5 Best Pug Breeders in Oregon! (2024)

Fun fact: a group of three or more Pugs is known as a grumble! If you’re interested in owning one or many over-the-top furry companions, here’s a list of some of the best Pug breeders in Oregon!

Pugs are people-pleasers and food-driven dogs, generally known as comedians of the toy breed. They love to cuddle and kiss and genuinely own their place in the family.

With their characteristic wrinkled faces and stocky little bodies, the Pug packs a huge personality into an adorable little package. They’re great with kids and seniors and adjust well with other family pets.

Pugs are not the type of dogs that will fade into the background. Instead, they’re playful, sensitive, mischievous, and hilarious little critters that love being center stage.

That’s what makes owning a Pug a great joy and a tiresome task. If you’re up for the challenge, read on to find where you can get Pug puppies for sale in Oregon!

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1. Loda’s Pugs of Many Colors


We begin our list with Loda’s Pugs of Many Colors, a small home-based breeder that started its program in 2012. All their superior-quality Sires and Dams are AKC registered and licensed with the State of Oregon.

As the name suggests, the Pugs come in various colors, including apricot, fawn, black and silver, cream, white, chinchillas, and brindle.

Loda’s Pugs are well-tempered, well-socialized, and trained to be good with children and older adults. When alone at home, the Pugs have access to heated dog houses and an enclosed patio.

The dogs play in the yard and can cuddle on the couch in the presence of the breeder and family members. At bedtime, they sleep in individual beds in separate bedrooms.

All the Pugs receive yearly vet exams and are also Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE) tested. Furthermore, the puppies receive worm treatment every two weeks.

Before going with their forever families after eight weeks in the breeding program, the Pugs receive a secondary vet check and their first immunizations.

As for the breeder, they love to keep in touch with the new pet owners to see how well their pups are doing. The breeder also has a great reputation and is willing to provide references on request.

Loda’s Pugs of Many Colors Details:

2. Pug Place


Pug Place is a family-run breeding business based in Keizer, Oregon. Absolutely crazy about Pugs, they’ve been providing happy and healthy Pugs to committed and loving dog lovers since 2007.

They have quite a lot to offer, including a chocolate Pug, a white Pug, a few silver Pugs, and even some reverse brindle Pugs.

All the Pugs are raised in a loving home environment with a special focus on socialization and enrichment. All puppies are routinely vet-checked and receive all age-appropriate vaccinations.

When ready to leave for their forever homes, their complete medical/health record and vaccination certificates will be provided.

Pug Place has a gallery on its website featuring adorable pics of the Pugs currently available. If you like one you see, contact them for further details.

Pug Place Details:

3. Taylor’s Pugs


Another source for good-quality Pug puppies for sale in Oregon is Taylor’s Pugs. This breeder aims to provide well-adjusted and healthy Pugs to committed, loving homes.

With more than 20 years in the breeding business, Taylor’s Pugs prides itself in their selective breeding program.

Taylor’s Pugs chooses stock from various country regions to prevent inter-breeding. They also don’t over-breed their Sires and Dams.

From birth, the breeder works with the puppies to acclimatize and desensitize them to usual household sounds and smells.

They’re well-socialized with children, older adults, and other animals and are included in daily activities around the house. All pugs are treated like family and given individual attention.

Grooming and training are also given importance at Taylor’s Pugs. Nails are regularly trimmed, and potty training (outside) starts at about five weeks.

Basic commands and acts are also taught, such as when to come when called, how to climb stairs, and how to enter/exit the house. Positive reinforcement and praise are central to the training.

All the puppies are thoroughly vet-checked before leaving with their adoptive parents. For more information, contact the breeder today.

Taylor’s Pugs Details:

4. Northwest Pugs & French Bulldogs


This mother-and-daughter team offers some of the best AKC-registered Pugs and French Bulldogs within the greater Pacific Northwest.

Northwest Pugs & French Bulldogs operate in two locations; one close to Portland, Oregon, catering to Washington, Tacoma, Seattle, and Olympia, and the other in Two Rivers, Alaska, catering to Fairbanks and Anchorage, and surrounding areas.

All Northwest dogs come from Champion lines and are raised as family members in the breeder’s home.

The breeder primarily focuses on conformation, health, and temperament and has been striving to uphold the high breed standards established by the Pug Dog Club of America for 30 years.

In addition, the breeder is also a member of the Puget Sound Pug Dog Club, the American Kennel Club, and the Columbia River Pug Fanciers.

Devoted to improving its current breeding program, Northwest Pugs is importing high-quality Pugs from various states to serve as champion show dogs and household companions.

Furthermore, Northwest Pugs supports organizations dedicated to the rescue and welfare of Pugs and is also actively involved in the Church of Pug Rescue & Rehabilitation Organization.

They provide a two-year health guarantee.

Northwest Pugs & French Bulldogs Details:

5. Our Precious Pups


Our Precious Pugs is last on this list of Pug breeders in Oregon. Located on the California – Oregon border in Southern Oregon, this small hobby breeder is AKC registered and licensed with Jackson County Animal Control.

They provide Pugs and French Bulldogs that are born and raised in their family.

Every puppy receives individual attention and affection and is well-socialized before going to its forever home. Moreover, you can count on the experienced staff to assist you in your journey of raising your new companion.

In terms of health, every puppy is thoroughly vet-checked, receives age-appropriate immunizations, and is dewormed.

In addition, your adopted Pug’s complete health record, registration certificate, and vaccination records will be provided.

Our Precious Pups Details:

How to Choose Pug Breeders in Oregon


Many breeders are selling Pug puppies in Oregon, which is why you must know how to separate backyard breeders and puppy mills from authentic sources.

Here are a few things you must confirm when checking the profile of a breeder:

  • AKC registration and membership with various clubs and organizations
  • Clean and hygienic facility
  • Focus on the physical and physiological health of the puppies
  • Early training, enrichment, and socialization
  • Up-to-date vaccinations
  • Health Guarantee
  • Complete medical/health records of the puppies
  • Support from staff during and after the adoption

More Information About Pug Puppies in Oregon


Pugs are among the few dogs that have very human-like mannerisms and expressions. The average lifespan of a Pug is 12 to 15 years, although there are cases of a few Pugs who have lived for 20 years!

Despite being small, they are an extremely determined and highly intelligent breed. Unfortunately, their reputation is mostly that of a ‘couch potato,’ which means they’re ideal for small apartments.

So, if you’re looking for a jogging or exercise partner, there is a better dog for you. However, they occasionally experience sudden bursts of energy and run at the speed of the wind, especially if there are other pets or Pugs to accompany them.

One thing famous about Pugs is their sense of humor, especially with their little ‘head tilt’ and perplexed eyes.

They have a reputation for being naughty, so you will certainly not be bored with a Pug around. Nevertheless, they are gentle and loving critters with a high tolerance for children and seniors.

Regarding training, Pugs are relatively easy to train despite their clown-like personalities and a slight stubborn streak. And because of their people-pleasing attitude, they succumb to instructions quickly.

As far as grooming goes, Pugs have short coats. But be warned; they shed a lot! On top of that, Pug fur sticks to everything. So, if you have allergies or are into vacuuming daily, a Pug might not be your ideal household companion.

Conclusion For “Best Pug Breeders in Oregon”


All these Pug breeders in Oregon have loved and raised these Pugs as their own babies and expect you to do the same.

We hope they can help you find a beloved furry companion that brings immense joy and happiness to your home!

Feel free to contact these breeders for more information or visit their facilities to see first-hand how they raise and train their Pugs.

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