German Shepherd Puppies in Wisconsin – Top 6 Breeders! (2024)


Are you looking for German Shepherd puppies in Wisconsin? You’re not the only one!

These aristocratic dogs are widely loved and will change your life for the better. You’ll find a German Shepherd to be a courageous, curious, intelligent, loyal, and confident partner.

GSDs are versatile dogs that make excellent companion dogs, watchdogs, working dogs, and service dogs. The bar is set very high for German Shepherds – dog lovers and institutions seek them for their distinctive physical capabilities and personality traits.

Therefore, you must choose an experienced and reputable breeder to get a German Shepherd puppy.

Puppies from unethical breeders or puppy mills will not live up to the breed’s standards as they breed their dogs in inhumane conditions and pay no attention to their health, training, and socialization.

Moreover, puppies from these illegitimate businesses are more vulnerable to congenital and acquired diseases.

To help ensure that you select the right breeder, we have thrown together this list of the top 6 German Shepherd breeders in Wisconsin. 5 of these breeders are located in Wisconsin, while one is in Illinois.

We have verified all breeders independently; even so, we strongly suggest you visit each breeder and choose the one that checks all the boxes on your list.

The Best German Shepherd Breeders in Wisconsin


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1. Roche’s German Shepherds


One of Wisconsin’s best breeders for German Shepherd puppies is Roche’s German Shepherds. The breeder is only an hour away from Madison and is especially accessible to Southern Wisconsin residents.

Roche’s German Shepherds breed and raise pups at home and teach them to behave in a family environment.

The breeder has rigorous breeding and training programs to raise healthy German Shepherd puppies that outshine others in personality and temperament.

The breeding program has champion bloodlines. Three dogs in the breeding program are rated VA1 by the German Shepherd Sieger Dog Show.

Moreover, it is worth remembering that the breeder is a member of the United Schutzhund Club and AKC. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing they’re following breeding practices approved by these notable organizations.

When you adopt a German Shepherd from the breeder, you will get a health guarantee and all the necessary health and registration paperwork.

In addition to this, the dog would be checked by a vet and fully vaccinated. So, you can look at its available litters to determine if a pup catches your eye.

Roche’s German Shepherds Details:

2. Brimka Haus


Another breeder with excellent German Shepherd puppies for sale in Wisconsin is Brimka Haus. Located near Edgerton, Brimka Haus is a reputable breeder producing one or two litters yearly.

Good looks, intelligence, and temperament are three things that the breeder promises. You can rely on it to find the perfect family pet.

It ensures that each dog is taken care of and properly socialized. Hence, the dog you adopt should quickly assimilate into the new environment.

Moreover, you would appreciate the puppies’ health guarantee and health clearance. On top of this, all the necessary vet visits and vaccinations are ensured at the prescribed intervals, ensuring a healthy puppy.

The breeder also has a strict training and socialization regimen for German Shepherd puppies.

All puppies are desensitized to their environment through exposure to daily household sounds, hiking and long walks around the kennel, car rides, and more.

Moreover, the breeder also builds up the intelligence and curiosity of the dogs through dog games.

Brimka Haus is a small breeder that carefully plans the breeding and is committed to improving the breed. It aims to provide dog lovers with an enthusiastic pup and conducts health clearances on the dam and sire before the breeding.

You can visit them to get a better idea about the type of pups the breeder has to offer. Make sure to reach out before you drive over.

Brimka Haus Details:

3. Von Geliebten Haus


Von Geliebten Haus is among the best German Shepherd breeders in Wisconsin. The family-owned breeder raises beautiful dogs in rural Wisconsin and has a well-established breeding program with pedigree bloodlines.

Established in 2011, Von Geliebten Haus has become popular in the state due to its healthy and well-tempered puppies. A notable feature of the breeder is that it does not overproduce dogs; instead, choosing to focus on quality.

Each litter is well-planned; the dams and sires are chosen carefully based on their health scores.

The dams are pampered throughout the pregnancy and assisted during birth. The puppies are born at home and are raised within the premises until they’re 2 – 4 weeks old.

Once the puppies are old enough, the breeder includes each pup in special activities to ensure adopters get a well-socialized pet. Moreover, every dog is vaccinated and microchipped.

Since the litters are well-planned, the breeder opens booking 6 months in advance. If you reserve a puppy spot, you will get your puppy as soon as it is 8 weeks old. Finally, you can count on the breeder to provide you with customer support post-adoption.

Von Geliebten Haus Details:

4. Vom Ragnar German Shepherds


If you cannot find German Shepherd puppies for sale in Wisconsin, don’t lose hope! You can search for a suitable breeder in a neighboring state.

On average, it takes 4 hours for residents of Wisconsin to drive to Illinois. Therefore, it will be feasible for Wisconsinites to get a German Shepherd puppy from Illinois, and Vom Ragnar German Shepherds is a great option.

Established in 2013, Vom Ragnar is a successful and registered breeder that produces healthy and well-bred German Shepherds for sale. The breeder provides the best medical care to its pups.

With a dedicated dog training program, it offers award-winning show dogs that are both stunning and obedient. Each pup gets to play in wide-open spaces.

You will appreciate that the breeder will provide you with all the support you need after adoption. You can check its puppies for sale to find one or two for your home.

Vom Ragnar German Shepherds Details:

5. Police Pups AKA Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds


Police Pups or Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds imports the best German show lines from Europe and ensure that each pup is raised at home. As the dogs are raised around family, they will easily settle into your home.

The dogs are selected and tested by Clayton Warichak, the resident breeder with more than 20 years of experience.

The puppies come from West German Working and West German Show lines. You will find the dogs to be courageous and confident.

Moreover, they undergo both Schutzhund protection training and Schutzhund obedience training.

You will be delighted to get German Shepherds in excellent health, highly intelligent, and have a beautiful structure that confirms AKC standards.

The breeder offers dogs that live in family homes and those that work with the police or perform at conformation shows. The pups even get an ear tattoo, which is common in Germany.

There is no better place to find a well-socialized dog as the breeder talks with the puppies daily and introduces them to different animals and environments. Boasting a full coat, the German Shepherds from his breeder have strong bones and come with a health guarantee.

You should be able to pick them up once they are 7 weeks old. Otherwise, they can be shipped to your address.

Von der Stadtrand German Shepherds Details:

6. Alpha German Shepherds


Last on the list of breeders that provide German Shepherd puppies in Wisconsin is Alpha German Shepherds.

It has an AKC membership and breeds quality Champion sires. It has more than one litter planned every year. It only provides purebred German Shepherds that come with an AKC registration.

Anyone can visit the breeder to meet with the puppies in person. It provides all the support you need to become a pet parent.

As it is confident in its breeding program, it offers a health guarantee when you adopt from it. Therefore, you would be able to get the finest puppies.

The best thing about the breeder is that it ships its puppies to more than 28 States and even Canada.

Whether you want a personal family companion, a working dog, a breeding dog, or a show dog, it has got you covered. It breeds German Shepherds that meet the highest standards.

The males have earned Championship titles, and the females are just as amazing. This ensures that you get a dog that is intelligent, trainable, and has a perfect temperament.

You could not be in better hands when you choose the breeder. It will go above and beyond for you.

Alpha German Shepherds Details:

German Shepherd Puppies in Wisconsin – Top 6 Breeders


Many breeders are selling German Shepherd puppies in Wisconsin; however, not all are trustworthy. We’ve researched and listed the most well-reputed breeders in the state. In general, you should strive to get a healthy and well-trained puppy.

Now that you know about the best breeders for German Shepherds in Wisconsin, you should be able to get the perfect dog. Discuss your requirements with the breeder beforehand for a stress-free experience.

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