Ferrets for Sale in NY – Top 3 Breeders! (2024)


If you are searching for a new friendly pet, check out ferrets for sale in NY! These playful and curious creatures have been captivating humans for centuries, and lucky for you, there are some fantastic ferret breeders right here in New York.

Let’s take a moment to learn about these fascinating yet adorable creatures before diving into the best ferret breeders in the state.

Since antiquity, people have kept ferrets as pets to help them hunt and scavenge; they are companion animals now.

No one knows when and where ferrets originated, although they belong to the weasel family. Experts think that ferrets were initially domesticated in Europe some 2,500 years ago due to their excellent hunting skills.

Nowadays, ferrets are beloved pets all around the world. They are famous for their playful personalities, curious nature, and love of exploration. These social animals need lots of interaction with humans and other ferrets to thrive.

A ferret may be the perfect pet if you want a friend that will keep you on your toes while bringing you enduring happiness, love, and loyalty.

And fortunately, New York is home to many ferret breeders from which to choose your ideal pet.

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1. Novel Beginnings Ferretry


We all want a ferret breeder that genuinely cares about their animals, and Novel Beginnings Ferretry is just that! This ferret breeder is a true gem for anyone looking to bring home a playful and loving ferret.

At Novel Beginnings Ferretry, they believe in treating their ferrets like family. From the moment the ferret babies are born till they find their forever homes, these little guys are given the best care and attention possible.

The team at Novel Beginnings Ferretry is passionate about what they do, and it shows in the quality of their ferrets and in the photos, videos, and updates they post.

While the breeder doesn’t have a website, it does have an active Facebook page with 2.3K followers.

Their Facebook page is updated regularly, and you can see the kits available for adoption and pictures and videos of past litters, jills, and hobs.

With countless glowing reviews and happy customers, it’s clear that Novel Beginnings Ferretry is a top choice for ferret lovers in PA and surrounding areas.

You can join their waiting list by completing the application on their page. The breeder will contact you if your name is on the list when a kit is available for adoption and a new home.

Pennsylvania is a 4-hour drive from New York, so you can easily collect your kit over the weekend.

However, if you would rather have the ferret delivered to your doorstep, discuss it with the breeder.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to their Facebook page and start your ferret journey today!

Novel Beginnings Ferretry Details:

2. Ravensnest Ferrets


Our next breeder is Ravensnest Ferrets, the go-to ferret breeder in PA and surrounding states. With their fun and engaging Facebook page, you can keep up with their latest updates and available kits.

But what sets Ravensnest Ferrets apart from other breeders raising ferrets for sale in NY and nearby states?

They put their Ferrets’ health first, prioritizing them as pets before breeding animals. This means you can trust that your new furry friend will come to you in tip-top shape.

And speaking of furry friends, Ravensnest Ferrets has plenty of pictures and information about their adorable pets on their page.

You can get to know your future companion before meeting them and ensure their health is top-notch!

It’s essential to find a breeder who is educated about ferret health issues and uses safe breeding practices to reduce the likelihood of health concerns in the animals being bred.

Moreover, a responsible breeder should be willing to provide you with health records for their ferrets and be happy to answer any concerns regarding the animals’ health history.

Ravensnest Ferrets is one of the most ethical breeders out there. When you adopt a ferret from this ferretry, you get complete vaccination, medical records, and information about the ferret’s ancestry.

So if you’re looking for a fun, engaging, and caring breeder to bring a new ferret into your life, Ravensnest Ferrets is the way to go. Check out their Facebook page and get ready to fall in love with their adorable ferrets!

Ravensnest Ferrets Details:

3. Sugar and Spice Ferretry


The Sugar and Spice Ferretry is the last on our list of breeders raising well-bred ferrets for sale in NY.

A Heart of Ohio Ferret Association member, this ferretry is in Watertown, New York, and is run by breeder Erin Ermine.

The breeder does not have an official website since it is a small home-based operation; however, it does have an active Facebook page.

The breeder posts the breeding plan of the year on the Facebook page so interested applicants can submit applications to reserve kits in their preferred litters.

To adopt from this breeder, email them, and they’ll get back to you with details.

This breeder only has under 100 followers on Facebook, which may give you pause. However, it is a HOFA member, which should be a guarantee of its credibility.

Nonetheless, we recommend visiting the breeder’s premises and meeting the ferrets before exchanging money.

Sugar and Spice Ferretry Details:

How to Choose a Ferret Breeder in New York?


If you’re about to add a creature as adorable as a ferret to your family, let’s make sure you choose the right breeder! After all, you want a healthy and happy ferret to join your household.

Since so many breeders exist, how do you find the perfect yet unique ferret breeder for your family? Here are some tips that will help you pick a trustworthy ferret breeder:

  • Follow your instincts: First impressions are everything, so trust your instincts when researching breeders. If a website or Facebook page catches your attention, that’s a good sign – it means the breeder is interested in ensuring their ferrets find a sweet home soon. Look for photos of their ferrets and facilities and reviews from other customers.
  • Check their credentials: A reputable breeder should be licensed, registered, and knowledgeable about ferret health and care. Never forget to ask for their credentials and do background research to ensure the breeder is authentic. You can also check if they’re a member of any ferret clubs or organizations.
  • Meet the breeder in person: See the breeder before making any decisions. This will guarantee that your breeder is morally upright and honest. Moreover, you will be able to get up and personal with their gorgeous ferrets, ask them questions, and as a result, get a sense of their demeanor and degree of expertise. This will help you make an informed decision. If the breeder isn’t willing to let you visit their facility or meet their ferrets, that’s a red flag.
  • Place the health and happiness of the ferret above all else: A good breeder will ensure the health and happiness of their ferret. They should have a clean and safe facility, feed their ferrets high-quality food, and provide regular vet check-ups. Be sure the breeder is not overbreeding or neglecting their ferrets by asking about their breeding procedures.

It’s crucial to be aware of any hazards before adopting ferrets for sale in NY, including health problems, behavioral issues, compatibility with other pets, and local legal limits.

Taking steps to mitigate these risks can help ensure a positive experience with your new furry friend.

You’ll be successful in finding a distinctive and reliable ferret breeder in New York by using the tips provided here.

More Information About Ferrets in New York


Ferrets are popular pets in New York. That’s right; unlike some other states, the Big Apple is fully ferret-friendly.

Ferrets make excellent companions for those searching for excitement because of their playful and inquisitive nature.

These intelligent, cuddly animals can even be taught to perform tasks like playing catch or walking on a leash.

However, caring for a ferret also requires a lot of responsibility and discipline. They require regular vet check-ups, a specific diet, and plenty of playtimes to keep them happy and healthy.

However, the benefits of owning a ferret as a pet are limitless for those prepared to put out the effort.

And don’t worry about the laws if you want to bring a ferret into your family. One of the few areas in the nation where having a ferret is A-OK is New York City, which authorized ferrets as pets back in 1999.

So embrace your love for these mischievous creatures, and make your home a ferret-friendly zone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does 1 ferret cost?

Depending on the area, one ferret will cost anywhere between $75 and $200.

Can a single ferret be happy?

A ferret can be happy as long as it gets plenty of attention from its owner.

Should ferrets be kept in cages?

Ferrets should be kept in cages when not under supervision from their owners.

So Where Are Ferrets for Sale in NY?


There has been a sudden surge in demand for ferrets for sale in New York because pet enthusiasts have realized that ferrets are one of the most loving, loyal, playful, and fun pets out there!

You can choose multiple breeders in New York to find your new forever companion, like Novel Beginnings Ferretry, Ravensnest Ferrets, and Spice and Sugar Ferretry.

However, be careful when searching for ethical breeders to adopt from! Many like to take advantage of these gentle yet incredible creatures.

Make sure to research the breeder well and meet them in person! Moreover, check the ferret’s health, vaccinations, and socialization.

Happy ferret companion searching!

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