8 Best Cat Rescues in Orange County! (2024)

Cat adoption is one of the most rewarding and impactful things you can do for animal welfare. Cat rescues provide homes for abandoned and neglected cats and help them find refuge, which is why we have a list of the best cat rescues in Orange County for you right here!

There are dozens of cat rescues in Orange County that all work to provide care for animals that need it most. So, if you’ve been thinking about cat adoption, here’s where to start.

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1. OCSP Cat Rescue


OCSP Cat Rescue is a no-kill shelter that does community outreach and adoption programs. The organization has a great website, a social media presence, and an active online community of cat lovers.

They also provide many resources for owners looking to help their kitties live longer, healthier lives.

The organization’s mission is to unite adoptable cats with people who will care for them in the best way possible.

You can check out the cats they have for adoption on Petfinder or visit them in person at one of their weekly adoption events. If you wish to adopt one of their cats, OCSP Cat Rescue requires you to fill out an adoption application.

The rescue appreciates donations in terms of volunteers, foster homes, and financial assistance.

Alternatively, you can purchase pet supplies, including dry food, or pay medical bills. OCSP Cat Rescue regularly holds fundraisers in collaboration with other rescues to continue saving cats in Fountain Valley.  

OCSP Cat Rescue Details:

2. Caring Friends Cat Rescue


The Orange County-based organization rescues stray and abandoned cats from local shelters and those brought in by individual owners.

The rescue’s mission is to care for as many homeless and neglected cats as possible. They give cats veterinary treatment, food, and temporary housing, hoping that one day they might be adopted into a permanent loving home.

Besides taking in stray cats that need help finding their owners, the organization takes in feral colonies and fixes them before releasing them back into local shelters.

Caring Friends Cat Rescue also offers low-cost spay or neuter services for the benefit of all cats.

As a non-profit organization, the rescue relies on donations from caring individuals to continue their excellent work. If you want to get involved with the charity or need more information about how they can help your pet, visit their website.

Caring Friends Cat Rescue Details:

3. National Cat Protection Society


Since 1968, the National Cat Protection Society has rescued over 5,000 injured and neglected cats from irresponsible owners.

Over 50 years later, they still provide the best care and services for cats while assisting those who protect and take care of them across the region.

To improve the quality of life for cats, kittens, and other animals, the organization also spreads compassionate education to members of the public.

They emphasize the significance of spaying or neutering animals and ending animal abuse via media interviews and training.

Furthermore, their personnel and volunteers visit local schools to educate students on proper pet care and animal handling. National Cat Protection Society teaches cat owners specifics like how to properly feed and care for kittens and cats.

You can support the organization with cat brushes and stainless steel cat dishes. Contact their main office if you would like to adopt a cat or donate.

National Cat Protection Society Details:

4. Priceless Pets


Priceless Pets operates several adoption locations known as The Orphanage, where individuals can visit and meet potential companions.

The rescue takes in animals in need from various situations and cares for them until they find permanent homes through adoption.

The organization’s primary objective is to remove stray pets from open-access shelters nearby and place them in permanent, loving homes.

Their vet team provides the community with the best quality veterinary treatment possible while keeping their prices reasonable.

Priceless Pets also accept financial support from private donors to allow them to provide much-needed resources for rescuing animals with special needs.

Their volunteers work with local law enforcement agencies to coordinate with local shelters to assign animals who need homes to people who can provide them.

Their adoption is on a first-come, first-served basis. You can only finalize the process in person at their adoption center after you’ve had the opportunity to meet the cat you want.

To expedite the process, you may complete an application on their website before visiting. However, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll find that specific cat during your physical visit.

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5. Catmosphere Laguna Foundation


Catmosphere Laguna Foundation finds permanent homes for cats in need by matching them with people who care and can provide them with the resources they’ll need to survive.

The rescue hopes to bring about a society concerned about the well-being of cats.

The organization’s foster care programs provide a safe, comfortable place for stray cats and kittens to adjust to life as indoor pets before they’re adopted.

In addition, Catmosphere Laguna Foundation helps prospective adopters find an adoptable pet through their referral network and offer guidance in choosing a breed or mix whose traits are a good fit for their living arrangements.

The adoption process includes a thorough interview with the prospective adopters, a signed adoption contract, and a visit to their homes.

Their mission is to promote ethical pet ownership and compassionate pet care by providing community members with accessible educational opportunities through activists and volunteers.

The rescue is also in favor of sterilization programs that aim to limit the number of neglected pets.

Catmosphere Laguna Foundation Details:

6. Compassionate Animal Rescue for Medical Aid


Veterinarians established the rescue to improve people’s lives through their love for animals.

Compassionate Animal Rescue for Medical Aid’s mission is to rescue cats in need and find them new, loving homes and appropriate medical care. The organization works to rescue cats from high-kill shelters.

In addition, they have a fostering program that allows volunteers willing to take a cat into their home until they find a forever home. Furthermore, they hold cats needing extra time or medical care before being adopted into their permanent homes.

Compassionate Animal Rescue for Medical Aid raises most of its funds through corporate donors and sponsors.

Compassionate Animal Rescue for Medical Aid Details:

7. Second Chance Pet Adoptions


Second Chance Pet Adoptions has had a special focus on cats undergoing neglect, abandonment, or abuse since its inception in 2001. They take in cats from local shelters and other sources and provide them with medical care until they are ready for adoption.

Most of the cats they rescue are abandoned on the streets, while others are family pets surrendered by their owners.

Second Chance Pet Adoptions aims to locate forever-caring homes for all cats and kittens in their care. They also have an aggressive trap-neuter-return program to accomplish their goal of reducing cat overpopulation.

The rescue educates community members about the benefits of spaying and neutering their pets, promotes awareness of animal abuse and neglect laws, and teaches them how to care for their cats properly.

Furthermore, they serve the public by facilitating the adoption of mutually beneficial companion animals.

To ensure the new pet and owner are a good fit, they conduct a veterinarian examination and interview the potential adopter. If the adoptive family and the pet aren’t a good fit, they return it and place it for adoption.

Second Chance Pet Adoptions Details:

8. Pet Project Foundation


Pet Project Foundation aims to improve all companion animals’ quality of life in a pro-humane way through kindness, accountability, training, and devotion. They’ve been helping stray and homeless animals, including cats, for almost four decades.

The cat rescue hopes to foster a society where people care about the well-being of cats and take collective action to improve their conditions.

The animal shelter guarantees that each cat under its care gets a place of refuge until they find a forever home. Applying is a prerequisite to meeting any of their free cats.

The sanctuary’s line managers go through all the applications and make a choice based on what they believe to be the most suitable arrangement that meets the requirements of both the cat and the potential adopter.

Pet Project Foundation requires that all family members interact with the prospective pet to ensure everyone agrees to bring it home. Furthermore, the organization disseminates information about cats’ care through outreach programs.

Pet Project Foundation Details:

Conclusion For “Best Cat Rescues in Orange County”


One of the best ways to find out if a cat is suitable for you is by visiting an animal shelter and spending time with them before bringing them home.

Countless cat rescues in Orange County work tirelessly to help pets in need. We hope the above cat rescues in Orange County will help you search for a new pet.

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