Where Can You Get Free Puppies in Tulsa? (2024)


Free puppies, which essentially cost nothing up-front are not a rare concept. There are always strays to rescue that are almost always free. However, you will want to look for a place with options. Where can you get free puppies in Tulsa?

Free puppies are available at Tulsa SPCA, Adopt a Pet, Puppy Haven Rescue, and many other places.

While there are other mediums, such as newspapers or Craiglist where you can find free puppies in Tulsa, these are the authorized and genuine places you should seek your new forever friend.

In the next sections, we’ll go through all the best places you can adopt a free puppy in Tulsa.

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Best Places to Get a Free Puppy


Here are the best places to find and adopt a free puppy in Oklahoma.

Tulsa SPCA

Tulsa SPCA is the finest and most trusted place to consider for free puppies.

Founded over 100 years ago, it has been a leading animal welfare advocate in Tulsa. Tulsa SPCA aims to reduce the number of felines and canines in the Tulsa region who are dumped, mistreated, or needlessly put to death.

They strive to be formidable animal welfare advocates that investigate reports of animal problems and where required, offer assistance and remedies.

The organization firmly believes in the close bonds animals can develop with their humans and work towards upholding them.

Tulsa SPCA educates the public about animal concerns and believes appropriate awareness is essential for enhancing animal welfare.

The organization is located at 2910 Mohawk Blvd. For any information, you can email [email protected] or call 918-428-7722. To visit for adoption, you should go between 10:30 in the morning and 5:30 in the evening.

Adopt a Pet


Adopt a Pet is another fantastic option if you are looking for free dogs anywhere in the US, including Tulsa. Shelters, rescues, and individual pet owners privately advertise their animals for adoption on the website, which is unaffiliated with the listings.

Enter your zip code, choose the kind of pet you prefer, and then hit the search button to browse your options.

You will see images of pets that match. To view a particular animal’s details and adoption process, click on its picture. All correspondence and agreements are directly done with listing owners.

How does the procedure work if this is your first time adopting a pet online?

How much time does it take? What does it cost? You may get a general idea of how to adopt a pet from sanctuaries, rescuers, or people rehoming their pets by reading the information below. Everyone is unique.

To have a significantly smoother approach to dog adoption, it is helpful to know what to anticipate.

The way adoption works with shelters and rescues via Adopt a Pet is that you thoroughly read the description, contact the shelter and inform them before your visit about your intention to adopt a specific dog.

If you fail to receive a response, do not get discouraged since shelters and rescues are typically run by volunteers dealing with huge workloads resulting in delays.

Your best option is to visit the shelter, present your form of identification, deposit the adoption fee upfront and sign the papers, and receive the dog’s sterilization and vaccination records. You are all set to leave with your new companion.

The “I’m Being Cared for by Private Owner” tag at the top of a pet’s page indicates that the Adopt a Pet Rehome program is active.

It indicates that you will adopt the animal straight from a private owner who wishes to surrender them to a more suitable owner. Read in detail about the animal.

Select “Apply To Adopt” and fill out an application if you want to meet the dog and chat with the owner.

Your request will be sent to the listing owner, who can assess it and contact you if they’re interested. The decision of who to get in touch with and who will acquire their dog belongs to the owner.

Puppy Haven Rescue

Puppy Haven Rescue is another option to consider. It was founded as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, region to rescue neglected, caged, or abandoned dogs.

The mission of Puppy Haven Rescue is to provide these creatures with the wonderful lives they need.

Since April 2017, the group has saved 2,873 dogs and is now caring for 172 more. The company may be reached at 918-550-1515 since it does not have a visible site available to the general public.

Puppy Haven Rescue allows interested parties to adopt, foster, volunteer, donate, and other choices. An application with letters of recommendation and a veterinarian referral is needed to start the adoption procedure.

The application is reviewed in less than a week, and a final decision is communicated. For fostering and volunteering, Puppy Haven Rescue also requires applications; if selected, a confirmation email is sent in less than a week. You can then begin volunteering.

Why Should You Look For Free Puppies?


Besides free puppies being beneficial for cost purposes, they are also an ethical choice if they are rehomed or from an animal shelter.

You will almost surely be purchasing a dog from a puppy mill if you purchase one from a pet shop or online.

Puppy mills are factory-style breeding operations currently permitted in Oklahoma but frequently fall short of upholding standards of pet care.

Puppy factory animals are kept in appallingly subpar circumstances with subpar medical attention.

These moms are reproduced repeatedly over years while being held in cages without human company and with little chance of ever being adopted by a family.

Through dishonest business practices, puppy mills continue to operate; their clients are naive people who purchase in pet stores, online, or through classified advertisements.

Alternatives To Free Puppies

While your ultimate goal is to find a dog that costs you nothing upfront, there are options to consider while going through the time-consuming process of finding the perfect dog for yourself.


Shelters and rescues rely heavily on volunteers, and foster carers are among their most devoted volunteers. Fostering involves briefly welcoming a dog into your home until a permanent solution can be found for them.

Many of the animals being fostered are bottle babies that were abandoned or discovered.

Some of them are mother dogs alongside their pups. Some need a respite from the strains of shelter life, while others are rescued animals recovering from surgery.

Many organizations ensure that the process is smooth for their foster carers. They are provided with the essentials required to care for a pet, for instance, meals, toys, a kennel, etc.

Dogs in foster care are also offered free medical treatment (immune shots, deworming, spaying/neutering, etc.)


Volunteering is another rewarding alternative. Many rescues and shelters vet the applications and reference checks to ensure that all participants are a good match for the organization and have the greatest volunteer opportunity possible.

Many organizations also try to offer a comprehensive training program so that volunteers feel secure and well-equipped for their assigned tasks.

All volunteers need a basic introduction; afterward, participants are authorized to work in their respective capacities.

There are various tasks for volunteers to choose from as per their preference. Volunteers can assist in keeping the clinic, kennel, and shelter area tidy and completing any other task that the crew at the clinic requires assistance with.

Other opportunities to volunteer are helping with adoption applications, organizing sheets and folders, and checking up on adoption-related matters. Volunteers can also help when it comes to introducing animals to potential adopters or foster families.

There is also an opportunity to meet essential social requirements of canines, such as strolling, playtime, downtime, and cuddling.

Dog socializers also understand the most fundamental canine cues, how to react to them, and the physical requirements of shelter dogs for well-being and how to address those needs.

Volunteers can also assist the receptionist at the clinic or shelter.

By greeting visitors, taking and transferring calls or emails, resolving straightforward inquiries, paging, crowd control, keeping the reception tidy, and cleaning up any animal mishaps,

Are You Ready To Adopt?


Firstly, you must realize if you are fully committed to bringing home a dog. If there are other members in your household, you must ensure that all of them are willing to accept this change.

Budgeting and figuring out if you can realistically afford a dog is important. Take into account the monetary contribution of pet ownership seriously.

The cost of pet ownership is not just limited to the cost of food. Animals need to be spayed or neutered, updated on their immunizations and preventive meds, and microchipped.

You must consider the breed, size, and age of your desired dog. You have to consider if your preferred dog needs a lot of exercise regularly, sheds or doesn’t, is social with other animals and kids, etc.

Now consider your nature and decide on a dog that would adjust well with you. For example, if you work long hours and will be leaving your dog at home, you should go for an independent-natured dog.

Where Can You Get Free Puppies in Tulsa?


A dog is a fun and gratifying experience to bring home. At the same time, choosing them is one of the most important life decisions you have to consciously make. We are sure you will make an amazing parent to whichever pup your heart lands on.

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