13 Best Siamese Cat Rescues in The USA! (2024)

Siamese cats are beautiful, elegant, and intelligent. One of the best ways to find your next rescue cat is to contact local cat rescues in your area.

There are thousands of Siamese cats in shelters across the United States. Some of these rescues are huge, while others might only have a few cats up for adoption at any given time.

Here are the best Siamese cat rescues in the United States.  

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1. Siamese Cat Rescue Center


The no-kill shelter rescues cats and places them in permanent homes where they can be loved and have long, happy lives. Siamese Cat Rescue Center also takes in homeless Siamese cats who need medical attention or training before someone adopts them.

The rescue can take in hundreds of cats simultaneously and always looks for more fosters and adopters. Their goal is to reduce the number of free cats dying yearly.

If you’re seeking to adopt a Siamese cat, their cat adoption process includes an application form, reference checks, and home visits.

Furthermore, they have a community outreach program through which volunteers educate the public about cat care responsibilities to help individuals seeking cat adoption services.

Siamese Cat Rescue Center Details:

2. Southern California Siamese


The organization is located in North Hills and commits to finding abandoned Siamese cats in California. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Siamese cats at risk of being euthanized by animal control facilities or shelters due to overcrowding.

Southern California Siamese also works on educating the public about the breed to help reduce the demand for purebred cats.

The organization has helped many Siamese find a new home since its inception. However, there are still hundreds more waiting for adoption at the facility. You can visit their website if you’d like to support their cause or check out their cat adoption process.

Southern California Siamese Details:

3. Michigan Siamese Rescue


Michigan Siamese Rescue is committed to assisting as many Siamese cats as possible. As long as there is room, they will rescue cats from neighboring areas, though they prefer Siamese cats in Michigan.

Most of their cats come from shelters, while some are owner-surrendered. Michigan Siamese Rescue doesn’t operate a sanctuary where you may go and see the cats.

Instead, they put their cats in foster homes across Southeast Michigan, where they spend their days until they find an appropriate adoptive home.

While the rescue takes every precaution to ensure the cats are in good health when they leave their custody, they have no access to their medical history.

Thus, it might be hard to predict whether or not there will be any unforeseen health or behavioral issues in the future.

Michigan Siamese Rescue Details:

4. Kitten Rescue


Kitten Rescue’s mission is saving cats, providing foster care, and finding them forever homes. The rescue strives to eliminate the possibility of homeless cats in the Los Angeles area succumbing to injuries.

Since 1997, the organization has done more than 21,000 rescues and cat placements into permanent homes.

Kitten Rescue saves Siamese cats and kittens in various conditions, such as neglected ones requiring constant bottle feeding. While waiting to be made available for adoption, they keep the cats in foster.

The sanctuary becomes a forever home to Siamese cats with unique care requirements and low adoption prospects. The group also seeks to instill a sense of responsibility for caring for their pets.

Occasionally, they educate the public on the benefits of spaying and neutering and the best ways to care for Siamese cats.

Kitten Rescue Details:

  • Location: 3519 Casitas Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90039
  • Phone Number: 818-347-3037
  • Website: Kitten Rescue

5. Fearless Kitty Rescue


Fearless Kitty Rescue helps strays and abandoned Siamese cats. They take in cats of all ages, health conditions, and personalities, offering a haven for those with nowhere else to turn.

The organization’s founders believe each Siamese cat deserves a long, happy, and fearless life. When not in caring foster families, their Siamese cats are at Fountain Hills, Arizona’s Kittyville.

The open establishment allows Siamese cats to interact with other felines, which is fantastic for bringing out their unique characteristics.

Fearless Kitty Rescue has a thorough adoption process to find suitable matches and train potential adopters about the duties and costs of adopting a cat into their homes.

The rescue also plays an educational role by disseminating information on issues such as socialization, healthy diets, and general pet care to community members.

They spay or neuter, vaccinate, and provide any necessary vet care for all of the Siamese cats in their custody.

Fearless Kitty Rescue Details:

6. PAWSitively Cats Rescue


PAWSitively Cats Rescue is a no-kill cat shelter located in Tucson, Arizona. Their goal is to help feral cats by promoting Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) and educating the public about the importance of spaying pets and adequately caring for them.

The organization provides care for stray or unsocial cats and those with leukemia. The rescue has a program where people can borrow traps, advise individuals who wish to assist with feral cat colonies, and cut down on the number of neglected cats.

PAWSitively Cats Rescue Details:

7. Good Mews Animal Foundation


Besides being the first of its kind in Atlanta, Good Mews Animal Foundation is among the few cat rescues in Georgia that don’t use cages for Siamese cats.

Since its founding in 1988, the organization has found permanent homes for more than 11,000 Siamese cats. The rescue depends entirely on private contributions from individuals and local companies, as they get no funding from the government.

Good Mews Animal Foundation is an alternative to conventional animal shelters in the Metro Atlanta area by offering a safe sanctuary for homeless, neglected, or orphaned cats.

Through various educational and outreach initiatives, the rescue aims to increase the general public’s understanding of the importance of pets, animal protection, overpopulation, and good human-animal relationships.

Good Mews Animal Foundation Details:

8. Furkids Animal Rescue & Shelters


Furkids Animal Rescue & Shelters is the biggest cage-free, no-kill shelter for rescued Siamese cats in the Southeastern United States. It’s also among the only places in the Southeast that specifically treats cats with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

The organization’s objective is to save stray and abandoned cats, give them quality treatment, and place them in a warm and loving atmosphere while simultaneously working to secure them permanent homes.

Furkids Animal Rescue & Shelters is the only pet rescue in the Atlanta metropolitan area that welcomes youngsters of any age to donate their time.

Their volunteer programs focus on rehabilitating abused and abandoned cats while offering individuals the chance to recover and grow through their experiences caring for animals.

For individuals looking for free cats, their adoption process requires you to fill out an adoption form. You can accomplish that on their website or at one of their physical adoption centers.

Furkids Animal Rescue & Shelters Details:

9. Adirondack Region Cat Adoption Center


Adirondack Region Cat Adoption Center’s ultimate goal is to see a world where people adopt all domestic pets into safe, permanent homes without starving or neglecting them.

The organization commits to preserving and improving the lives of stray animals and teaching the general public about the benefits and obligations of Siamese cat rescues.

Adirondack Region Cat Adoption Center collaborates with other animal shelters and rescue organizations in the unfortunate position of killing cats to maintain population control.  

Each rescued cat receives excellent care before being made available for adoption. The rescue holds fundraising events at their facility to help care for Siamese cats they have rescued.

Adirondack Region Cat Adoption Center Details:

10. Anjellicle Cats Rescue


Anjellicle Cats Rescue’s mission is to help New York become a no-kill city. The organization is among the most prominent in the metropolitan area, and its focus is to save stray and neglected cats, rehabilitate them, and find them forever homes.

Most of these cats are either too ill or wounded to be adopted.

Every rescued cat is given a warm welcome into a foster home where it receives love and treatment in preparation for adoption.

The organization believes people should not oppress animals and hopes to see the day when humane alternatives to death for unwanted Siamese cats become the norm rather than euthanasia.

The rescue displays the Siamese cats they have rescued on their website, allowing visitors to see the cat’s age and when they rescued it.

Anjellicle Cats Rescue Details:

11. Abandoned Pet Rescue


The group’s mission is to find permanent homes for neglected cats under their care. Abandoned Pet Rescue has given full medical care for 6,800 Siamese cats for the past ten years.

The organization strives to rescue cats from shelters where they are at risk of euthanasia and provide them with veterinary care and foster homes until they find their forever family.

The shelter’s Siamese cats have access to round-the-clock veterinary care, including vaccinations, because they have an onsite clinic.

The rescue works closely with other rescue groups to help educate the public on spaying and neutering. They also offer medical care assistance for other pets who need it.

Around 300 Siamese cats undergo sterilization, spaying, or neutering every year as part of the organization’s community cat colony assistance program.

Abandoned Pet Rescue takes in an average of 330 cats annually, adopts 270, and offers medical adoption to cats with specific needs to continue receiving treatment from the rescue’s vet.

Abandoned Pet Rescue Details:

12. Hermitage Cat Shelter


Hermitage Cat Shelter rescues cats from high-kill shelters and provides medical care before finding new homes.

They also have an adoption center where you can adopt your very own cat. The rescue strongly focuses on educating the public about spay or neuter programs.

Their founding principle is that each cat is adoptable and deserves the opportunity to live a joyful, decent life. The organization’s 9000 square feet and cage-free shelter can house more than 200 Siamese cats at once.

In accordance with the no-kill principle, Hermitage Cat Shelter offers refuge to cats for as long as they require it, even though their primary objective is to locate the ideal adoptive for every one of them.

Hermitage Cat Shelter Details:

13. Forgotten Cats


Forgotten Cats’ goal is to reduce the number of free cats in Delaware and nearby states. The organization’s services entail identifying, trapping, sterilizing, vaccinating, rehabilitating, and returning stray cats to caregivers.

In addition, the rescue objective is to bring every Siamese cat colony to a state of equilibrium and prevent further population expansion. They accomplish this by capturing and neutering all Siamese cats living in a colony.

Twenty percent of the cats needing medical attention at the facility are domestic Siamese cats. The organization takes in strays, abandoned house cats, and feral kittens under the age of 12 and puts them in their adoption program.

The rescue has ten satellite adoption facilities where their personnel and volunteers ensure the kitties find permanent homes.

Since 2003, the organization has sterilized at least 165,000 cats and found homes for more than 19,000 cats. Forgotten Cats’ ultimate aim is to ensure that all future generations of kittens are raised in safe, caring environments rather than on the streets.

Forgotten Cats Details:

Conclusion For “Best Siamese Cat Rescues in The USA”


Siamese cats are a favorite among cat lovers. They are known for their elegant appearance and intelligent personality. But, like all cats, they can get lost or abandoned at some point in their life.

Many organizations specialize in rescuing Siamese cats and finding permanent homes. We hope the above Siamese cat rescues will inspire you to adopt a Siamese cat.

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