary information. 

You have to provide references while filling out the adoption application. Prior to being considered for a bird, you will be scheduled for a home visit. SNPRRS is located in Las Vegas but serves the entire state of Nevada. 

SNPRRS works with foster homes in Las Vegas and other counties in the state. All their rescued birds are placed and cared for in foster homes until they are adopted. 

Southern Nevada Parrot Rescue and Rehoming Society Details:

2. SouthWest Exotic Avian Rescue


SouthWest Exotic Avian Rescue (SWEAR) rescues, evaluates, and adopts birds. While focusing mainly on various species of parrots, SWEAR occasionally rescues other birds and finds suitable homes for them.

SWEAR is a non-profit, 100 percent volunteer bird rescue based in Las Vegas. 

Prior to adoption, SWEAR educates potential adopters about the full-time commitment and responsibility of owning a bird.

In addition to enlightening you about what to expect, the organization will teach you how to handle the different challenges that come with it. 

They also provide many useful resources on bird care, ensuring all potential and existing adopters get all the support and guidance they need to care for their new family member.

The guide will also teach you the best nutrition for your bird and common foods and household items that can make your bird sick. 

SWEAR’s ultimate goal is to get parrots in need the help they deserve. The organization takes in birds that their help, from rescues to relinquishment.

It comprises experienced volunteers who conduct an initial nutritional, health, and behavioral evaluation during the intake process. 

All rescued birds are medically screened through their network of experienced vets to ensure they know just what they need. After being cleared by the medical experts, the organization then provides them with appropriate housing, food, interaction, and toys. 

The birds are placed in foster homes and cared for like family members until an adopter comes along. They also use the foster-to-adopt process to place the birds in temporary and forever homes to live their best lives. 

All potential adopters are thoroughly screened to ensure they are the right fit for the birds. A home visit is conducted, and references are checked just to ensure they are not subjecting the birds to cruelty. 

This organization’s work does not end with placement. They work throughout the Las Vegas area to provide continuing educational support to adopted and fostered birds. 

SWEAR serves other surrounding communities like Summerlin, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. Because they are committed to the safety and health of the birds in their care, they do not consider out-of-area adoptions or fostering. 

SouthWest Exotic Avian Rescue Details:

3. You Gotta Love Them Inc.


If you are looking for different species of parrots and other birds to adopt in Las Vegas, You Gotta Love Them Inc. is one of the best rescues to consider. This non-profit bird sanctuary and animal rescue is committed to saving lives. 

Over the years, You Gotta Love Them Inc. has grown into one of the most impactful and largest animal rescue organizations in Las Vegas. The rescue is located in the heart of Southern Las Vegas but fosters and adopts across the states of Nevada. 

Their operation focuses on rescuing, sheltering, rehabilitating, and rehoming unwanted and injured birds and animals.

YGLT specializes mainly in domesticated and wild birds of many species. If you have any specific specie you want to adopt besides parrots, you can reach out to this rescue organization. 

Despite offering humane services to pets, You Gotta Love Them operates in compliance with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and adheres to all federal, state, and local laws in its operations. 

The underlying force that created, sculpted, and strengthened this organization is purely passion. Founded in 2008 by Frida Alkon, YGLT is driven by compassion for these pets and the need to give them the life they deserve. 

You Gotta Love them is a no-kill bird sanctuary and animal shelter that currently accommodates more than 250 unwanted and sick birds and other animals.

They ensure these birds receive proper vet care and are treated for all known health conditions before being placed for adoption. 

You Gotta Love Them Inc. Details:

4. Home At Last Parrot Sanctuary


Home At Last Parrot Sanctuary is another non-profit bird rescue organization specializing in parrots. The organization is dedicated to the rehabilitation and well-being of neglected, abused, and displaced companion parrots. 

Is this your first time owning a parrot? You have nothing to worry about, as this rescue group offers free education to new and old parrot owners. They have an education center with many helpful resources to help you get started with this exotic pet. 

Home At Last Parrot Sanctuary is also a rehabilitation center for companion birds of all species.

While they are a permanent safe haven for emotionally damaged and physically disabled parrots, they also provide sanctuary for companion birds that have not found the right long-term home.

This organization has been saving, taking care of, and rehoming both feathered and furry creatures since 2008. They have a lot of experience with these pets and would do anything within their capacity to ensure these birds live a comfortable and free life. 

They are committed to providing a healthy and loving environment for displaced, abused, and neglected parrots via personalized care and hands-on education.

They also provide lifetime support to all their birds, so you can always call them for advice or support. 

Being a non-profit, Home At Last Parrot Sanctuary relies solely on donations and adoption fees. They highly prioritize the health and well-being of the birds in their care and channel all donated funds to caring for them. 

Home At Last Parrot Sanctuary Details:

Conclusion For “Best Bird Rescues in Las Vegas”


Birds, especially parrots, are amazing, exotic pets that make an excellent addition to any home. However, you have a key role to play in making the adoption a success.

The first thing you have to do is make your home bird-friendly and safe. You also have to prepare yourself and your family for the new addition, as some time and effort are needed to care for these beautiful creatures.

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