Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix Guide! (2024)


A Cane Corso American Bulldog mix is a large dog that loves affection and will spend plenty of time chasing after its owner.

This dog will love to run around and play with their loved ones, but families may have to be worried about accidents or broken furniture from playtime.

With plenty of playtime and space to run around, a Cane Corso American Bulldog mix can make the perfect companion for a family who wants a protective but loving dog for their home.

These dogs usually thrive on affection and will adore small children. However, this dog breed should always be supervised when playing with small children because their size can be a concern.

An American Bulldog mix with Cane Corso genetics offers families a dog with plenty of energy and can be a perfect companion for adventures.

Although large, this dog can live for a long period of time, meaning your family will have plenty of memories, photos, and affection to cherish after they pass.

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What Is a Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix?


A Cane Corso American Bulldog mix is a hybrid dog that takes traits from a Cane Corso and an American Bulldog. Mixing these two dog breeds can provide a family with a stunning and loving dog who is both loyal and confident in their abilities.

However, these two dog breeds are large and can create a hybrid dog that can barrel someone over, unlike the more regal and calm Cane Corso English Bulldog mix.

Training is vital for these dog owners since these dogs must learn their boundaries and limits.

Cane Corso

A Cane Corso is a stunning and large dog that is highly intelligent. This dog breed is very affectionate and prefers to spend time with its family members.

Although this may be a challenge for busy families, a Cane Corso will need plenty of cuddle time and quality time spent with their loved ones.

Cane Corsos are perfect companions for outdoor adventures, hiking excursions, and road trips. These dogs will likely spend plenty of time resting and sleeping, but they will also take advantage of playtime when it comes.

This dog breed doesn’t shed much and will likely not need a lot of time at the groomers. For example, your Cane Corso may only need to have their nails clipped and filed but may not require frequent bathing or brushing.

American Bulldog

An American Bulldog is a loyal and confident dog who grows to a large size, like their Cane Corso cousins.

This dog breed can weigh over 100 pounds, meaning they will need plenty of food and supervision to ensure they don’t break anything during playtime.

This dog breed enjoys play and will spend plenty of time chasing toys and older children around the backyard.

American Bulldogs are famously intelligent and do well with children. However, they will need some quiet time and alone time to ensure they don’t get worn out or angry with the constant stimulation.

American Bulldogs enjoy spending time with other dogs, too. As with children, however, American Bulldogs will need a break to rest and recuperate after some time.

Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix Guide


A Cane Corso mixed with an American bulldog can be a perfect companion to any family home and leave the members of their family feeling safe.

Although this dog breed is large and can knock someone over, this dog has a loving temperament and a fiercely loyal attitude.

A Cane Corso mixed with American Bulldog traits creates a dog that thrives on affection, attention, and love. However, this dog will need plenty of alone time, rest, and quiet.

Read on to learn everything about a Cane Corso American Bulldog mix and to see if they are the right dog breed for you and your family.


Cane Corso American Bulldog mixes are perfect for families who love going on adventures and have plenty of car space for their pups.

Because this dog is large and heavy, these owners should have tons of space to transport and care for their Cane Corso American Bulldog mix.

This dog breed may be heavyset, but they are also loving. A Cane Corso American Bulldog mix will likely want to spend a lot of time on its owner’s lap or curl into others.

This dog breed enjoys affection, rubs, pats, and belly scratches. Often, a Cane Corso American Bulldog mix might approach its owners for extra love and affection.

Be mindful of their size, however. A simple nap in your lap can cause numb legs since they can weigh over 100 pounds.


Cane Corso American Bulldog mixes come from two heavyset dog breeds, meaning this dog breed will be equally as robust.

This dog type can grow up to 28 inches tall and weigh more than 110 pounds. However, some Cane Corso American Bulldog mixes may be on the smaller end and can resemble their American Bulldog parent.

The size range for these dogs can be anywhere from 22 to 28 inches tall and anything from 45 to 110 pounds. This dog breed can be random with sizing, and you may find yourself becoming the parent to a medium-sized Cane Corso American Bulldog mix.


Cane Corsos are famously black, and they usually don’t have multiple colors. Most often, these dogs have solid colorations, but some can have small patches of white hair or other colors.

Alternatively, American Bulldogs usually carry genes for lighter tones, and these colors can make their way into the hybrid dog breed.

American Bulldogs can have a wide range of colors in their coats. From light tones like beige to darker shades of brown, American Bulldogs have versatile color combinations that make them stunning.

Due to this genetic crossing, a Cane Corso American Bulldog mix will likely have small patches of white fur along their darker shade of hair. However, colors may vary, and patterns are random.


A Cane Corso American Bulldog mix can live up to 12 years. This amount of time may not seem like a long time, but this is longer than the average for some large dogs. Larger animals tend to have shorter lifespans than smaller animals.

For example, Irish Wolfhounds have one of the shortest average life spans with only six to eight years.

A Cane Corso American Bulldog mix is the perfect blend of size and lifespan among many large dogs and can provide a home with hundreds of good, fun, and adoring memories.


A Cane Corso American Bulldog mix might shed quite a bit.

This level of shedding can be frustrating and cause a lot of clean-up for their owners, but creating a consistent grooming and cleaning schedule to address the excess hair can keep pet allergies and mess at bay.

Other than brushing and bathing, your Cane Corso American Bulldog mix may also need frequent nail trimming and filing to ensure that their nails don’t damage your property or hurt anyone.


Cane Corsos are famous for their eagerness to please. However, American Bulldogs enjoy doing as they please. American Bulldogs might enjoy some training but need frequent breaks to recharge and come back with a clearer mind.

Mixing the two into a hybrid dog breed means that your Cane Corso American Bulldog mix will likely need plenty of respite from training but enjoy the quality time spent with their owners. Use training treats and plenty of praise to incentivize training sessions.

Exercise Needs

Your Cane Corso American Bulldog mix is likely to be large, meaning they won’t need much daily exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Thirty minutes of outdoor play, walking, or running around the yard can be plenty and ensure that they don’t develop weak muscles from underutilization.

Health Conditions

Cane Corso American Bulldog mixes are not prone to any specific health concerns or conditions. These dogs are known, however, to develop typical canine ailments that come with old age.

You may find your Cane Corso American Bulldog mix bumping into things as they get older, meaning their eyesight may be diminishing. You may also notice white hairs, trouble standing up or getting onto furniture, or joint issues.

Make note of any symptoms and seek out a veterinarian to discuss your dog’s health and wellness.


Cane Corso American Bulldog mixes don’t require a specialized diet, but they can benefit from eating only the best, most high-quality foods. 

You should seek out a dog food option that forgoes artificial ingredients and uses only all-natural and whole ingredients when possible. Artificial dyes, for example, have been found to cause some canine cancers and hypersensitivity.

A balance between dry kibbles and wet food can help your dog maintain good digestive health and prevent any harmful disorders or diseases. Keep a watchful eye on how the food you offer your dog affects its bowel movements.

For example, your dog may need less wet food in their diet if its bowel movements are composed of too much liquid.

Are Cane Corso American Bulldog Mixes Good With Children?


Cane Corso American Bulldog mixes love spending time with their family members and loved ones. Although these dogs are fiercely loyal and always ready to protect, they will likely need to be supervised to ensure they do not hurt small children.

Children under 10 years old should never be left alone with a large dog like a Cane Corso American Bulldog mix. However, older teenagers or adults can play with this hybrid dog breed just fine and without much issue.

One of the primary concerns regarding this dog breed and children is that the dog may not realize their size and strength, leading to an accident that hurts a small child.

Are Cane Corso American Bulldog Mixes Hypoallergenic?


No dogs are truly hypoallergenic. All dogs shed a little and will contribute to allergy flare-ups. However, some dogs are more allergy-friendly than others.

Cane Corso American Bulldog mixes have short hair and don’t shed as much as other, hairy dogs will. This short hair doesn’t mean they are perfect for allergy-prone dog owners, but it can help control allergies.

Cane Corso American Bulldog mixes are docile and quiet. These dogs will usually find a quiet place to relax when they aren’t actively playing.

This docile nature means they will likely be amicable during bathing and vacuuming times, making them good choices for those prone to allergies.

How Much Do Cane Corso American Bulldog Mixes Shed?


A Cane Corso American Bulldog mix sheds a little and will need some cleanup to ensure there are no allergic reactions or asthma attacks triggered by excess hair.

A Cane Corso American Bulldog will need to be brushed every couple of days and their environment will need consistent vacuuming to keep their hair away and ensure the area is clean.

This dog breed may shed the most in spring and summer, as the seasons change. Although this is normal, allergies may flare up during the time and make dog-ownership challenging for everyone in the home.

Consider keeping a consistent schedule for vacuuming, cleaning, and bathing to ensure that your hybrid dog doesn’t cause too much strife with allergies in the home.

Conclusion For “Cane Corso American Bulldog Mix Guide!”


Cane Corso American Bulldog mixes are a perfect dog for many families who want to have a loyal and protective dog in their home.

Although these dogs are large and can easily cause damage with their playtime or excitement, they are also fiercely loyal.

Cane Corso American Bulldog mixes pride themselves on their intelligence and enjoys showering those they love with affection. These dogs are famous for finding a place to sit in your lap, even if they are too big to fit.

A Cane Corso American Bulldog mix can live up to 15 years, meaning they have plenty of time to leave behind memories that will last forever.

This dog breed can grow to be up to 28 inches tall and can weigh over 110 pounds.

Although this dog breed adores children, they will likely need to be supervised while playing with young children. Cane Corso American Bulldog mixes do best in households with older children or teenagers.

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