4 Best Samoyed Breeders in Michigan! (2024)

There are many Samoyed breeders in Michigan and its neighboring states, and all of them offer puppies with unique qualities.

These intelligent and mischievous dogs are highly in demand in such colder regions of the country and make excellent sled dogs!

A Samoyed loves to be social and is a super friendly dog, so they settle well in a family environment. They can be lifelong, loyal, and loving companions provided with the right socialization and training early.

Before bringing home a Samoyed, research the breed and its requirements to see if it is the right fit for you.

It is also necessary to choose a breeder wisely; health, pedigree, socialization, and training are some of the factors you should keep in mind when shortlisting breeders.

To give you quick access to reliable breeders, here is a list of some reputable breeders offering Samoyed puppies in Michigan and neighboring states:

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1. Northern Glories


The first on our list is Northern Glories, the breeders of Samoyed puppies and Giant Alaskan Malamute and Siberian husky. Their dogs are known for their excellent health, quality, height, and weight.

They breed them according to breed-specific standards and follow the ethical practices of raising and producing dogs. Their puppies are great with children and other pets.

These dogs and pups live in their home with their four teenage children, and all of them are socialized and trained before they leave for their new homes.

All their dogs are AKC registered and part of their genetic health program. It includes OFA certification for hips, eyes, and elbows.

They all come from original bloodlines and are bred for top quality, even temperament, great health, and work potential.

The adoption price of the puppy ranges from $1350-$3950. They come with limited registration, which means the new owner doesn’t have breeding rights.

A part of the payment is kept as a deposit when you reserve a puppy; the deposit fee depends on the actual price of the puppy.

All Michigan residents pay a 6% sales tax at the time of purchase. The puppies undergo a detailed health examination by a certified vet of Northern Glories.

The puppies are ready to be adopted at eight weeks, but bookings start when they turn three weeks old.

They will have shots, be wormed, and be on a worming schedule before leaving. They will also be on heartworm prevention; if their age is appropriate, they will be spayed/neutered too.

A three-year genetic health guarantee and a forty-five-day general health guarantee will accompany all puppies from Northern Glories.

The breeder wants their loved and spoiled puppies to go to loving and caring homes, so there is a long and essential application process.

You can view all the available puppies on their website and read policies to get further insight into their operations.

Northern Glories Details:

2. Snowchien Kennels


The next breeder on our list with Samoyed puppies for sale in Michigan is Snowchien Kennels.

The breeder behind this dedicated Samoyed breeding operation has loved Samoyed puppies since she was ten-year-old. Her love for this breed begins with their glistening white fur and graceful, smiling face.

In 1980, she adopted her first Samoyed with her husband. Since then, they have been raising lovely and adoptable Samoyed puppies who live with their children and are trained to socialize and behave well in a family environment.

Snowchien dogs also participate, and many have become national champions of AKC/UKC conformation dog shows.

Snowchien Kennels is a member of several reputable organizations, such as the Samoyed Club of America and the Samoyed Association of Metro Detroit (SAMD).

The dogs live indoors with them, raised with love and care like family members, and they get abundant human contact which helps them develop strong bonds with their forever family.

You can visit their website to see the available puppies there, and if you’re interested in getting one, contact them via email.

They also have pictures from different shows, and you can ask them to arrange a visit so you can meet the dogs yourself. Pictures of their dogs are also available on the website.

Snowchien Kennels Details:

3. Snowbright Samoyeds


Snowbright Samoyeds is another example of a reputable breeder from Ohio, the neighboring state to Michigan.

They have been involved in this business for over three decades by producing, showing, and raising well-behaved Samoyed.

Their Samoyed dogs come from original AKC champion bloodlines from all around the world. Moreover, they aim to breed ethically and produce high-quality dogs with good health and excellent temperament.

Snowbright is a small breeding program that usually only has a few litters yearly. The waiting period is also more than a yearlong because they practice selective breeding to ensure the dogs are always healthy.

The breeding dogs live in the breeder’s home, and the puppies take birth in their bedroom. When they are four weeks old, they move to the family room to socialize and play with other people and dogs.

They undergo health screenings for eyes and hips and are consistently monitored for good and sound temperaments.

The breeder offers full support to all interested clients. They wish to educate people about this breed of dogs and help them understand them better so that the puppies go into loving and affectionate homes.

If you’re interested, you can email them for the puppy application for 2023. A part of the application process is for families to visit the puppies in Columbus or Detroit when they’re five weeks old.

All the puppies are sold on AKC limited registration, which means there will be no breeding rights for the new owners.

Visit their website to see adorable pictures of their dogs and reserve your puppy.

Snowbright Samoyeds Details:

4. Moonlighter Samoyeds


Last on our list of Samoyed breeders in Michigan is Moonlighter Samoyeds from Wisconsin. They produce top quality Samoyed puppies with excellent health and conformation as a show prospect.

Many of their dogs are champions and have been awarded several titles at show rings. Ever since 1969, this breeder has fancied this breed of dog and has been involved in the breeding of pups who later on became titled champions.

The name of the kennel, ‘Moonlighter,’ depicts the strength and quality of Samoyeds as show dogs, agility experts, watchdogs, lifelong companions, and weight pullers.

Their dogs are gentle and friendly with active and intelligent minds, which keeps them on top of the competition.

The breeder is the vice president of the Samoyed Club of America, a founding member of Greater Milwaukee Samoyed Fanciers, and a proud Fond du Lac Kennel Club member, along with being an approved AKC judge.

The dogs at Moonlight Kennels have adorable faces with smiling eyes and excellent dispositions.

They are adaptable, full of life, and social beings. They strive for human interaction and get along well with children while being alert and excellent watchdogs.

The kennels where the dogs live are spacious and airy, with the natural breeze and fans keeping the area ventilated. During winters, the dogs live inside the home instead of in kennels.

The dogs are chosen for selective breeding and bred for sturdy and strong bodies along with even temperament and good looks. The dogs are regularly x-rayed for hip dysplasia using OFA and CERF for eye-checkup.

The puppies are eight weeks old when ready to go to their new home; at that time, they are wormed, vaccinated, and socialized.

Moonlight Kennels only have one or two litters every year, so check them out on the website and reserve one immediately.

Moonlighter Samoyeds Details:

More Information About Samoyeds in Michigan


Samoyed dogs were originally bred for hard work in the world’s coldest corners, and they excel at jobs when in packs.

They are usually great with children and do well in families with members of all ages, but they prefer to bond with a chosen person.

Samoyeds are social dogs and get along well with other pets, especially dogs. However, as herding dogs, they may tend to nip or chase, but it’s all playful as long as they’re trained well enough.

Owning a Samoyed puppy is a significant responsibility because they love attention and long for companionship.

As a responsible owner, it will be your duty to never leave them alone for more than four to eight hours.

Moreover, working dogs have excessive stamina and activeness, so they must receive at least an hour of outdoor exercise daily.

Conclusion For “Best Samoyed Breeders in Michigan”


There are many Samoyed breeders in Michigan and its neighboring states, but you must do complete research to choose the best one.

A responsible breeder has a good reputation which you can verify from their reviews and testimonials.

Check out their social media presence for further information and schedule a visit before finalizing your decision.

The facility you visit should house a minimum number of dogs and shouldn’t be overcrowded; it should be clean and hygienic.

Be sure to ask as many questions from your breeder as possible to test their knowledge and learn more about the breed.

A good breeder would proudly present the medical documents of their dogs along with genetic health guarantee.

Michigan is a great place to have a pet Samoyed because they’re creatures of the cold.

But it would help if you were cautious when caring for them because they need individual attention from their owner and ample time with family to become well-behaved and well-socialized.

However, you will not regret having this ball of energy around.

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