6 Best Cat Breeders in Montreal! (2024)

Looking for the best cat breeders in Montreal? Cats make some of the best pets. They’re intuitive, quiet, gentle, and exceptionally clean. They’re territorial, so in some instances, it’s safe to let them roam the yard during the day without fear that they won’t return.

You can find hundreds of cats in shelters around Quebec. But if you’re interested in a particular breed like a Maine Coon or Cornish Rex, you’ll want to find a cat breeder in Montreal.

If you’re not sure where to look for a new cat, check out our list of the top breeders in the city!

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1. The Canadian Cat Association


The Canadian Cat Association was founded in 1960 to help cat breeders in Montreal and across the country breed with integrity.

The CCA sets guidelines that member breeders must adhere to. To assist people like you in finding a purebred cat, they’ve created a directory of breeders in Canada.

To find a breeder, select “breeds” and a drop-down menu will allow you to click on “breeders.” Once directed, select the breed you’re interested in and a list of businesses and individuals will populate.

Clicking on the name of the business will give you further information about their location and contact information.

Once you find a breeder and have connected with them, you’ll want to discuss the details of the purchase. A deposit may be required, and the breeder can tell you the total cost for your kitten.

Prices will vary based on the breeder and may vary greatly from one kitten to the next. Get confirmation of any health guarantee for your cat, and make sure you and the breeder agree on the availability of breeding rights for your kitten.

The Canadian Cat Association Details:

2. SweetPaw Cattery


SweetPaw Cattery specializes in Siberian Neva Masquerade cats, and is a small-scale breeder located in Brossard, Quebec. This cattery is Canadian Cat Association-registered and the hypoallergenic cats they produce can also be registered with the CCA.

Available and upcoming kittens are listed on the SweetPaw Cattery website.

You can scroll through pictures of the new cats and choose a kitten you’re interested in. A 500 CAD deposit is required to reserve a kitten from this Montreal cattery; the deposit is non-refundable.

The total price for your kitten depends upon its size, color, sex, and other characteristics, and is due before you pick up or take delivery of your kitten.

No breeding rights are available; SweetPaw Cattery requires that you spay or neuter your cat between four and six months of age.

A veterinarian will have thoroughly checked your cat before allowing him to join a new family. He or she will also be litter-trained, vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped. In other words, your cat will be ready for life in your home!

SweetPaw Cattery Details:

3. Bengal Borealis


Bengal Borealis is next on our list of the best cat breeders in Montreal. This cattery is located in Cote Saint-Luc and they specialize in Bengal kittens you’ll adore. The breeder isn’t large, but there are typically around a dozen kittens available at any given point.

Take a look at the kittens that are ready for adoption, find the one you like best, then contact Bengal Borealis for the next steps.

Photos of the parents are also posted on the cattery’s website; you can view the beautiful breeding cats before you make your decision.

The breeder occasionally posts additional pictures on their social media, so be sure to follow their Facebook page!

Bengal Borealis is a member of the International Cat Association and the team takes excellent care of your kitten before he or she arrives at your home.

Your cat will have received a thorough vet exam and plenty of playtime in the weeks leading up to adoption.

The price of Bengal Borealis kittens is set at the breeder’s discretion once a litter is born. A deposit may be required and you will need to discuss a spay or neuter contract with the Borealis team.

Bengal Borealis Details:

4. Siberian Touch Cattery


Siberian Touch Cattery specializes in Siberian and Siberian Neva Masquerade kittens. The breeder is in Laval, located on the western side of the island, and they welcome in-person visits when scheduled in advance.

Siberian Touch Cattery is a relatively new business, having been founded in 2018, but they’re recognized by the Canadian Cat Association as responsible breeders.

In most cases, you’ll need to place a deposit to hold a kitten you’re interested in.  The deposit is 400 CAD and will be deducted from the final purchase price.

The total cost to own a kitten from Siberian Touch Cattery is between 1800 and 3000 CAD. If you happen to visit the breeder and there are kittens available, a deposit will not be required!

Simply pay the purchase price and bring your cat home with you the same day.

Kittens are sold on a spay or neuter contract; you will not be permitted to breed your kitty. Your cat will be microchipped for safety, and a veterinarian will have checked, vaccinated, and dewormed your cat.

Bring your new pet to a vet of your own choice to remain eligible for the six-month health guarantee offered by this breeder.

Siberian Touch Cattery Details:

5. Sous le Saule


If you’re interested in a siamese or balinese baby, Sous le Saule will be a great option! This cattery guarantees the pedigree of cats and your kitten will be in excellent, caring hands in the weeks leading up to adoption.

Sous le Saule requires a deposit of 300 CAD to reserve a kitten, and that non-refundable deposit will be deducted from the full cost of your cat. Kittens will be priced between 1600 and 1900 CAD, and tax is included.

Your cat, of course, will be thoroughly examined by a vet before going home with you, and all vaccinations and wormers will have been administered.

From time to time, Sous le Saule offers adult cats for adoption. These are cats that have been used in the breeding of litters and will come with all available registration papers.

No matter whether you purchase a kitten or an adult from Sous le Saule, you will be required to agree that you will not allow your cat to reproduce. Adults will come to you fixed, while you’ll have to alter your kitten when he or she reaches an appropriate age.

Sous le Saule Details:

6. Chatopia


Chatopia is not a Montreal cat breeder but instead is a rescue for homeless and at-risk cats. Each year, tens of thousands of cats enter high-kill shelters.

These kitties could have been orphaned, neglected, stray, or special needs, but in all cases, they’re in need of a loving new home.

Chatopia uses Petfinder to list the cats that are available for adoption, and they update their listings as new kittens and cats come through the doors.

Clicking the cats’ pictures will direct you to information about their history, health, house training, and more.

Your cat will be housed in a cage-free, no-kill shelter until it’s time for you to pick him or her up. All cats will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving the shelter.

Chatopia is a charity organization, and donations of resources and your time are appreciated! If you’re interested in giving or volunteering, email the shelter to coordinate a schedule.

There are plenty of “jobs” available, and Chatopia will do their best to match you with a task that fits your skills.

Chatopia Details:

Conclusion For “Best Cat Breeders in Montreal”


There are 45 cat breeds recognized by the Canadian Cat Association, an organization that is committed to preserving the integrity of each cat breed.

While thousands of cats can be rescued from shelters, some cat lovers want purebred, CCA-registered kittens from a breeder. If this sounds like you, this guide was meant to help!

This list describes just a handful of Montreal cat breeders. Begin your search here, research breeds and catteries, and find a reputable breeder that will provide you with a healthy feline friend. You could be holding your new kitten in just a few days’ time!

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