Ferrets for Sale in San Antonio – Top 4 Breeders! (2024)


Ferrets make playful, albeit slightly unusual pets. However, if you’re looking for ferrets for sale in San Antonio, you’ll have to be rather patient.

For one, there are only a handful of reliable breeders in the US. For the other, you’ll only find one or two authentic and active ferret breeders in Texas.

To help you get a well-bred pet ferret, we’ve compiled a list of breeders in Texas and neighboring states or those who can ship the ferret to you in San Antonio.

Hopefully, the search for your perfect kit can stop with one of the breeders listed here

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1. Top Notch Ferrets


Top Notch Ferrets, run by Rita Littles, appears to be a breeder who takes care in how they raise their ferrets.

They don’t descend their kits and start them off on a raw diet, although they also rotate in freeze-dried, whole prey and high-quality kibble to supplement the raw food.

They wait until their ferrets are 10-12 weeks old before sending them to their new homes. They also require an application to be filled out before someone is certified to buy from them.

They also prefer to sell their ferrets in person, although they will ship their kits on rare occasions.

Apart from being geographically close, they are also thorough and responsible in how they sell their ferrets – ensuring that their kits go to loving and suitable homes.

However, as with any breeder, it’s important to do your research. Find someone you’re comfortable with, and stay away from mills.

Please note that the breeder is currently ‘playing by ear,’ meaning not actively breeding but does so upon request.

Top Notch Ferrets Details:

  • Location: Houston, Texas
  • Social Media: Facebook

2. Mi Corazon Ferrets


Although Mi Corazon Ferrets is not one of the ferret breeders in San Antonio, we’ve included it in our list as it is located nearby in Farmington, New Mexico.

With just a handful of responsible ferret breeders in the country, we cannot ignore an ethical breeder just based on geography!

Mi Corazon Ferrets is a small-scale ferret breeder popular for breeding chocolate-colored ferrets—and this is a very rare variation.

They are then socialized and go through “temperament” training. Mi Corazon also spays/neuters their ferrets before giving them away and always provide a health guarantee for the kits!

Other than that, however, you won’t find much information on their website. They don’t go into detail about what their breeding practices are.

Nor are you able to see the living conditions in which they are bred and raised. Similarly, no info on breeder experience or credential certificates, either.

And so, you might want to err on the side of caution. If you’d like to adopt from them, ask for this information not provided on the website.

Ask detailed questions about their breeding practices and policies before you move ahead.

Please note that the breeder does not ship and only sells to raw feeders i.e., you must sign a contract stating that you will feed a raw diet to your ferret.

Mi Corazon Ferrets Details:

3. Middle Earth Ferretry


Middle Earth Ferretry is a small ferretry located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. They’ve been in the business since 1988, specializing in breeding show ferrets!

The ferretry’s breeding program is very detailed. They are focused on producing healthy, as well as friendly ferrets.

They also want their kits to have good temperaments and show quality attributes. Thus, one can tell they are taken care of pretty well! The ferrets are bred in a home environment and receive one-on-one attention from their owners.

A great thing about Middle Earth Ferretry is that they don’t sell to everyone.

They only sell to approved homes. Potential buyers are properly screened, so the ferret goes home with someone who cares for it. The ferretry offers a health guarantee and provides ongoing support to new ferret owners.

One can vouch for their legit status as this ferretry is a member of the American Ferret Association and participates in AFA-sanctioned events. Their Ferrets have many awards and titles as well!

All in all, Middle Earth Ferretry is quite reputable and well-established.

Though you won’t find ferrets in San Antonio from breeders, Middle Earth Ferretry offers shipping options for adopting their ferrets.

They do not descend their ferrets and have a thorough application process and a notarized contract for the adoption process.

Before the adoption, they provide microchips, start vaccines, and conduct fecal tests to ensure the ferrets’ health. They also require a DES implant at the time of neutering.

Middle Earth Ferretry Details:

4. Blue Agave Ferrets


Last on our list of breeders raising happy and healthy ferrets for sale in San Antonio is Blue Agave Ferrets, a small-scale breeder based in New Mexico specializing in standard and panda ferrets.

This small breeder does not have an official website, and potential adopters can only contact them via their Facebook Page.

The one thing to go by is their Facebook page always uploads photos and videos of their Ferrets. They also inform their community whenever a litter is ready for adoption.

They have positive reviews and a sizeable following. Moreover, they also seem to engage with their audience, replying to questions from potential adopters.

This can be a good sign of a responsible and legitimate breeder.

There are many ways to contact them, so leave them a message and learn more about their breeding practices and shipping details.

Blue Agave Ferrets Details:

  • Location: 311 Waverly Dr, Tulsa, OK, United States, 74104
  • Phone Number: 303-668-1000
  • Website: Blue Agave Ferrets
  • Social Media: Facebook

How to Choose Ferret Breeders in San Antonio


Looking for pet ferrets and deciding to steer clear of the ferret mill party? That is the way to go. Just keep in mind that not all breeders are created equal.

There aren’t many well-known ferret breeders, so you’ll have to turn to small-scale ones. And that can be a gamble.

You’ve seen above—that those with an online presence don’t have much information.

And those that have the information aren’t that active anymore. However, no matter how hard ethical breeders are to come by, stay away from ferret mills.

Ferrets are incredibly playful and can be the most fun pets for an active owner. They require constant stimulation and have a lot of energy. Ferrets from mills are usually docile and have lots of health problems.

That’s not to say that ferrets from backyard breeders won’t have similar problems.

Instead, you’ll find many such breeders selling “swimmers,” which are kits with rickets—a result of poor breeding practice that prevents them from walking properly.

The best way to choose your kit from a breeder is by staying in touch with them before the purchase.

Schedule video calls with them to meet your future ferret. If you cannot visit the facilities, request a video visit. Keep asking for the kit’s pictures and videos for updates till you finally bring it home!

More Information About Ferrets for Sale in San Antonio


With their long, slender bodies and colorful pelage, ferrets have been popular pets for over 2,500 years.

Originally used for hunting, these creatures are now beloved house pets known for their unique sleeping patterns and social nature.

As carnivores, they require a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet with clean water available throughout the day.

Regular grooming and veterinary check-ups are necessary, and socialization and training are key to a happy ferret.

Understanding their needs, such as an hour of playtime per day and living with other ferrets, is crucial to being a responsible owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ferrets legal in Texas?

It is not illegal to own ferrets in Texas.

What states ban ferrets?

Ferrets are illegal in California and Hawaii.

Are ferrets hard to take care of?

Ferrets are high-maintenance and very active animals, but they are worth it.

Where Are Ferrets for Sale in San Antonio?


In conclusion, finding ferrets for sale in San Antonio will indeed be a challenging task. There are only a handful of breeders in all of the US, and the only one in Texas does so upon request. Thus, they have a long waiting list.

However, you can try contacting the other breeders to see if they are ready to ship. Since this community is so small, they will perhaps make some exceptions for true ferret lovers.

However, you must be prepared to be on waiting lists and perhaps travel if you’d like to meet the kit in person first.

One thing is for sure; when you find your ferret, the long and hard search will be worth it.

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