5 Best Pug Breeders in San Diego! (2024)

If you are a first-time Pug owner or are looking for Pug breeders in San Diego, our top 5 picks have you covered.

Pugs are adorable, intelligent, easygoing, and low-maintenance pets.

Their wrinkly face and large eyes will melt your heart, but their warm and friendly nature are the characteristics that will make you fall in love with your canine friend.

Pugs thrive on affection and make the best interactive Pugs as they love showing affection to their owners.

Their easy-to-train temperament makes them adaptable to their new houses. Their vibrant personalities make them playful and fulfill their minimal exercise needs.

Pugs, however, are much more work than they look. Decades of unethical breeding practices have left them prone to many genetic diseases, including respiratory and bone issues.

Even healthy Pugs are likely to face health issues at some point in their life.

So before you set out to buy your new friend, learn more about the breed and the breeders. To help you get started, we have listed the best breeders raising Pug puppies in San Diego.

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1. J&J Iron Mountain Ranch Pugs


The first on our list of Pug breeders in San Diego is J&J Iron Mountain Ranch Pugs, a small hobby breeder who ensures the health and quality of life of their puppies.

J&J Iron Mountain Ranch Pugs raises their puppies around children and cats to ensure an easygoing temperament. They specialize in breeding socialized purebred Pugs, and their puppies are pampered with love.

The Pugs here are AKC registered and have been tested for PDE, PKdef, and PLL markers.

They only breed 4-5 litters per year to ensure the health of their parent dogs and to make sure their puppies grow up well with enough individual attention.

A deposit of $400 is required to reserve a puppy, and you can pick up your puppy at 7 weeks of age.

The puppies have received their first vaccinations and have been dewormed 3 times. They are given a veterinary examination before they are handed over to you.

The puppies come with a limited AKC registration, i.e., the pups must be spayed/neutered and shouldn’t be used for breeding. They raise Fawn and Black Pug puppies, and the pricing starts at $2000

J&J Iron Mountain Ranch Pugs will hand over your puppy at 7 weeks, but if there are any health concerns, they may hold it until it is 8-10 weeks old or until the health issue is resolved.

To choose a puppy from their new litters, you can select one from the many photos and videos they post on their social media.

J&J Iron Mountain Ranch Pugs Details:

2. Masse’s Pudgy Pugs


Masse’s Pudgy Pugs is not an ordinary breeder; it is a high-quality breeder that raises Pug puppies from AKC champion-lined stud dogs and has AKC-registered Pug puppies for sale in San Diego.

They collaborate with other reputable breeders to raise the standards of the Pug breed.

The priority at Masse’s is to raise puppies that have a calm temperament and confirmation and are in excellent health.

To ensure the safety and health of their carefully bred and raised puppies, Masse’s only sells their puppies to approved homes.

The puppies at Masse’s have been health-tested and are certified through UC Davis against PDE and PKDEF. The owner is given a 2-year health guarantee against congenital abnormalities.

If the puppy is tested for diseases such as heart murmur, spinal deformity, and knee luxation, the puppy will be returned to the breeder, and your deposit will be refunded.

In case you choose not to return your sick puppy, this breeder will refund all your money except the initial deposit, but the Pug needs to be spayed/neutered to prevent the breeding of ill puppies.

The puppies are sold at the age of 8 weeks and have received age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming.

Masse’s Pudgy Pugs breeds black, fawn, apricot, and silver fawns, and these puppies are raised in the breeder’s home, not in a kennel. They are litter box trained before they are ready for pickup.

Masse’s Pudgy Pugs Details:

3. A Bit Pugish


A Bit Pugish is one of the Pug breeders in San Diego that aims to begin its Pug rescue service. They love their Pugs, and some of their Pugs have made excellent service and therapy dogs.

The puppies are sold after they are 8 weeks old and have been veterinarian certified for health.

Located in Lucerne Valley, which is roughly a 3-hour drive away from San Diego, they do not ship their puppies solely to ensure the safety and happiness of their puppies.

Instead, they make sure to meet the future owners to be sure that their babies are going to the right home.

To reserve Pug puppies in San Diego from this breeder, you will have to make a $200 deposit. All the puppies are socialized and familiar with a doggy door.

They are up to date on the necessary vaccinations, and their dewclaws have been removed.

Health is the most important concern at A Bit Pugish, and each puppy comes with a health guarantee, NuVet vitamin samples, and AKC registration papers.

The puppies are microchipped and come with a bag of puppy food and a puppy pack to ensure an easy transition into their new home and to provide the new owner with the right direction in caring for their puppy.

Pug puppies for sale at A Bit Pugish are eligible for a refund only if a health issue arises. The owners will be eligible for a full refund if they provide evidence from a licensed veterinarian health examination.

In case the owner chooses to keep the puppy despite its health issues, the expenses will be their responsibility.

A Bit Pugish Details:

  • Location: 30125 Cherwell St, Lucerne Valley, California
  • Phone Number: 760-887-6349
  • Website: A Bit Pugish

4. Tesoro Pugs


Tesoro Pugs specializes in raising champion Pugs and has been doing so since 1999.

As seasoned Pug breeders, Tesoro Pugs have over two decades of breeding experience in carefully raising healthy puppies.

They treasure their puppies and breed only once or twice a year with the best of their AKC champions.

They do not sell all their pups, as they keep the puppies that have show potential.

To reserve one of their limited breeds, you will have to make a non-refundable deposit, and they will carry out a thorough investigation to ensure that you are the right parent for their little furry baby.

As active members of the Pug Dog Club of America, Orange Empire, and City of Angels Pug Club, Tesoro Pugs conform to the code of ethics and the best breeding standards.

Companion or pet puppies are sold at 10 weeks of age after thorough health testing.

Tesoro Pugs have earned laurels through their dogs, winning multiple championships, and continue to raise and train puppies that are the next champions.

Tesoro Pugs Details:

5. Caravelle Pugs


Caravelle Pugs is the last breeder on our list of the best Pug breeders in San Diego. They breed AKC-registered Pug puppies that come from a healthy bloodline and are free from health issues.

Before being handed over to their new owners, the puppies receive age-appropriate vaccines, are microchipped, and are potty trained.

Additionally, their Pug puppies have been health examined by a licensed veterinarian. They come with a 2-year health guarantee, health certificates, and lifetime support, ensuring you get a healthy puppy.

Unlike other breeders, Caravelle Pugs does not require a deposit to reserve the puppies. They want people to adopt a puppy only if they are truly interested and not out of obligation.

They sell both pet and show dogs, but the show dogs come with a contract that confirms their use as show dogs by the owner.

Show-quality Pugs come with a full AKC registration, whereas dogs for companionships come with a limited AKC registration.

If you live far from their facility and are unable to pick up your dog, they offer shipping services, and the shipping cost includes a crate, health certification fees, and airfare.

Pet puppies come with a limited AKC registration and are sold with a written contract and sales receipt.

The puppies come with a house-training guide and a vaccination schedule, which helps you stay on track with their health progress and training.

Caravelle Pugs Details:

Conclusion For “Best Pug Breeders in San Diego”


In this list of the best Pug Breeders in SD, California, we have featured breeders that offer AKC registration, prioritize the health and safety of their puppies, and have features that are unique to them.

Before you pick a breeder to buy a Pug puppy, make sure that you do your research and, if possible, visit the facilities so that you make a decision that you won’t regret.

Remember that Pugs are like other dogs and are a lot of work even though they are easygoing.

Do not be hasty in making your choice; only go for it if you are ready. We wish you the best in getting a Pug puppy!

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