French Bulldog Owner Interview: Featuring Crush the Cream Frenchie! (2024)

Crush the French Bulldog_crush_the_frenchieA lot of research should be done before bringing any dog into your family. French Bulldogs are not just adorable and cuddly; they come with their own set of considerations and needs.

In this in-depth interview with Lindsay, she shares the ins and outs of life with her stylish little man, Crush.

We discuss everything from his funny quirks to his favorite toys and clothes, and a whole lot more. 

Meet Crush! He’s a 16-month-old Cream French Bulldog. Don’t let that fly chain fool you, he’s a true gentleman and professional snuggler.

Crush the French Bulldog_crush_the_frenchie

What breeder did you get Crush from and would you recommend them? 

Bluegrass Frenchies out of Richmond, KY. They are so wonderful, I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about getting a Frenchie.

We are so lucky to be part of the Bluegrass Family and we have stayed in touch! They even babysat Crush when we went back to visit!

What made you decide on a French Bulldog? Were you considering any other breeds? 

We have always had Labrador Retrievers, but I absolutely fell in love with Frenchies watching videos of them online and following them on Instagram for years.

I started researching the breed and breeders about two years before we got Crush.

How much did Crush cost? 

The initial investment is higher than a lot of breeds because of everything that goes into the breeding, delivery and other factors of a litter.

The upfront cost of a Frenchie is only one consideration. 

The long term investment can be quite high because of the various health issues Frenchies are prone to.

I highly recommend considering pet insurance for a Frenchie.

Bottom line, they are more expensive than a lot of breeds to purchase and to own long term, you must make sure you have the finances as well as the time to invest in a Frenchie.

Jamie here…I couldn’t agree more about the pet insurance comment here. A dog is a family member and a significant investment. Here’s the pet insurance I have for Oliver.

Does he shed? Is there anything you do to make shedding more manageable? 

Frenchies do shed! Quite a bit. Short course hairs that stick everywhere! Frenchie glitter!

It can be pretty easily managed with regular bathing (we give Crush a bath every two weeks), quick daily brushing with a coarse bristle brush and weekly brushing with a rubber curry brush. 

How would you describe Crush’s exercise needs? What does daily exercise look like? Exercise? 

What is exercise?! tongue-out Crush is super mellow and lazy. He is fine with hanging out on the couch all day, but also loves walks.

I know a lot of Frenchies that are very active and love to hike, run, and play, but I know just as many that are good with just hanging out.

Crush gets a lot of energy out chasing and wrestling with his two Lab brothers every day. Crush also loves rides in his stroller (not so much exercise for him as it is me!).

What are some of his favorite things to do? 

Some of Crush’s favorite things to do are eating, snuggling, running errands around town and really just being with his humans.

They are very very attached to their people, so whatever I am doing, Crush usually is doing it too!

Is Crush good with kids and other dogs? 

Frenchies are known to be amazing with children and babies. They are little toddlers themselves, so I think they really connect with kids.

Just like any dog, in the right situations, they are great with other dogs and are very social.

Because they are a bully breed and with many breeds, they can be protective and/or territorial sometimes. They are fiercely loyal to their family.

What are some of his funny quirks or habits?

Where do I start?! Crush makes me laugh so much! He is so silly and sweet and can be bossy. He sits like a human back on his butt, wiggles and “talks.”

It’s a mix of grunts, snorts, little barks, singing, and whines anytime he feels like he is being ignored! It is just the funniest cutest thing!

He also loves to ’army crawl’ down stairs and around the floor!

What are some of Crush’s favorite toys and chews?

What are his 5 favorite clothing items or accessories?

Crush loves to dress up for pictures or for running around town. Our favorite shops for clothes and accessories:

  • Rororiri for clothing and bandanas
  • French Bullevard for chains
  • Hound for harnesses, leashes and collars
  • Bone & Bow Tie for bowties and collars 
  • The CLB House for funny tees
  • We love Animals Matter Inc for his car seats and beds.

[Check out these adorable costumes for Frenchies!]

Collar or Harness for walking?

Frenchies should always wear a harness instead of a collar and leash because of their already limited breathing and predisposition to tracheal collapse.

What grooming tools & supplies do you use?

Can you say high maintenance?!! 

What kind of crate do they have? 

Crush was initially trained in a wire crate [here’s our top-pick] for the first few weeks we had him, but does not use one anymore. 

What kind of food do they eat?

Crush eats Stella & Chewy’s frozen raw small patties. I rotate all of the different proteins they offer. 

Do you use any apps or technology to make life easier?

We have cameras through our security system on the dogs whenever we leave the house.

We also have a Furbo dog camera that we can use to talk to him or give him treats and also see him. 

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet...

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An app that we use when he is with us and we are looking for a dog-friendly place to eat is BringFido.

It uses your location and tells you all of the dog-friendly restaurants near you.

Has Crush ever flown on a plane?

Yes! Crush is a great little traveler. He has flown many times in the last year.

His first flight was home from his breeder in Kentucky to Colorado where we live at 10 weeks old.

To be transparent, Crush is an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) for me so flying with a pet may differ from our experiences flying. 

We always fly Southwest Airlines when we fly with Crush. They are so wonderful, accommodating and kind to us and to Crush.

We have a Sherpa Ultimate on Wheels Pet Carrier (similar to this) that is airline approved that Crush rides in if needed.

We carry his ESA paperwork, current vaccination records and sometimes a Health Certification if needed (always check with the airline on what they require). 

I always bring treats, a small collapsible bowl, a chew toy, potty pads, large ziplocks (to seal any accidents), wet wipes, enough food for any layovers or delays, a small blanket (for comfort), a cooling bandana

Crush stays in my lap the whole flight and usually sleeps the whole time. The vibration of the plane puts him right to sleep.

Many airports have Potty Stations in the terminals that you can use or we go into the family bathroom and I put a potty pad down.

Crush is pretty used to flying, but it can definitely add a little extra travel stress and extra time to flying, but it is so fun to explore new places with him!

You’ll find more information about flying with a Frenchie and tips to make it as stress free as possible here.

Does Crush have any health issues or limitations? 

Frenchies are prone to many health issues, including allergies, conjunctivitis, hip dysplasia, cherry eye, brachycephalic respiratory syndrome, tracheal collapse, heat stroke, IVDD (intervertebral disc disease), patellar luxation, thyroid issues, among others. 

We are very careful with Crush in the heat or with overexercising. He has stairs to our bed and the couches.

We feed very high-quality food to hopefully avoid issues. He has also had his palate shortened to help with breathing, regurgitation and other problems.

In our French Bulldog Guidebook, we cover common health concerns extensively. It’s a must-have for every Frenchie owner!

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to someone considering a French Bulldog?

Do your research on the breed and especially breeders. [We’ve covered French Bulldogs thoroughly — learn more about them here.]

Make sure you have the money and the time to fully commit to a Frenchie. 

They are expensive and high maintenance but beyond worth it. They are absolutely amazing in every way!

Crush brings more love, fun, laughter, companionship, and happiness to our lives than anything else!

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