Samoyed Puppies in California – Top 6 Breeders! (2024)


If you’re looking for Samoyed puppies in California, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s impossible to spend time with a Samoyed puppy and not fall in love. Apart from their dashing looks, the Samoyed also comes with a distinctive personality that’s loved by many.

The Samoyed is a happy, calm-tempered dog breed with a glass-half-full attitude towards life, and let’s face it – we all could use some positive energy in our lives!

Samoyeds are human-loving dogs. Although this adorable-looking breed is more likely to imprint on one person in the family, they’ll still love the other family members too.

However, know that Samoyeds love company and do not appreciate being left alone.

Another thing to watch for when you’re in the market looking for a Samoyed is to ensure you only pick a reliable and experienced breeder.

The Samoyed Club of America strongly recommends choosing a breeder that focuses on their puppies’ mental and physical health.

Listed below are some of the most ethical and experienced Samoyed breeders in California.

The Best Samoyed Breeders in California


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1. Silvermist Samoyeds


Silvermist Samoyeds have been breeding Samoyed puppies in California since 2006. With decades of experience and excellent quality AKC registered dogs, the breeder is considered one of California’s most reliable Samoyed breeders.

Silvermist’s dogs are from top-quality bloodlines with Polar Mist, Vanderbilt, and White Magic in their pedigrees. They only breed litters with OFA clear hips and CERF eye clearances.

Moreover, at Silvermist Samoyeds, the breeders work over the clock to ensure the puppies are raised in a secure, healthy, and family environment where all their needs are tended to.

All the pet puppies are priced at $5,500. Show puppies may also be available occasionally, and the breeder will refund the purchase price if the dog is shown to its’s AKC Championship title.

Make sure to inquire about the puppies’ vaccination and deworming status if you want to purchase a Samoyed puppy from Silvermist Samoyeds!

Silvermist Samoyeds Details:

2. Firecloud Samoyeds


Located in Farfield, California, Firecloud Samoyeds is another excellent option for those looking to purchase Samoyed puppies in California. The kennel named Firecloud has been breeding Samoyeds for over 30 years.

Firecloud Samoyeds, with extensive experience and expertise, have produced over 40 champions so far, with numerous other Samoyeds pointed and close to finishing.

Their gorgeous Samoyeds are active in conformation, participate in herding events, and pack hikes!

Some dogs raised by the California-based breeder have also participated in therapy work and scootering and have earned the Samoyed Club of America’s Working Samoyed titles!

Firecloud Samoyeds strives to breed and raise Samoyeds that are not only beautiful and healthy but also possess sound structure, the ability to do the work they were officially bred for, and the lovely temperament that appeases many pet parents.

Only the dogs that are OFA clear for hips and CERF clear for eyes are used in Firecloud Samoyed’s breeding program.

So, if you’re interested in purchasing a gorgeous Samoyed from Firecloud Samoyeds, get in touch with the breeder immediately for more information about available litters.

Firecloud Samoyeds Details:

3. White Spirit Samoyeds


Looking for Samoyed puppies in California? Look no further than White Spirit Samoyeds. Founded in 2001, the breeder strives to maintain the original standard and the working heritage of this ancient yet precious dog breed.

All dogs are ensured to have their health clearances and champion ancestries before breeding each puppy litter.

Moreover, the dogs are raised at the breeder’s home in a safe and healthy environment where they’re well taken care of and have plenty of areas to move around.

White Spirit Samoyeds are also proud members of the Samoyed Club of America. So, you can be assured you will only get the highest quality puppies that are mentally and physically fit and make the perfect addition to your family.

If you’re interested in purchasing a puppy from White Spirit Samoyeds, email the breeder for more information. Note that interviews for prospective puppy owners are handled by phone or email.

White Spirit Samoyeds Details:

4. Sunfire Samoyeds


One of the most credible breeders with several verifiable memberships, Sunfire Samoyeds is another option worth considering if you’re looking for Samoyed puppies in California.

Sunfire Samoyeds have extensive experience when it comes to dealing with Samoyeds as a breed and aims to place only the healthiest puppies into happy and safe homes.

They also show their dogs in conformance shows and encourage pet parents to participate in performance opportunities with their gorgeous Samoyed dogs.

Since Sunfire Samoyeds only breed puppies occasionally, in case of unavailability, they will be glad to help you find more breeders in your area. To know more details regarding litter availability, visit their website.

Sunfire Samoyeds Details:

5. Oakbrook Samoyeds


If you’re looking for Samoyed puppies for sale in California, checking out Oakbrook Samoyeds is a must! Oakbrook Samoyeds has been showing the Samoyed breed since the 1960s, and Oakbrook was started in 1994.

Oakbrook Samoyeds do not consider themselves a kennel business but a proud family sport with three generations of a family currently involved in breeding, training, and showing the gorgeous Samoyed dog breed.

At Oakbrook Samoyeds, the breeders enjoy competing with their dogs in conformation, agility, therapy work, herding, weight pulling, running them on the beach, and taking them for a walk.

These dogs are active, have plenty of time and area to run around, and have the time of their lives!

Moreover, the breeders at Oakbrook Samoyeds are committed to ensuring they only breed the highest-quality dogs that make healthy and wonderful family pets!

To learn more about the currently available litters, visit Oakbrook’s Samoyeds website.

Oakbrook Samoyeds Details:

6. Lake Hill Samoyeds


Last but not least, Lake Hill Samoyeds is another must-consider option for everyone looking for Samoyed puppies in California.

The breeder aims to produce structurally sound and active Samoyeds with a great temperament and would make a lovely addition to your family.

The Samoyeds are raised at home in a secure, comfortable environment with plenty of areas to move and play around.

Moreover, the breeders at Lake Hill Samoyeds go out of their way to ensure these gorgeous puppies are also physically and mentally healthy.

For details regarding upcoming litters, visit the breeder’s website.

Lake Hill Samoyeds Details:

More Information About Samoyed Puppies in California


Bred to be a working breed, Samoyeds may be strong-willed at times, but they’re still friendly, affectionate, and lively at heart. All in all, you will never get bored with a Sammy around.

To bring your dream of having a happy Samoyed puppy jumping around your home to life, it is essential to pick a breeder that is experienced in breeding Samoyeds and reliable.

Whenever you’re looking for a Samoyed breeder, you’ll likely come across many breeders claiming to breed high-quality, healthy Samoyeds. However, unfortunately, not all breeders are genuine.

Many breeders breed solely for profit and compromise their puppies’ mental and physical health. Moreover, ensure you strictly avoid puppy mills as they are known to breed and raise their dogs in unhygienic conditions.

But how can you differentiate the good from the bad and pick an ethical breeder that abides by the required standards of Samoyed breeding?

Apart from considering our list of Samoyed breeders, here are some other factors we consider looking out for that should give you an idea about a breeder that is reliable and ethical:

Encourages Visits

The preferred way to get to know a breeder is to meet them in person, which can be located near their home or a kennel.

A good breeder will always encourage clients to visit their facility in person and get to know the puppy and its parents.

Provide a Full Medical History

An ethical breeder will be happy to show you a complete medical history of their puppies and also their parents.

These documents include OFA and CERF certificates. Other documents that you should prefer to receive include state health certificates, vaccination, and deworming certificates.

Socializes their Puppy

Socialization is an essential aspect of raising a puppy. Socialization ensures the puppy gets along well with other pets that may already be in your home, along with children. Therefore, a reliable breeder will ensure their puppies are well-socialized.

Have Good Reviews or Testimonials

Before finalizing a breeder, check out their website and read any testimonials from their previous clients. Moreover, also make sure to check their social media reviews!

Samoyed Puppies in California – Top 6 Breeders


Purchasing a puppy and bringing it home is an overwhelming process. The whole process can be bothersome, from the never-ending search for a reputable breeder to being listed in long waiting lines.

With the above-given list of breeders, we hope to cut down your research time so you can enjoy bringing a puppy home without hassle. We wish you the best of luck in bringing a Samoyed puppy home!

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