Belgian Malinois Boxer Mix Guide – In-Depth Dog Breed Information! (2024)


A Belgian Malinois Boxer mix is a mixed breed resulting from the crossing of a Boxer and a Belgian Malinois. A dog owner with experience might be better suited to this breed, as it could be very powerful.

Does it resemble the Boxer or the Belgian Malinois more? Below, we will attempt to answer those questions and more so you can decide if this is the right dog breed for your family.

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The Breeds History

Temperament belgian malinois boxer

Malinois History

The Malinois was originally developed in the northwestern part of Belgium, where it is known as the Belgian Malinois. Cattlemen believed them to be dependable working dogs that were utilized primarily for livestock herding.

Because of their similar appearance, Malinois can be mistaken for German Shepherds, although they are leggier and finer-boned than German Shepherds.

Since 1959, the Malinois has been recognized by the AKC as an official breed. The military and the police rely on them as reliable K-9 units in addition to being great herders.

Boxer History

A Boxer’s ancestry dates back to 2300 BC in the Assyrian Empire, making it one of the oldest known breeds on earth. Even in the early days of this breed, it was a popular pet and was known for being strong and loyal.

Modern Boxers are direct descendants of two fighting breeds that were developed in Germany in the late 1800s. Bullenbeissers, or “bull biters”, were the name of these dogs, but they are now extinct.

Compared to the breed of today, the second version is taller and much more athletic.

There has been a long history of working dogs in the Boxer breed. In 1925, the German government recognized the Boxer and his descendants as police dogs, but that’s not what they do.

Throughout Germany’s history, the Bullenbeisser has been prized for its ability to hunt big game. To finish the kill, the hunters used it to grapple bear, wild boar, deer, and bison until they arrived.

Known for its hard constitution, strong impulse to fight, and total insensitivity to pain, the Bullenbeisser was defined less by its appearance than by its character traits.

A sleeker, more elegant creature was created by crossing the German Bullenbeisser with the Bulldog imported from England by the late nineteenth century.

As of today, this is the first of the Boxer line. Boxers are believed to have acquired their white color from Bulldog blood.

Belgian Malinois Boxer Mix Temperament

Training belgian malinois boxer

To get an idea of how a Belgian Malinois Boxer mix will behave, you need to look at his parents. The mix of breeds will obviously result in a very strong and powerful breed with a high prey drive and a lot of energy.

The parent breeds are both very energetic and have strong instincts for prey and drive.

They make great guard dogs and watchdogs due to their temperament. Their temperament makes them ideal for military, police, and service work.

Working herding roots give them the skills of intelligence, cooperation, protection, defense, and confidence. The athletic build and energetic nature of these dogs make them wonderful companions, but they can be a lot to handle.

With socialization and positive reinforcement methods, Belgian Malinois’ temperament can be focused and channeled to reach their full potential.

It is best for them to live in an adult-only home where they can be given plenty of attention and their working and herding instincts can be controlled.

The Belgian Malinois Boxer mix is easy to train, so it is not likely to exhibit bad behaviors like chewing, digging, or making noise. A breed like this doesn’t usually match well with kids, but if they know a child, they can get along well.

When it comes to dogs they know, they are generally good, but they can be wary of stranger dogs.

Known for their loyalty, affection, and strength, Boxers have a strong temperament. Original breeds were bred for hunting, but these medium-sized, athletic dogs quickly gained popularity as guard dogs, military dogs, and companion dogs.

Known for its loyalty, fun-loving, and energetic nature, the Boxer is a very active dog. It is pretty easy for them to learn new things since they are intelligent dogs. As well as being extremely outgoing and friendly, these dogs are extremely loyal.

It is important to channel the outgoing and energetic nature of this breed through early socialization and puppy training classes.

If properly socialized and exposed, Belgian Malinois Boxer mix pups get along well with other animals.

It is possible for them to function independently or to spend time alone when the house is noisy or full. Positive reinforcement is effective with them, as it is with all dogs.

It is expected they will be very affectionate toward you and enjoy spending time with you. It will not be a good idea to leave your companions alone for an extended period of time, as they will not do well alone.

In order to feel like part of the “pack,” they want to be with their family.

Health Problems


Genetic health problems can develop in any breed of dog, as some breeds are more susceptible than others. You will, however, be able to avoid this to the best of your ability if you get a puppy.

Puppies should always be backed by a health guarantee from the breeder.

Do not consider a breeder if they are unwilling to do this. When it comes to health problems in the breed and the incidence of those problems, a reputable breeder will be honest and open with the consumer.

In order to obtain a health clearance for your dog, it must have been tested for and cleared of a specific condition.

There are a variety of potential health problems associated with Boxers and Belgian Malinois mixes: cancer, heart problems, hypothyroidism, bloating, hearing loss, eye problems, and patellar luxation.

Boxer Health Problems

Boxers are prone to acne.  In most cases, dogs will develop pimples during puberty and may become chronic during this time.  The infection can become more serious if proper care is not taken. As well as scarring, there may be an aesthetic element involved.

Arthritis and osteoarthritis are words that we hear so much that we start to accept them as normal and acceptable conditions of aging. In spite of this, it is possible to have this health issue even in young dogs.

In spite of the fact that a dog’s chances of developing arthritis increase with age, your Belgian Malinois Boxer mix doesn’t need to be in pain as long as he has you! You can make your dog more comfortable by treating this in many different ways.

For a Boxer dog owner to live a long and happy life with their Boxer, they should be aware of the signs, diagnosis methods, and treatments for this illness.

Boxer dogs are most likely to suffer from cancer as their #1 health issue. All breeds are susceptible to cancer, but owners should be on the lookout for early signs.

Malinois Health Problems

The most common cause of older Malinois’s losing their vision is cataracts. Despite their clear eyes, their eyes appear cloudy in the picture below. Others have difficulty with losing their vision, depending on their pup.

Some adapt well to this change and others struggle. It is also possible to have your cataracts removed surgically and have your vision restored fully or partially.

Dogs with elbow dysplasia develop the disease unilaterally or bilaterally as they grow and affect their elbow joint. It is characterized by altered bone tissue that does not develop properly due to dysplasia.

Hips are also affected by this condition. It may be a sign of future health issues if your Malinois becomes stiff at the elbow as it matures with age.

In the same way that elbow dysplasia can be inherited, hip dysplasia can be as well. Joints develop incorrectly as a result of this, leading to arthritis. A joint becomes inflamed first as a result of arthritis.

A result of this wear and tear is osteoarthritis, which gradually destroys the structure of the joint and the bone tissue surrounding it.

For the sake of comfort for your pup, it is best to treat arthritis by veterinarians as soon as possible. There may be difficulties getting up and laying down for your pup if they start having trouble with their mobility.

A surgical procedure may be an option in the same way as other health concerns.

In addition to cancer and heart disease, Boxers and Belgian Malinois can be prone to deafness, eye problems, and patellar luxation. Both breeds face these problems, so it’s important to understand that they’re just common problems.


Health-Problems belgian malinois boxer

There shouldn’t be too much difficulty grooming a Belgian Malinois Boxer mix as both parents have reasonably short hair. Weekly brushing is recommended.

Keep your floors clean by investing in a good vacuum! Don’t dry out their skin by giving them baths too often. It is inhumane and unfair to tie up your dog outside.

Belgian Malinois Boxer Mix Training

Grooming belgian malinois boxer

There will be some challenges in training an intelligent dog like this. A firm, strong hand will be needed to remind them of their place since they will want to take the alpha position.

Keeping their attention span high is best achieved by breaking up the sessions into shorter daily sessions. While it might have a high prey drive and be prone to chasing and running after small prey, it can be managed if handled appropriately.

Positive reinforcement is the most effective way to motivate dogs. If you notice that your Malinois Boxer mix is doing well, give them praise. Their intelligence and love of physical challenges make them an intelligent dog.

Additionally, they will be easier to train if she gets more exercise. All puppies and dogs need proper socialization to give them as much exposure to people and dogs as possible. Try taking your Belgian Malinois Boxer mix to the park or enroll him in doggy daycare.

A crossbreed will dilute the genes of a purebred dog. So, you may be able to get a Belgian Malinois with all the best traits of a Belgian Malinois but with a temperament or even appearance more suited to you.

Conclusion for Belgian Malinois Boxer Mix Guide

Choosing the right mixed breed can be difficult, so how can you determine which one is right for you?

To choose the best Belgian Malinois Boxer mix for your family and home, research the needs and care requirements of different mixes to ensure you can provide the best home for the pet you choose.

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