Dog Food Storage: Pounds-to-Gallons Conversion Solved! (2024)

When you own a dog, you have to figure out the wheres and whys of dog food storage. How should you store dry food in a way that keeps it fresh and dry?

There are many different types of dog food containers on the market and figuring out how to convert pounds to gallons will help you choose the size you need.

What size container will hold 40 pounds of dog food? A 40-pound bag of dog food will require at least a 10-gallon container, but a larger container will work as well. Make sure the dog food storage container you choose is airtight and has a lid that securely latches to keep out pests. For convenience, look for an easy-open lid and wheels on the bottom.

If you are trying to find the right size dog food storage container, read on to learn more about how to choose properly.

How To Know What Size Container Will Hold Your Dog Food

When it comes time to store your dog food, it’s a good idea to choose the right size container to keep waste and spoilage to a minimum.

This will ensure the container lid can close and the dog food will be safe and fresh for your dog.

Dog food is sold in bags by weight, but containers are usually sold in sizes based on volume.

It’s important to understand how to convert the weight to volume to choose the right container size.

Dog Food to Container Conversion Table

Size of Dog Food Bag

Container Size Needed

Up to 12 pounds

15 quarts or 3.75 gallons

Up to 22 pounds

28 quarts or 7 gallons

Up to 42 pounds

55 quarts or 13.75 gallons

Up to 60 pounds

67 quarts or 16.75 gallons

How Many Pounds Is a Dry Gallon?

A dry gallon is 8.35 pounds. 

How Many Pounds of Dog Food Are in a Gallon?

There are approximately 3.75 pounds of dog food in a gallon.

How Many Cups of Dog Food Are in a Gallon?

A gallon of dry dog food is about 16 cups. 

What Size Container Will Hold 40 Pounds of Dog Food?

Dog food containers are often sized in quarts or gallons. 40 pounds of dog food will fit in a 65-quart container or anything larger.

What Size Container for 50 Pounds of Dog Food?

A 50 pound bag of dry dog food can fit inside a container that is 65 quarts or larger.

How Much Dry Dog Food Fits in a 5-Gallon Bucket?

A 5-gallon bucket of food can hold up to 21 pounds of dry dog food.

How To Store Dry Dog Food Long Term

If you plan to store dog food for a long time, it needs to be kept in an airtight container and a cool location.

It should not be kept on the ground or floor, as it may attract pests and rodents. It’s also important to choose a dog food storage container that is designed to hold the right amount of food.

How Long Can You Store Dry Dog Food?

Dog food can be stored in an airtight container for up to six weeks once opened. An unopened bag may last for a year or more, depending on the expiration date.

Recommended Containers for Dog Food

When choosing the right dog food container, it’s important to choose something that is durable and airtight.

You may want a flip-open lid that latches for easy access, and if you plan to put a large amount of dog food in it, you may want to choose one with wheels.

Here are a few options to consider.

Vittles Vault

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Dog Food Storage Container,...
  • Keeps Food Fresh and Flavorful: our Gamma Seal Technology, featuring a threaded locking system and...
  • Say Goodbye to Pesky Pests: In addition to locking in freshness and flavor, Gamma Seal Technology...

Vittle Vault comes in various sizes ranging in capacities from 30 to 80 gallons. It’s airtight to help ensure the food doesn’t go stale quickly and to keep out rain and insects.

It’s stackable for convenience and is designed specifically to control moisture. 

GropeCan Folable Storage Container

Collapsible Dog Food Storage Container, 30 Lb Pet...
  • 🐶Food Grade Material: The pet food storage container is made of BPA-free high-density...
  • 🐱Super capacity and space saving: The dog food container is designed to be collapsible that can...

The GropeCan Foldable Storage Container comes in three different color options and is adjustable to fit 35 or 55 pounds of dog food.

It features airtight seals with snap-lock latches, and it collapses for easy storage when not in use. 

Buddeez Pet Food Dispenser

Buddeez Airtight Pet Food Storage Container - 50...
  • Airtight Dog Food Storage Container - The flip top lid's gasket seal ensures air tight freshness. If...
  • Large Dog Food Storage Container - This 50 quart capacity container holds up to 50 lb of dry pet...

This container has a heavy-duty design and wheels for added convenience. The lid opens at the top to make it easy to scoop food out.

It is constructed from BPA-free plastic and is made in the USA. It can hold up to 45 pounds of dog good.

Richell Pet Stuff Tower

Richell Pet Stuff Tower for Food Storage | Richell...
  • Snap-lock lid keeps odor and freshness in - pests out
  • Foot pedal provides easy access to bottom bin

This pet storage tower holds up to 25 pounds of food. It has a sleek design that allows it to fit into kitchens or other rooms in the home with ease. It is BPA free and made in the USA.

The lids on top of each container snap securely to prevent pests and rodents from getting access to the food. The bins flip forward for easy access to the food. 

Iris USA Wheeled Storage Container

IRIS USA WeatherPro Airtight Dog Food Storage...
  • AIRTIGHT CONTAINER: Ensure your pet's food stays fresh with airtight seals and snap-lock latches,...
  • CAPACITY: Airtight containers for food hold up to 22 Lbs of dry pet food.

The Iris USA Wheeled Storage Container holds up to 55 pounds of dry dog food. It has an airtight lid with two secure latches on each side.

It prevents moisture and humidity and includes a scoop for easy feeding. 

Related Questions: 

Can I Put Dry Dog Food in the Fridge?

It is not necessary to put dry dog food in the fridge, but it is okay to do so, as long as the container is airtight.

It’s best to store dry dog food in a cool, dry place that is off the floor. This prevents pests from finding it and helps it last longer. 

When Should You Throw Out Dry Dog Food?

Dog food manufacturers recommend using dog food within six weeks of the manufacturing date. While dog food may not be harmful if used after the expiration date, it may become stale.

If the dog food has been left outside or has gotten wet, it should be disposed of within 24 hours.


If you plan to buy large bags of dog food, you will need the proper dog food storage solution to keep it fresh and to prevent pests from getting to it.

Choosing a dog food storage container that is airtight and the right size for the amount of food you have to store will help you stay organized and keep your dog’s food fresher longer.

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