8 Best Horse Rescues in Colorado! (2024)

Many horses live in neglectful or abusive situations, and adopting one that a horse rescue organization has spent time and resources rehabilitating saves that animal’s life and many others which is why we have a list of the best horse rescues in Colorado for you right here.

Colorado has a wealth of non-profit horse rescues to work with. There are dozens of organizations dedicated to the rescue and rehab of abused or abandoned horses. Here’s a breakdown of the top non-profit equine rescues in Colorado.

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1. Colorado Horse Rescue


In Longmont, CO, this extensive non-profit organization faces systemic challenges that put horses at risk. The founders began in the 1980s by rescuing horses from severe situations and arranging shelter and care through the local equine community.

The organization’s growth and development led to private facilities and programs specific to medical and behavioral rehabilitation.

Colorado Horse Rescue reaches beyond saving and rehoming horses by engaging the community in education series and outreach events.

The foundation hosts training clinics and connects with community leaders and policymakers to fight against equine injustice. At-risk horses are CHR’s primary focus which reflects in its advocacy work. 

The organization rescues horses suffering abuse or neglect and provides a safe space for owners to surrender the horses they can no longer provide for. Additionally, it offers alternative solutions.

Part of the training clinics’ goal is to provide education and support to horse owners considering rehoming their animal due to miscommunication or an experience gap between handler and horse. 

Another option the non-profit offers is short-term assistance that anyone suffering from temporary financial hardship can apply for.

Horse owners can use the funds for basic care, like feeding, or routine or emergency veterinary care. The purpose is to prevent rehoming if at all possible.

These programs reflect the organization’s mission to redesign the current system that allows horses to fall into unsafe circumstances. Potential new owners can view adoptable horses who have undergone rehabilitation on CHR’s site. 

Colorado Horse Rescue sets a leading example for similar organizations across the nation by addressing the fundamental challenges at the root of at-risk horses and providing industry-inspiring care to its rescues and the community it serves.

Colorado Horse Rescue Details:

2. LASSO Horse Rescue & Equine Therapy


LASSO is another non-profit organization that safeguards, rehabilitates, and rehomes abused and neglected horses in Colorado.

With locations in Lasalle and Ignacio, CO, LASSO sets itself apart from other rescues by providing equine therapy to at-risk individuals in its communities utilizing the horses it is saving. 

Through this rescue’s efforts, not only are horses in need receiving the treatment, medical care, and emotional recovery they require for restoring their health and well-being but people are getting vital assistance too.

LASSO works with a network of farriers, veterinarians, and community resources experienced in working with adults with disabilities to operate a program founded on compassion.

Equine therapy is a mutually beneficial practice that aids horses and humans together.

Rescue horses that have needs reaching beyond what the Therapy program can give them fit into the Sanctuary program.

These animals are still adoptable, and they have bios with behavioral profiles viewable on the organization’s website, just like the therapy horses.

This non-profit offers a variety of ways for donors to support it, including its Sponsor-A-Horse and ReFUND Colorado programs. There are ample volunteer opportunities for horse lovers at every experience level. 

In addition to equine therapy and volunteer work, LASSO also offers the Envision program that builds employment skills for work crew members needing communication and social development.

LASSO maintains the mindset that working with horses fosters independence and confidence.

LASSO also provides a community Hay Bank to help low-income families feed their horses year-round. This is an organization truly committed to restoring and maintaining community health through horsemanship.

LASSO Horse Rescue & Equine Therapy Details:

3. Believe Ranch and Rescue


Believe Ranch and Rescue, also in Longmont, CO, is a newer non-profit that centralizes on rehoming previously abused or neglected horses. Its mission is to bring horses in need to lasting recovery, both physically and emotionally.

This small but mighty organization hosts outreach events that foster the human-to-horse relationship and highlight the mutually beneficial connection we share. It also offers therapeutic clinics that utilize horsemanship to empower and heal.

The adoptable horses at Believe Ranch and Rescue come from a variety of difficult backgrounds, including slaughter auctions, and the foundation presents lengthy descriptions of each one’s history, medical and training statuses, and behavior profile. 

If you’re going to adopt horses, you want to work with a rescue that views them as a vital element to our world the way that Believe Ranch and Rescue does.

Believe Ranch and Rescue Details:

4. Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary


Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary in Ellicot-Yoder, CO offers charitable services for elderly horses and horses with special needs.

Its main focus is providing compassionate care by restoring and preserving horses’ health and well-being for the duration of their lives.

SKES is another small organization with a few members handling sanctuary operations and animal care. It offers training to student interns who can aid in shelter maintenance and horse care.

Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary works with Pikes Peak Community College to provide lab opportunities for local zookeeping students. Aside from horses, this non-profit also houses rescue canines and snakes that students can study.

It also hosts educational clinics for horse owners struggling with training or general behavioral challenges.

In addition to building riding and handling skills, the experts at Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary teach programs like Equine and Companion Animal Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response. 

Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary Details:

5. Spring Creek Horse Rescue


Durango, CO is Spring Creek Horse Rescue’s home base. This non-profit works tirelessly for its community providing preventative services like its Hay Bank that ensures financial hardship won’t cause local horses to go hungry.

It rescues and rehabilitates horses needing a second chance at life and aims to rehome them with qualified owners. The adoption process is strict and thorough to ensure that rescued horses never end up in unsafe situations after moving to a new family. 

This organization presents a transparent list of qualifications that potential adopters have to meet.

The adoption agreement includes committing to never selling, rehoming, or boarding the horse in the future and allowing for consistent check-ins by the rescue to verify its ongoing safety.

Adoptable horses are featured on the website with profiles describing each horse’s status, needs, and personality. The rescue also works with mules and small ponies. 

Like the other rescues on this list, Spring Creek Horse Rescue shares a commitment to community education on proper horse care, nutrition, and training.

It also offers onsite horsemanship classes that hone people’s horse communication skills to build trust and respect.

Spring Creek Horse Rescue is a 100% no-slaughter rescue that’s been saving and rehoming horses in Colorado for almost 50 years.

Spring Creek Horse Rescue Details:

6. Denkai Sanctuary


Denkai Sanctuary is a domestic animal crisis response center in Yellow Jacket, CO. It offers three programs: Animal Intake, Community Food Bank, and Disaster Response and Cruelty Help.

Denkai Sanctuary takes in various animal breeds, including horses, from abuse and abandonment, overflowing shelters, and surrender cases. It aims to facilitate horse adoption after a comprehensive evaluation and rehabilitation.

This non-profit has a certified emergency response team that works alongside other local and national programs to rescue animals from natural disaster situations. It also hosts an equine food bank for low-income families needing assistance. 

Denkai Sanctuary runs a horse foster program that allows rescue horses to live more comfortably on family property, receiving individual care.

Anyone with the appropriate shelter and feeding capabilities is welcome to apply through Denkai’s website to foster a rescue horse.

Denkai Sanctuary works with a network of local veterinarians that provide medical treatment to foster horses. The organization is hands-on with guidance, support, and adoption efforts through the horse foster program.

Denkai Sanctuary Details:

7. Wild Places Equine Rescue


Wild Places Equine Rescue is a small non-profit in Castle Rock, CO specializing in saving and rehoming special needs horses.

People interested in horse adoption that involves rescuing a pet with a physical disability will find their new family member at Wild Places Equine Rescue.

Wild Places Equine Rescue has a history of rehabilitating horses with ailments like deafness, chronic illnesses, blindness, genetic abnormalities, severe injuries, and debilitating old age.

Nonprofits like this face high expenses for special diets and medications and rely heavily on donors.

This organization’s other passion is saving auction horses at high risk for slaughter.

The horses receive medical treatment and compassion that prepares them for rehoming. It also sends volunteers to neighboring states to intercept horses in the slaughter pipeline.

Since the pandemic, in-person rescues are on hold. The foundation is offering financial aid to horse owners in need and accepting pet surrenders instead. 

Wild Places Equine Rescue Details:

8. Safe Landing Horse Rescue


In Colorado Springs, CO, Safe Landing Horse Rescue saves horses from neglect and abuse and facilitates horse adoption.

This non-profit has a successful adoption record thanks to the careful evaluation and training it pairs with necessary medical and nutritional treatment and careful adoption consideration.

The organization is active on social media to update potential adopters about the horses they rescue.

People with an interest in horse adoption can set an appointment with Safe Landing Horse Rescue to discuss the rehoming process and meet a horse.

Safe Landing Horse Rescue Details:

Conclusion For “Best Horse Rescues in Colorado”


Horse rescue is a huge and critical undertaking. Colorado is home to many non-profit organizations that dedicate time and other resources to saving at-risk horses and doing the work to prevent future abuse and neglect cases. 

Adopting a horse from one of these rescues gives a second chance at life for not just that one animal, but many more in the future by opening up shelter space. 

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