4 Best Whippet Breeders in Texas! (2024)

Welcome to the world of Whippet breeders in Texas! Are you wondering where you can find the best of the best Whippet pups in Texas?

Worry not! We’ve scoured the Lone Star State to bring you the top four breeders who are sure to steal your heart (and your couch).

From Austin to Houston, these breeders have a reputation for producing some of the healthiest, happiest, and most beautiful Whippets in Texas.

With their elegant and athletic builds, these lightning-fast canines have captivated dog enthusiasts for centuries.

Originally bred for racing and hunting, Whippets have become beloved family pets known for their sweet dispositions and endless reserves of energy.

Did you know that Whippets were originally bred by coal miners in Northern England? These hardworking men needed a small but fast dog to hunt rabbits, often a staple food source for their families.

The Whippet was the perfect breed for the job – small enough to fit in a pocket but speedy enough to catch rabbits with ease.

So come along for the ride as we explore the best Whippet puppies in Texas and uncover the secrets of these remarkable dogs.

No matter if you’re a seasoned Whippet enthusiast or a curious newcomer, you won’t want to miss this exciting journey!

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1. Whisperun


Get ready for an awesome adventure at Whisperun! At Whisperun, they breed the finest Whippets in the beautiful East Texas Pineywoods, perfect for show and companionship.

The best part? They are just a hop, skip, and jump away from Dallas, Houston, and Shreveport!

Alison Lawrence Spurlin, the Whippet-loving owner of Whisperun, has been passionate about these sleek and elegant dogs since 1970 when she brought her first Whippet, Susy, to class at the University of Arizona.

Now, she’s sharing her love for these “Best Kept Secrets” of dog breeds with you!

At Whisperun, they prioritize temperament and livability when breeding their pups. Their little ones are well-behaved, laid back, and easy to live with, but also alert and make excellent watchdogs.

And let’s not forget about their deep desire to bond with their humans and become their soul partners!

They take great care of their puppies and give them all the love and attention they need before they happily head to their forever homes.

The pups receive two sets of permanent immunizations, worming treatment, and microchipping with AKC REUNITE registration.

They also train them to use a litterbox with pine pellets so they’re ready to go when you bring them home.

Don’t wait too long to apply for your future forever friend, though! Puppies are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, and Whisperun keeps all documentation on deposits to ensure fairness.

They usually leave for their new homes at 8 weeks of age, but Whisperun is always here to answer any questions or concerns.

So what are you waiting for? Apply and meet your new best friend at Whisperun!

Whisperun Details:

2. Epiphany Whippets


Looking for Whippet puppies for sale in Texas who know how to have a good time? Check out Epiphany Whippets!

You can be confident that a breeder that genuinely cares about their dogs will provide you with a well-bred, healthy, and happy puppy.

Since 2006, they’ve been showing and racing these furry speedsters, all thanks to a chance encounter with Shelley Kruger and her beautiful Whippet, Clementine.

When Clementine won her first show, they were hooked! And it’s been a whirlwind of fun and friendship ever since.

Not only are they members of the American Whippet Club, but all of their pups are AKC certified. And they don’t just show their whippets – they also get them out on the lure course and into therapy work.

Epiphany Whippets takes great pride in their breeding practices. They carefully select their breeding pairs based on temperament, health, and conformation to the breed standard.

They aim to produce puppies that excel in the show ring and make wonderful family pets.

Epiphany Whippets follows the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the American Whippet Club and the AKC.

They provide a nurturing environment for their puppies, starting with proper prenatal care for the mother and continuing with socialization and exposure to various stimuli for the puppies.

Epiphany Whippets is committed to responsible breeding and takes great care in placing their puppies in loving homes.

If you want to be a part of their awesome whippet-loving community, just reach out for information on upcoming litters and available pups. You won’t regret it!

Epiphany Whippets Details:

3. Fox Hollow Whippets


Welcome to Fox Hollow Whippets, a Facebook-based breeder in Lampasas, Texas, that is sure to make your heart skip a beat with their Whippet puppies in Texas!

With 1.9K likes and 2K followers on Facebook, it’s no wonder they have a 4.5-star rating and tons of positive reviews.

Their incredibly interactive nature and high presence on Facebook sets Fox Hollow Whippets apart.

They post regularly with pictures, videos, and information about their adorable pups, making it hard not to fall in love with these little bundles of joy.

But what about their breeding practices, you ask? Well, let us tell you, they are nothing short of top-notch! Fox Hollow Whippets prioritizes the health and well-being of their pups above all else.

They only breed from health-tested and certified parents, ensuring their pups are as healthy as possible.

To make sure that all of their puppies are content, healthy, and well-adjusted in their new homes, they also give them the required socialization and care.

You can see for yourself the love and care they give to every one of their puppies by visiting their Facebook page, so don’t just take our word for it; the proof is right there!

So be sure to visit Fox Hollow Whippets and give them a like if you’re looking for a new furry friend!

Fox Hollow Whippets Details:

4. Bwhippd


Last on our list of Whippet breeders in Texas is Bwhippd! This Colorado-based Whippet breeder offers shipping to Texas and all over the US.

At Bwhippd, they are not here to sell you a dog but to pair you with a furry family member that will add to your life. They take pride in raising balanced, sound, and acclimated puppies.

At Bwhippd, they pride themselves on finding the perfect match between you and your new pup. With over 15 years of breeding experience, they know a thing or two about raising balanced and acclimated puppies.

When you contact Bwhippd, you’ll speak to Chris or Kolya, two professional young men passionate about animals. Kolya handles customer service, while Chris manages the paperwork, legalities, and contracts.

At Bwhippd, their furry friends are part of the family. They keep a clean and tidy house, and their dogs live in the house with them.

They enjoy an active lifestyle with their dogs; snuggles, walks, hikes, and escapes to the dog park, they are doing it all! They want to ensure their dogs are sent to the right homes the first time around.

If you’re interested in adopting a puppy, a non-refundable deposit of $250 is required. An additional $250.00 must be paid at 5 weeks of puppy age.

The remaining balance will be due 7 days before shipping to allow funds to clear. Puppy visits are allowed between 6-7 weeks old, and appointments must be made in advance.

Rest assured, Bwhippd puppies are in excellent health. They receive vaccinations and worming treatments at 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age and are certified with AKC.

So why wait? Contact Bwhippd today and get ready to add a new furry family member to your home!

Bwhippd Details:

More Information About Whippets in Texas


Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the love for Whippet puppies for sale in Texas!

If you’re a Texan looking for more information about these amazing pups who a just a big bundle of love and joy, you’ve come to the right place.

From racing to snuggling, Whippets have it all, and Texas is no stranger to their charm. So let’s dive in and explore all the whippet wonder happening in the Lone Star State!

Texas is home to many passionate Whippet breeders who are dedicated to producing healthy and happy pups that will steal your heart. So don’t think finding your new best friend in this great state will be too hard.

There are many other breeders in Texas that you can explore. Some breeders focus on showing their Whippets in events, while others are passionate about racing or lure coursing.

So no matter what your interests are, there’s a Whippet breeder for you who can help you locate the perfect pup.

Whippets are a popular breed in Texas, and it’s easy to understand why. They are affectionate, playful, and athletic dogs perfect for families or individuals who love staying active.

In Texas, you can discover a Whippet that fits your lifestyle, whether you’re looking for a show dog, a racing partner, or just a devoted friend.

But before deciding to bring an adorable Whippet into your life, it’s essential to conduct your research and pick a trustworthy breeder.

Look for breeders who are responsive to your questions and who place a high emphasis on the welfare and health of their dogs.

If you work with the right breeder, you can get a Whippet that will bring you joy and company for many years.

Conclusion For “Best Whippet Breeders in Texas”


Overall, it’s clear that Whippets are a breed that can steal your heart with their grace, speed, and affectionate personalities.

Whippets are a unique breed; it’s hardly surprising that they’ve won the hearts of so many people worldwide.

Whippets are unique in every way, from their lightning-fast speed to their eccentric personality.

There is something for everyone, no matter if you want to learn more about these amazing canines or want to add a new addition to your family.

You can select the ideal Whippet to enhance your life thanks to the many great breeders in the Lone Star State.

So go ahead and reach out to one of these fantastic Whippet breeders in Texas – who knows, you may just find your new best friend!

We hope your home is filled with the joys of a Whippet soon!

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