Male or Female Cane Corso – Which One Should You Choose? (2024)


A Cane Corso is fearless, intelligent, and smart, but they are not a breed for everyone. They’re a tremendously loyal and protective breed but will need proper training to ensure they don’t rule the home.

If you’ve done your research and decided that a Cane Corso is the right breed, the next decision is whether you should choose a male or female Cane Corso. So, which one should you choose?

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Male or Female Cane Corso – Which One should you choose?


A Cane Corso can be a great addition, but not just to any house or family. Some may even say that choosing the correct breed is more important than deciding between male or female. In general, there are a lot of similarities within the Cane Corso breed.

They’re great protectors but need proper training to keep them in line. They’re best for someone willing to give them the required training and exercise.

They do best in homes that can provide around a walk about a mile long, twice a day, and possibly even give them a job. They do best when they are busy and useful.

Due to their more dominant nature, they can be slightly difficult to train. They will need their dominance kept in check with an authoritative owner and lots of training. 

There are many similarities within the breed, but there are things to consider when specifically choosing between a Cane Corso female or male.


You may want to choose either a Cane Corso male or female based on size. The male can get up to 27.5 inches tall and weigh up to 120 pounds. The female is only slightly smaller. A Cane Corso female can get up to 26 inches and up as high as 110lbs. 

When choosing a puppy, you can get a generalized idea of how big it may get by looking at a few different things. 

The first step when determining the size of your puppy when it is full-grown is to look at the size of the parents. If both parents are on the larger or the smaller end of the average size, your puppy will likely be the same.

You can also look at the physical traits of the puppy to give some insight into the puppy’s full-grown size.

The size of a puppy’s paw is an excellent indicator of the adult size of the Cane Corso puppy. Inspect the size of the puppy’s paw compared to the others in the litter to determine which will be bigger or smaller.

Whether you should choose a male or female based on size will ultimately depend on your specific needs and circumstances.

If you’re more limited on space, it may be beneficial to choose a smaller dog. The smaller size would make the female a better option.

However, this breed still requires lots of exercise and needs to stay busy, so a small apartment may not be an excellent fit for a Cane Corso. Size can make a difference if you’re not concerned about space but want a dog for protection.

If looking for a guard dog, the larger size of a male may give it an advantage in this category. It may be more beneficial to choose a larger and more intimidating Cane Corso, such as a male.

Although the male’s size may make it seem like the best candidate for a guard dog, the female’s personality can make them a better choice.


The Cane Corso breed is known for its similarities to a professional bodyguard, hence why they’re usually desired as guard dogs. They’re loyal, eager to please, defensive, and intimidating, making them ideal for protection.

Although temperament is generally the same across the breed, there are a few differences between the male and female Cane Corso. 

In general, the male is more stable but also more domineering. The female is easier to train but also is typical of mood swings. Due to these differences


The whole Cane Corso breed requires early socialization. Socialization and letting them experience the world help them to be more friendly with strangers and lessen the chances of the dog becoming aggressive. 

Cane Corso dogs are protective pack animals who do not typically enjoy outsiders. This protective behavior is why training is necessary.


You’ll want to begin training your Cane Corso as soon as possible. They are eager to learn even as young as six months of age. The longer you wait, the harder it may be, as they can get stuck in their ways and become stubborn. 

They all need you to be consistent and firm, establishing you as the leader of the home, not them. Enforcing leadership is more important for males as they are more likely to push their limits.

Although both animals desire to please, the males tend to want power more than the females. Due to its desire for dominance, it is generally harder to train a male than a female, and they require more training.

Males will need someone to socialize them and teach them proper manners at a young age. The training and socializing will hopefully prevent them from spooking easily and becoming defensive when it’s not necessary.

The females aren’t as authoritative, so they require less training and aren’t as reluctant to learn and obey their masters.

Better Family Dog


Although they can be a firm and protective breed, this does not mean they cannot be great family pets. They may work best in homes with older children so that you can take necessary precautions.

A Cane Corso is a large dog that is headstrong. A child should never be the one responsible for the dog. It is also essential to be sure that the children treat the dog kindly and do not pull or sit on it, etc.

The dog will require supervision and proper training before socializing with children, especially with males.

A male Cane Corso is more likely to be aggressive and dominant. Having them around younger children may not be recommended, but their attitude can improve with proper care and training.

Females are generally considered the better option for a family. Due to her maternal instincts, she does better with children and can become more protective of them. These maternal instincts, however, do not carry on to other animals.

Ability To Be Around Other Pets

Generally speaking, a Cane Corso would be better around animals or pets it has grown up with. They may try to hunt other, smaller animals. It’s also important to pay attention to the sex of both animals when determining if they’ll get along.

If you have a Cane Corso male, he must be the only male. They tend to get territorial with other males as they desire to be the only mate available should the chance arise. A female Cane Corso is not much different.

A Cane Corso female should not be around other females. Not only would she be territorial with other females, but she may also risk harming any other pups that are not her own.

This behavior applies to your household and neighboring households, especially if the neighboring dogs are allowed to roam.

Although both males and females have territory issues, you can lower the risks. Since most of this behavior is hormonal, getting the Cane Corso fixed, regardless of sex, can help lessen this behavior.


Cane Corso dogs were originally bred to become guard dogs, so naturally, both the males and the females would be a great option. The difference is mainly in what you want them to protect. 

Since males are more territorial, they’re an excellent choice for protecting property. With their maternal instincts, females can be great for protecting a family or individual.

The males generally look more intimidating with their size and may scare away any potential problems before they even begin. 

Health Risks

All breeds have their health risks, and the Cane Corso is no different. They can be prone to hip dysplasia, eyelid abnormalities, Demodex mange, and idiopathic epilepsy. There are gender-specific illnesses as well.

As with most breeds, the males are prone to health risks like testicular cancer and prostate issues, while the females are at risk for mammary cancer and uterine infections.

These risks can be removed by having the dog fixed. If you’re thinking about the health risks, you may also want to consider the life expectancy of your precious pup.

Life Expectancy

In comparison, there is not much difference in average life expectancy in both the male and female Cane Corso. They both average about a nine-year lifespan, with the females only living about .3 years longer than the males. 

Fortunately, this isn’t a factor when choosing the right companion for you. If you’ve decided on a breeder for your pup, it’s essential to know what to look for to ensure a healthy and happy puppy.

Red Flags When Choosing A Puppy From a Litter


When you’ve decided on the sex of your Cane Corse and found a reputable breeder, the research isn’t done yet. Do not just buy a puppy without getting to meet it first. You’ll want to check out the puppy and its environment before deciding.

When you meet your puppy, look for these red flags within the litter before making your decision. If you see any of these symptoms, it may be best to move on and find a reputable breeder.

  • Very intimidated and fearful of strangers
  • Walks irregularly or with a limp
  • Any evidence of injury
  • Skittish and afraid of noises or movements
  • Any form of coughing, sneezing, or wheezing
  • Deformities
  • Any Sign of illness
  • Unkempt environment
  • Lack of socialization
  • Lots of fighting 



It is up to you to decide whether you would like a male Cane Corso or a female one. They have a lot in common as both are loyal and very active, requiring extra exercise, but they also have key differences that need to be considered.

Here’s a brief list recapping the important qualities of both males and females.


  • Larger and more intimidating
  • More stable
  • Requires excess training
  • Territorial
  • Not good around other male dogs
  • Excellent guard dog


  • Smaller
  • Faster
  • Maternal Instincts
  • Affectionate and protective of her master
  • Has mood swings
  • Best with the opposite sex in dogs
  • Less dominant
  • Easier to train

Conclusion For “Male or Female Cane Corso – Which One Should You Choose?”


It is up to you to decide the best fit for you. A male may be more beneficial when looking for a guard dog due to its appearance and territorial personality. The female may be a better family dog.

Generally speaking, it is usually recommended that someone new to training and the breed itself go with a female as they tend to be smaller, easier to train, and less power hungry. 

When deciding on your next pup, there are a few things to consider. You have to select the right breed, breeder, and even the sex of the puppy that fits your family best. Choosing a name is the next decision on the list!

It is important to remember that dog ownership is a responsibility and not one to be taken lightly. Be sure you’re fully committed to the dog before bringing one home. 

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