9 Best Turtle Rescues in New Jersey! (2024)

Turtles are a common pet in the United States and beyond. Some species of turtles are in the wild and should be left alone as much as possible, which is why we have a list of the best turtle rescues in New Jersey for you right here.

Read on to learn more about the best turtle rescues in New Jersey and which can provide your family with turtle adoption services.

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Are Turtles Good Pets?


Turtles are perfect pets for families who want a slow-moving and quiet creature in their home.

Most turtles move slowly but enjoy playing with others using toys like balls and other supplies. These creatures are resilient and can live for decades when they receive the care they need.

These low-maintenance reptiles are perfect pets for families with gentle children who won’t be too rowdy with the turtle. Turtles will need plenty of space and decor to hide in their tank. 

How Do Turtles End Up In Shelters?


Turtles end up in shelters in a variety of ways. Some turtles are left stranded in strange locations after storms, and good samaritans may bring them to a shelter because they don’t know if that turtle is a pet or a wild animal.

A sea turtle rescue might happen when a tortoise or turtle is injured in the ocean and needs rehabilitation before it can survive in the wild. The shelters that take in sea turtles or tortoises won’t release them for residential adoption.

Some turtles will end up in shelters when they are surrendered by their families. Moving families or those undergoing financial hardship may not be able to care for their pet turtles and hand them over to a turtle rescue so the turtle may find a new loving home.

The Best 9 Turtle Rescues in New Jersey


These turtle rescues in New Jersey are the perfect places to look for your next reptile friend or receive some of the best information on how to take care of your turtle.

1. Sea Turtle Recovery


The best place to view sea turtles who have been rescued or see the process of rescuing a turtle is to visit the Sea Turtle Recovery location in New Jersey.

This organization is dedicated to finding injured or sick sea turtles and helping them rehabilitate so they can survive in the wild again.

Sea Turtle Recovery will allow you to adopt a sea turtle via sponsorship. Although you won’t be able to take this pet home, your donation will go directly to caring for that sea turtle and helping them heal so it can resume its life in the sea.

Other sponsorship packages can help you care for these turtles in need but cost more. However, these packages will allow you to see the process of care and rehabilitation.

Sea Turtle Recovery Details:

2. All Humane Animal Rescue


The All Humane Animal Rescue is a stunning facility with plenty of turtles, reptiles, and other animals for adoption. This location also has dogs and cats and will take in nearly any animal that can find a home with a loving family.

The All Human Animal Rescue seeks to take in any animal that has been abandoned, abused, neglected, or surrendered by families who can’t care for them.

You can help All Humane Animal Rescue by offering monetary donations or giving something from the facility’s Amazon wishlist.

All Humane Animal Rescue Details:

3. Snakes-N-Scales


Snakes-N-Scales is a reptile rescue in New Jersey that will take in snakes, turtles, lizards, and other reptiles without a home.

This facility has everything they need to ensure that their pets are treated well and have proper care and food until a family comes to adopt them.

Snakes-N-Scales lists all the reptiles they have for adoption on their website, showcasing how cute each animal is and detailing their known history.

This facility is perfect for browsing adoptable pets or hiring some of the animals for birthday parties or assemblies. Snakes-N-Scales is more than a reptile rescue but is also a place for educational resources.

Virtual programs are available with Snakes-N-Scales to help others understand reptiles.

Snakes-N-Scales Details:

4. Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge


The Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge is a non-profit rescue that helps any animal rehabilitate and reside on the 171-acre plot of land they own.

This facility receives about 6,000 animals yearly that they help rehabilitate, heal, and find a natural habitat for.

This refuge center is open seven days per week for hiking trails that you can walk to see all the wild animals that reside in the location.

Although you won’t be able to adopt an animal from this facility, you can virtually adopt and sponsor the location, giving you special access and perks to the location.

Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge Details:

5. Atypical Animals Rescue


Atypical Animals Rescue is a reptile and amphibian rescue that specializes in finding a home for reptiles who have been surrendered by their families or are homeless and in need of a family.

Each animal listed with Atypical Animals Rescue has as much information as the staff of volunteers can gather about the animal’s previous history and age.

Each animal is examined to ensure there are no injuries or illnesses. These reptiles and amphibians are then placed in an appropriate enclosure with all the things they need to be happy and healthy in the shelter.

You can help Atypical Animals Rescue by providing monetary donations or donating items that could help their host of animals remain comfortable.

Atypical Animals Rescue Details:

6. Turtle Conservancy


Turtle Conservancy is an organization dedicated to helping maintain local ecosystems and sheltering turtles endangered by habitat loss or other issues.

This organization has plenty of information on captive breeding, conservation, and outreach opportunities that you can engage with to spread the word about protecting the natural world.

Turtle Conservancy seeks to motivate others to protect endangered turtles and help save global habitats necessary for safe living conditions that creatures need to thrive.

While you aren’t able to adopt a turtle with Turtle Conservancy, this organization has outreach and volunteer opportunities that will enable you to care for turtles and see how experts help rehabilitate turtles.

Turtle Conservancy Details:

7. Project Terrapin


Project Terrapin is all about conversation and volunteering to help educate the public on how best to prevent habitat loss and keep turtles safe. This facility helps keep turtles safe and will rehabilitate injured or sickly turtles if they have enough resources.

Project Terrapin sponsors turtle gardens to offer a sanctuary to turtles who won’t be able to return to the wild and no longer have loving homes.

This facility also offers plenty of educational resources for turtle owners and others who care about conserving the natural world and the turtle population.

Consider helping Project Terrapin through monetary donations or purchasing from their online store.

Project Terrapin Details:

8. South Jersey Rescue


South Jersey Rescue is a perfect location for families who want to browse all kinds of animals they may want to adopt into their homes. This facility has plenty of resources for many animals, including dogs, cats, bunnies, and turtles.

South Jersey Rescue will have plenty of information for those who want to adopt any animal, including care instructions and signs of illness in that animal.

This facility doesn’t have many turtles for adoption, but each one they receive gets all the attention and care they need to feel healthy and happy.

Those looking to adopt a turtle in New Jersey can check in with South Jersey Rescue to see if there is an adaptable turtle for them.

South Jersey Rescue Details:

9. Marine Mammal Stranding Center


Marine Mammal Stranding Center is a rescue center that is dedicated to helping any sea animal who is in trouble.

This organization has a staff of volunteers willing to travel out and help a large animal who is stranded on the beach or other challenging locations.

Additionally, the Marine Mammal Stranding Center will take in sea creatures, including tortoises and turtles, who are injured and need rehabilitation before they are released back into the ocean.

This facility offers medical care, food, and shelter for sick or injured sea creatures who won’t survive in the ocean.

Although you can’t adopt a turtle from the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, you can help by volunteering with the staff, donating money, or purchasing their merchandise.

Marine Mammal Stranding Center Details:

Conclusion For “Best Turtle Rescues in New Jersey”


Turtles are hardy and resilient pets that will thrive in a home with calm, gentle children.

These reptiles love to play with toys and others, although they may move slowly. Turtles can live for decades, making them ideal for families who want a pet that will be around for a long, long time.

There are dozens of turtle rescues in New Jersey, and each is unique in the types of turtles they will accept, foster, or allow for residential adoption.

Most turtle rescues have reptile experts on staff that will help you understand turtle care and other information when adopting a turtle.

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