Where to Get A Free Puppy in Indianapolis? (2023)


If your heart is dead set on adorable dogs, but you can’t seem to find any free puppies in Indianapolis, this guide will serve you well.

Keep reading to know your best options. Indianapolis, the most populated Indiana, has companion animals needing forever homes.

Despite the abundance of neglected, abused, and abandoned pets and strays, the city lacks a sophisticated system to cater to its four-legged friends.

When you search for free puppies in Indianapolis, you will realize there are just a handful of options available.

To find free puppies in Indianapolis, you can browse through classifieds and internet directories where pets are often listed for adoption by shelters or individuals or opt to adopt from established shelters.

IndyHumane, Heaven After Hell Animal Rescue, and Rosie’s Southside Animal Shelter are well-established shelters with proper adoption programs. We will thoroughly touch upon all options available for free puppies, so stick around to read below.

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Are You Ready to Get a Free Puppy in Indianapolis?


This is the most important question to ask yourself before you dive into your search. What has prompted you to seek free puppies in Indianapolis? If it is a reason like watching your friend get a dog, we are here to tell you it is not thought through.

Pets are a huge commitment and require immense mental and physical investments.

More often than not, the puppies have a history of abandonment or neglect that makes it even harder for them to adjust well in a new home with a new person within a day or week. Hence, you should ensure a few things when you seek a puppy.

A crucial thing to consider is whether you can adopt a dog. Most shelters have a standard non-negotiable policy of adopters being 21 years old or above and having a photo identification with their current residential address.

There are also home visits required at times. If adopters are on a lease, the tenancy agreement must be submitted with the adoption application so the shelter can better assess if the puppy of your choice will deal well with relocation.

Once you are certain that you pass the eligibility criteria set out by organizations to adopt their respective rescue puppies, you must also ensure that you have the adequate means of income to sustain your new friend’s lifestyle.

This assessment includes the cost of regular food, scheduled veterinary visits, unexpected medical emergencies, and unanticipated non-medical emergencies. For instance, where will your dog live if you have to travel outside Indianapolis for any reason?

You should also be aware of whether you have adequate resources of time and energy that suit the dog breed you are eyeing.

If you have little time on your hands for whatever reason, and even when there is time, you often find yourself exhausted at the end of the day. Adopting a dog with high energy levels, such as a Husky, would be a disservice.

Since puppies of any breed are high-energy, you might want to shift your focus away from them to senior dogs that are rather mellow. Similarly, if you cannot deal with constantly barking breeds, you should consider dog breeds low-bark.

Considering your lifestyle will also include the composition of your household. If you have children around, you will not want a breed like Yorkie that does not often fit in well with children. You should also take into account the space available to you.

For instance, if there is limited space in a two-bedroom apartment, a large breed like Great Dane will not suit you.

Since these are all practical questions, and you may find it hard to answer them if you don’t have any other dogs, it is easier to consider fostering. Fostering is keeping a pet temporarily with you until it is placed in its forever homes.

This is often done in cooperation with shelters where you can volunteer as a foster until the shelter receives adoption requests for the puppies.

Should You Foster a Puppy in Indianapolis?


The experience of temporarily caring for a pet encourages great awareness about what a lifelong commitment to keeping a pet would be like before you make a final, binding decision.

Fostering also offers the flexibility of commitment on a timetable best suited for you. It is also extremely rewarding because it offers gratification from realizing that you have improved an animal’s life.

Having a foster animal around is largely snuggling and fun and, therefore, often impacts well-being. However, with all that said, fostering also comes with its baggage.

For one, most animals that go into foster care require extreme individual care that cannot be provided in a group home like a shelter.

When pets eventually leave, it is a bittersweet feeling of having to let them go, which is why many foster parents end up being foster fails and adopt the puppies themselves.

Places to Find Free Puppies in Indianapolis


Now that you must have developed a fair idea of whether you want to look out for free puppies, we will help you find the most genuine places available in Indianapolis.

1. IndyHumane


The Humane Society of Indianapolis was the name under which IndyHumane was first established in 1905 by people who wished to help the afflicted.

At the time, in addition to mistreated and abandoned animals, it also brought women and kids recovering from violent relationships.

The presence of IndyHumane in the community increased as the organization grew to help more animals and continued to shift gears with changes in the animal welfare needs of the Indianapolis community as companion animals became the focus of rescue.

IndyHumane soon after instated additional medical resources required to treat the complicated medical requirements of shelter dogs.

IndyHumane’s main facility is located at 7929 N Michigan Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46268, where a proper adoption program is run from Tuesday to Saturday between noon till 6 PM. The adoption procedure is simple and certain.

You can begin by viewing listings of adoptable dogs on IndyHumane’s website or skip this step altogether.

You must visit the shelter at the appropriate timings to meet the adoptable dogs, and if you find yourself in a particular puppy, you must fill out the application form requesting to adopt it.

You will meet with the team afterward to review your potential new puppy’s history, medical records, and any other information, like a special diet.

Adoptions are often finalized within the same day, but you must ensure that you visit the shelter at least half an hour before closing to allow enough time for the team to follow through with the procedures.

IndyHumane encourages all household members to come for the first introductions with your new puppy to help familiarize it. Once the process is complete, your new pet can come home with you.

IndyHumane Details:

2. Heaven After Hell Animal Rescue


Heaven After Hell Animal Rescue is another group dedicated to providing rescue animals with a platform and a stable environment.

It aims to rescue abandoned or mistreated canines and felines from high-kill facilities and place them with the ideal adoptive family.

The shelter spends lots of time with the pets, preparing them for their future families by spaying and neutering, microchipping, deworming, immunizing, training, and socializing.

To adopt a pet, you must complete an online adoption application on Heaven After Hell Animal Rescue’s website.

The main site of the shelter, 6819 West 21st Street, Indianapolis, IN 46214, will then be scheduled for an appointment so that you can meet the pets you are interested in.

If everything goes well and you want to finalize the adoption, a contract will be drawn up, and the puppy will be yours in no time.

Heaven After Hell Animal Rescue Details:

3. Rosie’s Southside Animal Shelter


A 501(c)3 non-profit organization called Rosie’s Southside Animal Shelter also rescues and rehabilitates stray cats and dogs to enable them to live the rest of their lives with affectionate families in caring homes.

You can adopt a puppy from Rosie’s Southside by visiting the 1614 W Edgewood Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46217 shelter. The adoption process is concise without requiring multiple procedures that take days in some shelters.

All you have to do to complete placement is to fill out the application after meeting your potential dog, chat with the counselor and sign the adoption agreement.

The dogs always come having received the necessary veterinary treatment, and the shelter is always reachable in case of any questions.

Rosie’s Southside Animal Shelter Details:

Where Can You Get Free Puppies in Indianapolis?


Choosing where to get free puppies is an important decision involving discretion and intuition above everything else. Everything else follows once you begin to trust your judgment in the adoption process.

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