4 Best French Bulldog Breeders in San Diego! (2024)


According to the AKC, French Bulldogs are the most popular dog breed in the world. These dogs are very popular because of their playful attitude, beautiful looks, and high intelligence.

Their outstanding personalities and unique appearance have earned them a place in the hearts of many dog lovers worldwide.

If you are a Frenchie lover looking for the best places to buy this breed in San Diego, we created this article specially for you. San Diego has many good French Bulldog breeders.

However, there are certain things you must consider when choosing a breeder.

It is essential to choose a breeder who is reputable, ethical, and cares about the welfare and health of their dogs. You want to ensure the breeder you choose prioritizes the health of their dogs over profit.

Choosing the right breeder can be daunting, with dozens of factors to consider and numerous options.

The 4 Best French Bulldog Breeders in San Diego


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1. Melzano Frenchies


Melzano Frenchies is among the few French Bulldog breeders with an excellent reputation in Southern California.

This breeder is in San Diego but welcomes clients from all over California and neighboring states. One thing many people love about this breeder is their high breeding standards and quality puppies.

They breed and raise quality French Bulldog puppies designed to be great family pets and companions.

Brandon is the owner of this great establishment, and he strives to produce well-socialized, healthy, and happy Frenchie puppies.

Brandon runs the breeding program with his family, catering to people who want the best family pets and companions.

The family breeds for quality, not quantity. They only produce as many as they can give their full attention to at a time.

Their socialization program is top-notch, as they introduce all their puppies to kids, adults, and other pets like cats and birds. They aim to produce puppies that are not shy when they join their forever families.

Finding a Frenchie breeder in San Diego who knows how to raise French Bulldogs, socialize, and care for them is crucial. Melzano Frenchies checks all the boxes and treat their pets as family members.

They produce Frenchies in various colors, including blue. Besides socialization, Brandon also focuses on the health and conformation of the puppies.

All their puppies are bred according to the AKC standards. They are all bred from AKC-registered, health-tested parents.

In addition, the puppies are thoroughly vet-checked immediately after birth and before joining their forever families. All their puppies go home with the following:

  • An AKC registration
  • Melzano’s Frenchies e-book
  • Health warranty
  • 30 days of pet insurance
  • Full vaccinations
  • Deworming

Another thing we love about this breeder is that they don’t hoard helpful information about this breed. Their website contains much information to teach customers how best to care for Frenchies.

You will also learn about Frenchies’ health, nutritional, and social needs on their website.

Melzano Frenchies Details:

2. Coronado Crown French Bulldogs


San Diego is blessed with many reliable and reputable French Bulldog breeders, and Coronado Crown French Bulldogs is one of them.

Based in San Diego, CA, Coronado Crown is one of California’s most popular Frenchie breeders. The breeder has puppies in various counties in CA and beyond.

Coronado Crown is owned by a family that is passionate and crazy about dogs. The family has nurtured different dog breeds but settled for Frenchies as their favorite.

Their love for this breed led to the establishment of this breeding program. The program was created to meet the needs of dog lovers looking for purebred Frenchie puppies with outstanding traits and temperament.

All their Frenchie puppies are bred and raised in their home. In addition to being raised in a family environment, the puppies are trained with the utmost care and love, which is why they are friendly and happy.

They provide the puppies with a happy start in life and hope their families will continue similarly.

Coronado Crown is highly recommended for those needing a Frenchie as a family companion or future show dog. This family invests so much in their puppies. They often select who goes home with their puppies to protect their investment.

They have a strict puppy application and only release their puppies to responsible pet parents. They aim to place the puppies in homes where they will be loved, cared for, cherished, and treated like family members.

In addition, all their clients must provide regular updates on the puppies.

Another thing we love about this breeder is that they are there for their dogs for a lifetime. They encourage all their customers who can no longer raise and care for their dogs to bring them back.

Coronado Crown is open to taking back their dogs and placing them in loving, caring homes. They don’t want their dogs to end up on the street, in shelters, or in rescue organizations.

Coronado Crown French Bulldogs Details:

3. Marvelous French Bulldogs


Next up, we have Marvelous French Bulldogs – a renowned family breeder with vast knowledge and experience about Frenchies.

They are located in beautiful San Diego, where their lovely puppies and dogs can soak up all the fun in the sun, near coastal waters. The family is thrilled to share their joy and love for this unique breed.

Marvelous French Bulldogs was established in 2000. The family has been breeding and raising quality Frenchie puppies for over 23 years.

They believe it is a privilege to care for this wonderful breed and help families find healthy, well-bred, happy Frenchie puppies.

They raise all their puppies in a loving, healthy family environment and treat them as invaluable family members. Marvelous French went the extra mile to provide Frenchie lovers with exceptionally-bred and healthy puppies.

They partnered with the best in Veterinary care – Pearson Animal Hospital.

All their breeding dogs undergo a thorough health examination to ensure they are healthy and fit for the process. Only healthy and genetically sound dams and sires are added to the program.

In addition, all the dams are well-cared for during pregnancy. They monitor lab tests and confirm with X-rays and ultrasounds to make sure everything turns out perfectly.

Dr. Dorota Pearson of Pearson Animal Hospital thoroughly examines the puppies after birth. They are also examined and cleared by the vet before going home.

This family’s top priority is maintaining the integrity of a superior-quality bloodline while focusing on raising healthy, happy, sociable, and genetically strong companions.

You can also rely on them for exotic rare Frenchie colors like merle, lilac, blue, and more.

Marvelous French Bulldogs Details:

4. Francoeur French Bulldogs


Francoeur French Bulldogs is a premier AKC breeder with decades of experience in this field. This breeding program is in Central Ventura County, about one hour from Orange County.

They serve the entire San Diego area and surrounding cities like Los Angeles.

As a highly experienced breeder, Francoeur understands happy and healthy puppies come from the right parents. The breeder ensures all their dogs have excellent pedigrees and come from champion bloodlines.

They carefully test and screen the parents of their breeding dogs to produce healthy puppies without genetic defects.

All their Frenchies are AKC-registered and bred according to the organization’s standard for this breed. They produce puppies with beautiful colors and striking personalities, thanks to their attention to pedigrees and bloodlines.

Besides focusing on the genetics of their dogs, this breeder also pays close attention to what happens at the early stages of their puppies’ lives. They socialize their puppies from birth until they leave for their new families.

The puppies enjoy daily interaction and early neurological stimulation to remain happy and well-socialized.

At the right time, this breeder uses the Von Falconer Way, Rule of 7, and crate training to give the Frenchie puppies a basic standard of training.

By eight weeks, when the puppies are ready to go home, they will respond to whistles, claps, and snaps. Crate training is also part of the program, and it helps with an easy and smooth transition to their new homes.

Francoeur French Bulldogs Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age to breed a Frenchie?

Males are best to breed after they turn a year old, while dams may be bred after eight months.

What two dogs make a French Bulldog?

Currently, the French Bulldog is its own breed, but in the 19th century, farmers bred bulldogs with terriers to create the French Bulldog.

What not to do with a French Bulldog?

Most people do not recommend taking a French Bulldog to a hot place, where they might overheat.

So Where Are the Best French Bulldog Breeders in San Diego?


If you are looking for the best French Bulldog breeders in San Diego, you have many great options from which to choose.

We recommend you choose an ethical breeder who adheres to strict breeding standards and places more importance on the health and well-being of their dogs.

Experience, health guarantee, after-sale support, and socialization/training plans are other important considerations.

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