10 Best Cat Rescues in Seattle! (2023)

Rescuing a cat is a fantastic way to change the life of a vulnerable animal while providing yourself with companionship and love. No worries; we have a bunch of the best cat rescues in Seattle for you right here.

Some cat rescues exclusively dedicate themselves to cats, while others also rescue other animals, including dogs, rabbits, and other small mammals.

Some shelters rescue all animals, but they have a specific space for their cats. Read on to learn about the best cat rescues in Seattle. 

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Why Do Cats End Up in Shelters?


Cats can end up at a shelter for a variety of different reasons. Some cats may have been born into a feral cat colony or as strays, while others were surrendered by owners who could no longer care for them.

Rescue cats may have different stories, and it is important to learn what you can about a new cat so you can prepare an environment that feels safe for them. 

Cat rescues usually require the spaying and neutering of their cats to reduce the overall population of cats without homes.

On the other hand, breeders are actively working on breeding purebred cats. As a result, adopting from a rescue is a good way to help cats in need rather than supporting breeders.  

The Top 10 Cat Rescues in Seattle


There are many cat rescues in Seattle that aim to free cats from an unpredictable life outdoors. Each rescue is a little different. So, you may find one that fits your needs more than another. 

1. PAWS Cat City (Progressive Animal Welfare Society)


PAWS works to find homes for cats, dogs, and wildlife. In the case of cats and dogs, that home is with some humans. The wildlife program rehabilitates wildlife so it can thrive back in the wild.

Founded in 1967, this cat rescue facilitates aid to animals in several ways, including through adoption, education, and volunteering. 

PAWS has two shelters, including Cat City, which focuses only on cats. The other shelter is the PAWS Companion Animal Shelter which provides a space for cats and dogs. Cat City has facilitated adoptions for over 21,000 cats since its founding in 1997. 

Cats in this shelter are allowed to roam free instead of living in cages. This allows better socialization for the cats and an opportunity for prospective adopters to understand each cat’s personality better.    

PAWS Cat City (Progressive Animal Welfare Society) Details: 

2. Emerald City Kitty Harbor


Emerald City Kitty Harbor is one of the adoption facilities offered by Emerald City Pet Rescue. While the other main facility offers a dog adoption facility, a boarding space, and a clinic, the cat-centric facility includes its cat adoption facility. 

If you want to have a meet and greet with a cat, the center accepts appointments.

Founded in 2013, the rescue aims to provide care to animals so they can find new homes. Besides adopting cats, this center also prioritizes activism, education, and volunteer programs.  

Emerald City Kitty Harbor Details: 

3. Seattle Area Feline Rescue


The Seattle Area Feline Rescue is a non-profit, no-kill cat rescue. It prioritizes caring for cats and preparing them for adoption.

Since its founding in 2014, this shelter has rescued an average of around 1,500 cats each year. Besides its adoption program, this rescue also aims to help cats through its fostering program, volunteering program, and donations. 

If you are interested in adopting from Seattle Area Feline Rescue, you can choose a cat ahead of time or do a same-day adoption.

In some cases, the cats you see online may be in a foster home. If that is the case, you can contact the rescue through its foster-centric e-mail.   

Seattle Area Feline Rescue Details: 

4. Meow Cat Rescue


Meow Cat Rescue, also known as Mercer Island Eastside Orphans and Waifs, was founded in 1997.

This no-kill non-profit rescue rehomes around 800 to 1,000 animals each year. Volunteers at this shelter prioritize socialization, nutrition, cleanliness, and good healthcare for the cats. 

Meow conducts every adoption carefully to ensure every cat goes to a loving forever home.

In addition to adoption services, Meow also educates the public on different elements of cat care, including spaying/neutering, behavioral adjustment, and socialization. 

Meow Cat Rescue Details: 

  • Location: 10600 NE 68th St, Suite F, Kirkland, WA 98033
  • Phone Number: 425-822-6369
  • Website: Meow Cat Rescue

5. Whisker City Feline Enrichment


Founded in 1991, Whisker City Feline Enrichment is a rescue and rehabilitation center for cats and kittens.

It aims to provide a safe home for cats through adoptions or sanctuary if no adopter can be found. All adoptions through Whisker City happen online. So, check their website for available cats. 

To encourage thoughtful pet ownership, this rescue provides education to the public about responsible pet ownership. The rescue also accepts donations and sponsorships through its Pussy Pawsy program.  

Whisker City Feline Enrichment Details: 

6. The Whole Cat and Kaboodle


The Whole Cat and Kaboodle strives to service the whole cat. In addition to adoptions, The Whole Cat and Kaboodle also has a cat lounge, retail store, boarding, and grooming services.

Those grooming services and the products used in grooming are foundational to this rescue. You can bring your cat in for a pedicure, pad trim, haircut, and brush-out, among other services.  

Besides offering these services, this rescue also prioritizes owner education. To adopt a cat from the lounge, fill out the rescue’s online application as a first step.

After that, the adoption team will then contact you so you can meet your prospective cat in the lounge.  

The Whole Cat and Kaboodle Details: 

7. Seattle Meowtropolitan


This cat lounge provides a relaxed environment where humans can meet cats. Seattle Meowtropolitan works with Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) to create and support cat lounges.

Besides facilitating adoptions, this lounge also educates humans about cat care.

While you can walk into the lounge without a reservation, it is a good idea to reserve since space is limited.

The cats in the lounge are mostly fostered by the RASKC. However, nine resident cats call the lounge home. This rescue has an associated shop, and its proceeds support cat rescue.     

Seattle Meowtropolitan Details: 

8. Seattle Humane


Founded in 1897, Seattle Humane approaches animal rescue holistically. In addition to providing opportunities for adoption, this rescue works to correct systems of inequality and inequity in its community.

These efforts are based on the belief that healthier communities will provide better animal companionship care. 

In addition to cats, this center also adopts dogs and small mammals. To adopt from here, you can either visit the shelter or fill in a pre-adoption questionnaire online.

If you fill in a questionnaire, an adoption advisor will set up an appointment for you soon. Keep in mind that this rescue keeps many pets in foster homes.   

Seattle Humane Details:

  • Location: 13212 SE Eastgate Way, Bellevue, WA 98005
  • Phone Number: 425-649-7563
  • Website: Seattle Humane

9. Homeward Pet Adoption Center


Homeward Pet Adoption Center cares for cats and dogs as they search for their forever home. It is a no-kill animal shelter that rehomes over 1,800 animals each year.

In addition to adoption services, this center offers several community services and events. Community members can also visit the clinic for microchipping services and its public spay and neuter program. 

To adopt an animal from Homeward, you can apply online or make an appointment to visit the shelter. Kitten adoptions are a little different since people adopt kittens so quickly.

If you are interested in kittens, you can schedule an appointment to see any available kittens. You can often adopt your kittens the same day you meet them. 

Homeward Pet Adoption Center Details: 

10. Resilient Hearts Animal Sanctuary


Resilient Hearts Animal Sanctuary offers cats and dogs for adoption. In addition to offering adoptions, the sanctuary has a foster care program, store, and fundraising events.

This sanctuary also provides space where you can hang out with cats and dogs in a lounge. The animals in this shelter come from Washington, Texas, and Georgia.  

To adopt an animal, you must first fill out an adoption survey. Next, you will make an appointment to meet the animal you are interested in. Finishing the adoption process involves some paperwork, a home visit, and payment.  

Resilient Hearts Animal Sanctuary Details: 

Conclusion For “Best Cat Rescues in Seattle”


So if you are looking for a new feline friend in Seattle, find a cat at a local cat rescue. These shelters work hard to ensure that you and the cat you choose are a great match for each other.

Before adopting cats, ensure you understand the time and monetary commitment required. It is also essential to research cat rescues in Seattle carefully before you choose one. 

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