4 Best Bird Rescues in Michigan! (2024)

Exotic birds like parrots make a great addition to any home. These beautiful creatures are fun to be with and can keep you company all day. Many parrots are highly interactive and love spending time with their human companions. Therefore, we’ve got a list of the best bird rescues in Michigan for you here.

Another awesome thing about birds is that they are compatible with most families, unlike dogs and cats. If you are considering adding a bird to your household, we recommend taking some time to research the species you want. 

Adoption is also a better choice than buying from a breeder because you are saving a life, and it will cost you less.

Michigan is a pet-friendly state with many dedicated and responsible rescue organizations that accept owner-surrendered birds, rescue abandoned, abused, and neglected birds, and place them in the right homes. 

We have analyzed and listed some of the most reputable bird rescues in Michigan. Some rescue and adopt only parrots, while others extend their helping hands to other exotic bird species. Here are our top picks:

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The Best Bird Rescues in Michigan


1. Rainbow Feathers Bird Club and Rescue


While adoption is much cheaper and better than buying from a breeder, you still need to be careful when choosing a rescue organization.

Your target should be an organization that abides by federal, state, and local laws and is passionate about saving these birds and placing them in the best homes. 

From our findings, Rainbow Feathers Bird Club and Rescue appears to be one of the most trusted bird rescues in Michigan.

The organization has a great reputation in this field, thanks to its commitment and dedication towards saving abused, neglected, and lost birds. 

Rainbow Feathers Bird Club and Rescue is a non-profit, registered rescue organization. Their mission is to save, rehabilitate, and rehome parrots and other birds in need.

They are also committed to educating the public about companion bird health, care, and welfare. 

Their purpose is to find the best and most compatible forever homes for unwanted and abandoned companion birds. If you want to learn more about parrots and other exotic birds, you can join their pet club. 

The pet club meetings are open to all who are interested. Located in Southeast Michigan, Rainbow Feathers serves entire Michigan and other surrounding areas. They are 100 percent committed to the health and overall well-being of birds in their coverage area. 

In addition to rescuing and educating the public, this rescue organization promotes and assists in the care of exotic birds. They also support avian research and address environmental concerns. 

The program is powered by volunteers and funded by donations and adoption fees. Their volunteers help in rescuing and rehoming the birds. After rescuing them, the birds are taken to a vet for proper health checks. 

They are only accommodated in their foster homes after being declared free and certified healthy by the vet. All rescued birds remain in their foster homes until their forever families come for them. 

The volunteers are also in charge of the educational programs, ensuring existing and potential bird owners are equipped with the knowledge they need to create lasting relationships with their pets.

In addition, Rainbow Feathers organizes a yearly bird fair where they raise funds to support club projects which include:

  • Scholarships for bird vet students at Michigan State University
  • A library for club members with many enjoyable and educational books about birds, from finches to large hookbills
  • Donations to various avian research projects

Since its establishment in 1998, Rainbow Feathers has rescued and relocated hundreds of birds of different sizes and species. They also offer permanent housing for birds that cannot be placed in their forever homes. 

Rainbow Feathers Bird Club and Rescue Details:

2. Kiki’s Parrot Playland Sanctuary and Rescue


Are you looking for the best place to adopt a parrot in Michigan? Kiki’s Parrot Playland Sanctuary and Rescue might just be the perfect place to adopt your new family member.

Kiki’s Parrot Playland offers a wide range of services for parrots, including surrenders, adoptions, boarding, guidance, and a sanctuary. 

It is the home of various species and sizes of parrots in Michigan. The organization was established to cater to the needs of our forever-feathered friends. Whether you want to adopt or rehome your parrots, Kiki’s Parrot Playland is here for you. 

They work with small and large parrots, including parrots with health issues, special needs, and behavioral issues.

This bird rescue organization came about as a labor of love. Kim Wallace, the owner and founder of Kiki’s Parrot Playland, is compassionate about parrots and is willing to go the extra mile for these pets.

Like many first-time parrot owners, Kim knew nothing about parrots when she got her first parrot – a Moluccan Cockatoo.

She knew nothing about the screaming for attention, destructive behavior, and all other attention-seeking behaviors these exotic creatures use against their owners. 

She had no one to meet for help and started researching various parrot behaviors, including proper care and nutrition. It was during her research about parrots she discovered how these pets were abused/mistreated and how many needed homes. 

Kim also met other parrot owners who were overwhelmed by the needs of their birds and felt they would do better in new homes.

She also found and rescued parrots in need of a home due to unfortunate circumstances. Kim later found herself with various parrots that needed a second chance at a permanent home. 

She didn’t have the intention to start a rescue organization but could not ignore the need for it after finding more and more parrots in need of medical care and homes.

In addition to helping these pets, she works with other volunteers to educate owners and potential owners about these birds. 

Kim Wallace also ensures her adopters do not go through what she went through after getting her first parrot. She provides them with all the tools they need to encounter the challenges of owning a parrot and other bird species.

Whether you are a first-time parrot owner or have a parrot with behavior issues or special needs, Kiki’s Parrot Playland has the right resources for you. 

Kiki’s Parrot Playland Sanctuary and Rescue Details:

3. Birds and Beaks Rescue and Rehab


Birds and Beaks Rescue and Rehab is a parrot rescue located in Battle Creek, Michigan but dedicated to helping companion parrots and their owners across the globe. One of the top priorities of this organization is education. 

They are committed to educating the public about responsible pet ownership and how best to care for various parrot species.

BBRR is active on Facebook, where they share a lot of useful information about these exotic creatures, including their unique health needs, nutrition, and care tips.

Birds and Breaks Rescue and Rehab rescue abandoned, neglected, and abused birds in Michigan. They take these birds into their facility and treat them like family. All rescued birds are medically treated and given the love, care, and attention they deserve. 

The organization recently acquired a very large space, which means enough room for the birds to flap their wings and exercise as much as they want. Most of the birds that come to them are owner surrendered.

They also have a special help section for bird owners who need behavioral help with their pets. BBRR has a unique approach to saving, rehabilitating, and caring for these birds. Their core mission is to ensure these birds are healthy, comfortable, and happy. 

Their various educational programs are geared toward helping bird owners to better understand their birds and reduce the need for “surrender.” They also have helpful resources and materials for first-time parrot owners. 

Birds and Beaks Rescue and Rehab Details:

4. Northern Michigan Parrot Rescue


Located in Alpena, MI, Northern Michigan Parrot Rescue is a rescue created by Chanda to help fulfill a need for resources in their local area.

Chanda has been an avid animal lover since her youth. She volunteered for the local society and helped in raising many animals. 

Besides rescuing pets, Chanda is also a teacher and an author. For many years, she rescued pets who needed homes on an unofficial basis and cared for them like her own.

She continued her good work even after getting married. Her husband is also an animal lover and joined her in her course. 

Today, NMPR is one of the most recognized and largest parrot rescue organizations in Northern Michigan. The family rescues, fosters, rehabilitates, and rehomes various species of parrots.

All their birds are vet-checked and treated prior to adoption. She also guides new parrot owners and provides necessary assistance even after the adoption. 

Northern Michigan Parrot Rescue Details:

Conclusion For “Best Bird Rescues in Michigan”


Listed here are some of the best places to adopt a parrot or other exotic bird species in Michigan. We have listings from various parts of Michigan, meaning you do not have to travel a long distance to adopt your new family member.

Do not forget to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge you need to successfully adopt and live with your desired bird species in your home. 

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