Cavapoo Puppies – Top 6 Breeders in the USA! (2024)


Are you looking for Cavapoo puppies in the US? Cavapoos are a unique cross between the fashionable and versatile Poodle and the loving Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

They combine the greatest traits of the two breeds to produce bright, gifted, cunning, and athletic canines who are also utterly adorable. These adorable dogs are ideal pets for almost anyone because of their calm and self-assured temperament. They get along well with children, older adults, and other animals. Furthermore, Cavapoos are emotionally intelligent and smart dogs, making them good therapy dogs!

Cavapoos are excellent indoor pets and are adaptable to apartment living. They enjoy interacting with kids at home or other animals in the park. They don’t bark often, but they use their sounds to communicate, so they’ll always keep things interesting around the house.

The best quality by far? Cavapoos have hypoallergenic, low-shedding coats that need just occasional brushing! Due to their delightful and energetic personalities and dander-free coats, Cavapoos are highly demanded, making them quite expensive pets.

In this article, we have compiled a list of reputable Cavapoo breeders that you can find in the US.

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1. Coastal Cavapoo


Coastal Cavapoo is at the top of our list of Cavapoo breeders in the US. They are a well-known breeder in Maine that provides premium dogs and puppies registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club).

While Cavapoos aren’t registered with the AKC, the parents, i.e., Poodles and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, are.

You may get comprehensive details about each dog and puppy on their website, including their weight, generation, colors, and names.

This breeder invests a lot of time and energy into selective breeding, doing extensive planning and study to ensure their puppies have exceptional temperaments, looks, and health.

Coastal Cavapoo offers their pets a cage-free environment by keeping them in a dedicated dog room.

The dogs only spend time in crates for night and supper; otherwise, depending on the weather, they can wander and run around the property or play in the room.

The owner, a former groomer herself, takes care of the dogs in the grooming portion of the dog room. A camera is also set up to watch the dogs when left alone.

This breeder takes exceptional care of its dams; mother dogs have a private, heated area where they can give birth and care for the puppies until they are mature enough to control their body temperature.

The puppies are transferred to the puppy nursery next to the den after the first three weeks. The purpose of this nursery is to introduce the puppies to sounds that can be heard in a typical home, like people talking, walking, and even watching TV.

It aids their social skill development and familiarization with a joyful and healthy family setting.

You can join Coastal Cavapoo’s waiting list if you’re thinking about purchasing a puppy from them. A one-year health guarantee is included with each puppy, ensuring that they are free of inherited health conditions.

The breeder also shows dedication to their clients by giving adopters lifetime assistance and training.

Due to their exceptional quality, health, and customer service, the puppies from Coastal Cavapoo are highly demanded, so it can take a while to add you to the list.

Coastal Cavapoo Details:

2. Cape Cod Cavapoos of Virginia


A small breeder devoted to the love and care of adorable Cavapoo puppies is Cape Cod Cavapoos of Virginia.

They allow their dogs to live with them and interact with their kids because they consider them family members.

This intimate relationship helps the puppies become accustomed to indoor environments and early socialization, which eases the transfer to new families and homes. All puppies from this breeder are given a complete checkup by a licensed veterinarian, the required vaccines, and deworming treatments before they are placed in their new homes.

The new owners find the transition simpler because of this preparation, and several clients have stated that their puppies are already about 90% trained when they arrive. With a focus on the best possible health and temperament, Cape Cod Cavapoos breeds and raises visually appealing Cavapoos in shades of red and white.

The lovely, friendly, and playful personality of Cape Cod Cavapoos makes it simple to adjust to various situations and offer companionship to people from various backgrounds.

The breeders make special efforts to ensure that their puppies get along well with kids, are easy to train, and enjoy various activities, from vigorous treks to leisurely cuddle sessions in front of the TV.

Every puppy has a one-year genetic health guarantee, and the breeder ensures that the parent dogs undergo comprehensive health testing before breeding.

They provide lifetime support to the new owners and enjoy hearing stories about the litter from their clients.

Feel free to ask any questions, as they are ready to provide all the necessary answers.

Cape Cod Cavapoos of Virginia Details:

3. Dobralco Cavapoos


Dobralco Cavapoos from New York is next on our list of breeders with Cavapoo puppies for sale in the US.

It is a small-scale breeding operation where puppies are born and reared at home, where they become accustomed to people and daily activities.

All dogs have their DNA checked for genetic health and other breed-specific diseases and concerns. They are raised daily, trained, and dwell in the house.

To help people feel that the breeder is acting honestly, they are open about their procedures and share photos of their daily lives on social media.

A veterinarian at Dobralco Cavapoos periodically examines all of the puppies and gets age-appropriate vaccinations. There is a waiting list for potential purchasers because this breeder prefers to focus on quality over quantity.

Each Cavapoo puppy costs $2500, and a $200 non-refundable reservation fee is needed to guarantee your spot on the waiting list. In addition, a one-year puppy hereditary health warranty is included.

The procedure to adopt a puppy from them is relatively easy. The list is available to view on their website. Email the puppies if any catch your eye to be put on the “Pick List” for the litter. The list will be closed after the puppies are four weeks old, and you will receive an email asking you to choose your puppy from the litter. You can visit the website and meet the dog in person when you’ve finished.

For those who can’t organize a pickup, there is a cost of about $300 for the safe delivery of the puppies to homes.

Dobralco Cavapoos Details:

4. Mulberry Farm Cavapoos


Mulberry Farm Cavapoos, located on New York’s border, is another place with well-bred Cavapoo puppies for sale in the USA.

They claim to have American Cockapoos, Schnoodles, and Cavapoos with the best temperaments, looks, and health.

Mulberry Farm Cavapoo puppies have features that make them excellent lap dogs with little dander and low shedding. The breeder works hard to produce offspring with the best health and appearance.

You may view all of the dogs used for breeding on their well-maintained website. They are carefully chosen for their temperament and color to create high-quality, gorgeous-looking puppies.

Most dogs are champions of the American Kennel Club and are perfectly suited to be lifetime companions.

Adopting a puppy from Mulberry Farm begins with submitting an online application. You will be prompted to provide information about your living status and availability at home.

To join the waiting list for an upcoming litter, you will be informed that your application has been accepted. Moreover, you will be asked to submit a $500 non-refundable deposit.

You should take into account a few prerequisites for Mulberry Farm Cavapoos.

For instance, they won’t offer puppies to households with more than two dogs or those who plan to leave them alone for more than four hours.

Additionally, the owners shouldn’t smoke because it degrades the house’s quality and the dogs’ health.

Moreover, you should be able to provide transportation or pick up for the puppy because shipping isn’t a service of Mulberry Farm.

After contacting them, you can schedule a visit, and they’ll gladly answer all your relevant questions.

Mulberry Farm Cavapoos Details:

5. King Mountain Doodles


King Mountain Doodles of Pennsylvania is the next breeder on our list of Cavapoo breeders in the USA. They are a family that adores dogs and has a special affection for doodle breeds like Bernedoodles and Cavapoos.

The breeders, a married couple with five kids, own a 100-acre farm in central Pennsylvania’s picturesque hills.

Their primary devotion is raising healthy, well-mannered Bernedoodle and Cavapoo puppies who will delight their new families and homes for a long time.

They try to make adopting a dog from them a satisfying and memorable experience.

The breeders value ongoing communication with the puppy owners and can assist with any inquiries before and after the adoption process. Their commitment to producing beautiful, healthy, and happy puppies stems from their belief that such traits are passed down from the parents.

To achieve this, they are highly selective in choosing potential parents, often taking a year or longer to find the perfect match. The selected parents must come from a healthy lineage, with health-tested parents and littermates who demonstrate good health.

Breeders also complete OFA hip and elbow certifications and genetic health testing through Vetnostics Laboratory.

They emphasize the chosen dogs’ gentle and pleasant temperaments along with visual appeal and conformation.

The breeders take pride in feeding and supplementing their dogs and puppies with premium food.

The breeders follow a thorough vaccination and deworming schedule in addition to healthy eating and regular exercise. This protocol protects each puppy against parasites, parvo, and other diseases.

The mother and the puppies receive Pyrantel at two and four weeks, safeguard at six and eight weeks, and an additional dose at ten weeks if the puppy remains with them.

This diligent program has successfully kept the puppies parasite-free, with no reported cases of parvo or related viruses.

To keep prospective owners informed and engaged, the breeders maintain an active social media presence on Instagram and Facebook.

Interested individuals can follow them on these platforms to view videos and pictures of both current and past litter.

King Mountain Doodles Details:

6. River Edge Cavapoos


Last on our list of breeders with Cavapoo puppies in the US is River Edge Cavapoos, a family of eight residing on the outskirts of Adirondack Park in upstate NY.

They believe that a home is incomplete without the presence of a dog or two. They specialize in breeding healthy F1 and F1B Cavapoos and consider their dogs and puppies integral members of their own family.

Prioritizing the well-being of the puppies, they provide exceptional care before and after whelping.

The breeders maintain a clean and healthy environment for the puppies and ensure they receive regular deworming and vaccinations according to a set schedule.

Thorough veterinary checkups are conducted, and a certified document confirming the puppy’s health is provided. Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS), puppy culture, and BAB curriculum are introduced to the puppies starting at just three days old.

Grooming procedures, such as baths, brushing, and nail trims, begin at two weeks old and continue every two weeks until the puppy is ready to join its new family. Litter box and crate training commence at three weeks old, and by the time they go to their forever homes, the puppies are fully litter box trained.

River Edge Cavapoos resides on a second-generation family-owned dairy farm amidst the breathtaking Adirondacks.

In addition to their daily farm responsibilities, they enjoy exploring the surrounding area’s natural beauty. The dogs explore the area with the owners, which is why they are well-adjusted and well-raised puppies.

A non-refundable fee of $250 must be placed on the waiting list for a future litter.

Once a puppy is chosen, an additional $250 must be paid within 24 hours, with the total deposit of $500 deducted from the adoption balance. Once the deposit is paid, it becomes non-refundable.

If you want to add a Cavapoo puppy to your family, the price per puppy from River Edge Cavapoos is $3,500. The previously agreed-upon amount will be honored for those already on the waitlist.

To reserve a River Edge Cavapoo, a refundable $250 deposit is required. However, this deposit becomes non-refundable if you wish to secure a specific puppy.

The breeders are excited to welcome inquiries and assist in selecting the perfect puppy for your family.

River Edge Cavapoos Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best generation of Cavapoo?

Most people have a F1 Cavapoo, which is 50 percent Poodle and 50 percent King Charles Cocker Spaniel.

Why are Cavapoos aggressive?

Cavapoos are aggressive if they don’t get enough mental stimulation. If your Cavapoo is barking or lunging, consider spending more activity time with them.

Are Cavapoos calmer than cockapoos?

Cavapoos have more energy than cockapoos and will need a better outlet.

Where Can I Find Cavapoo Puppies?


We hope that this article was helpful for you in finding lovely Cavapoo puppies in the US from reputable breeders. It is essential to understand that adopting a Cavapoo is expensive, and owning one requires financial stability.

They are sensitive dogs, however pleasant and eager they might be. Before you select a breeder, looking for prominent signs of breeders with an insightful and honest approach toward dogs is necessary.

Look for reviews and testimonials from their previous clients and see if they are associated with dog clubs and organizations, as it speaks for their excellent reputation.

Also, ensure they are health-testing their dogs and puppies appropriately before purchasing.

We hope you bring a happy and healthy puppy home soon!

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