6 Best Samoyed Breeders in New York (NY)! (2024)


Do you need assistance finding some of the best Samoyed breeders in New York (NY)? Thanks to this article, you’ll be able to find Samoyed puppies.

Because of their distinctive characteristics and endearing personalities, Samoyed puppies are adorable. These fluffy white puppies resemble teddy bears with thick white coats, wide eyes, and perky ears.

They are popular among dog lovers because of their amiable and outgoing personalities and love of playing and interacting with their owners.

Samoyed pups make excellent family pets since they are renowned for their devotion and commitment toward their human partners. So it’s no surprise that Samoyed puppies have become one of the most popular breeds among dog fans, given their irresistible cuteness and loving personalities.

On the other hand, finding Samoyed puppies in New York (NY) can be difficult. First, compared to some other well-known breeds, Samoyeds are not a popular breed; hence, fewer breeders are accessible.

Secondly, breeders must possess some knowledge and experience in rearing Samoyeds because they require particular living circumstances, grooming, and exercise. However, not all breeders prioritize their dogs’ health and well-being, resulting in the birth of puppies with various inherited health problems.

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1. Northern Glories


Northern Glories is the first breeder on our list providing Samoyed puppies in New York (NY). In addition to Samoyed puppies, Northern Glories is known for breeding Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies.

They treat each of their dogs as a member of the family because they are a family-run business. Their sole intent when they began growing the brood was to form a sled team.

But, the family gradually became interested in the breeding industry. Now, they make every effort to produce high-quality puppies for companionship.

Before being sold, each of their dogs undergoes health examinations, including heartworm medication and spay/neuter surgeries.

Their puppies are socialized in a family setting to ensure friendliness, even temperament, and adaptability. They also have tight policies to ensure all their dogs are placed in the right homes, including reference letters.

Prospective owners must accept these conditions to qualify for the three-year health guarantee.

This family is committed to giving their pets the best possible life. They care for the adult dogs they have chosen to keep and the pups they can sell.

Northern Glories Details:

2. Winterstrong Samoyeds


Next up is a breeder that has been raising Samoyed puppies for sale since 1999; thus, they are experts in breeding them.

Samoyed breeder Wintersong pays special attention to the characteristics of its litter. Their canines’ well-being, type, temperament, and structure come first.

To lessen the likelihood that the canines would experience serious health issues, Wintersong conducts all required health examinations. The appraisal of the heart and certification of the eyes are two of these tests.

They use early neurological stimulation (ENS) to socialize their puppies as much as possible. They use a variety of techniques, including touch sound stimulation and desensitization.

This implies that their Samoyeds are exposed to potential childhood experiences at a young age.

ENS guarantees that when your dog comes home with you, it will already be familiar with everyday life in a human household and ready to enjoy a great life with you. To learn more about your potential dog, contact this Samoyed breeder. The contact information for this Samoyed breeder is provided below.

Winterstrong Samoyeds Details:

3. Arctic Samoyeds


Another great place providing Samoyed puppies in New York (NY) is “Arctic Samoyeds.” It is a breeding house that strongly emphasizes the temperament of its young dogs.

The owners of this breeding facility emphasize kindness and closeness to their human companions.

This Samoyed breeder only plans a small number of litters a year to ensure that all their dogs share these characteristics. This ensures that their mother and pups get all the attention they need.

The puppies are trained as early as possible. They are lavished with affection, which makes them more devoted to their future owners.

The breeder also ensures that all puppies receive regular health examinations to reduce their risk of contracting serious illnesses. As they develop, they make sure they are at their proper weight.

You will have a highly devoted pet if you buy from Arctic Samoyeds. Moreover, you must pay a deposit to hold a puppy, which will be taken off the total cost.

Arctic Samoyeds Details:

4. Rhapsody Samoyeds


While Rhapsody Samoyeds is not technically among Samoyed breeders in New York (NY), we’re including it because it offers well-bred Samoyeds all over the USA.

In 1995, Rhapsody Samoyeds made their debut in the market. Since then, they have participated in competitions and produced puppies for show and companionship.

The owners now oversee their little kennel while training and grooming their dogs for shows. While they focus on breeding dogs for companionship, they mainly focus on preparing their Samoyeds for dog shows.

Some of the greatest world champions are the ancestors of their Samoyeds, and their dogs frequently appear on Florida-based and non-Florida-based shows.

They breed their dogs rarely. Typically, they have just one litter every year. Because of this restriction, they can adequately care for their pets, and plenty of individual attention is given to each puppy.

People looking to adopt dogs from Rhapsody Samoyeds must join a waiting list before the puppies are born.

Their puppies are reserved quickly, so you must approach them as soon as a litter is announced to get on this elite waiting list. Use this link to inquire about available puppies and register your interest.

Florida is miles from New York, so why have we included Rhapsody? The breeder offers assisted shipping! You can get your puppy in New York without moving a mile. Contact the breeder for more details.

The contact information for this Samoyed breeder is provided below.

Rhapsody Samoyeds Details:

5. Happy Samoyedland


Happy Samoyedland is a Utah-based breeding house run by Brandi Richins. This ethical breeder’s well-bred and happy puppies will create a lovely place in your home and your heart.

The process for getting a Samoyed from this breeder is also pretty simple. All you need to do is submit information about yourself and what you are looking for so the breeding house can help you find a pup that will meet your needs.

Once you’ve applied, Brandi will contact you and schedule a one-on-one meeting to discuss the pricing, availability, and further steps. Also, these puppies receive the best care possible while staying at the breeder’s house.

They interact with kids and receive a lot of love as a result. They are given proper attention, go outside for fun and games, and are potty-trained.

All the puppies are de-wormed, vaccinated, and have health records. You will also receive a one-year health guarantee, a small containing food or a toy with their littermates’ traces.

Moreover, you can contact Brandi on her Good Dog profile to get more information or reserve a puppy.

While Utah is quite far from New York, you can arrange for your pet’s delivery through pet-safe air cargo. The contact information for this Samoyed breeder is provided below.

Happy Samoyedland Details:

6. Polar Mist Samoyeds


The last breeder on this list of Samoyed breeders in New York (NY) is Polar Mist, a renowned breeder of Samoyeds located in Oregon.

Established in 1971, this kennel has built a strong reputation for itself and is considered one of the most reputable breeders in the country.

Their objective is to produce Samoyed puppies that possess the best qualities. They achieved this by beginning with two female dogs, one athletic and the other aesthetically pleasing.

The Polar Mist line was established with these two dogs as the foundation, ultimately producing “the nation’s top line of Samoyeds.”

The quality of each dog in this line is exceptional, from their structure and movement to their health clearances and medical care to prevent genetic issues.

With at least 360 champions bred or assisted in breeding worldwide, Polar Mist is ideal for those interested in registering their puppy for dog shows.

Furthermore, the owner has extensive knowledge of the breed’s standards, making it a top choice for prospective Samoyed owners, even if they do not seek to own the next show champion.

To get a puppy from this breeder, visit the Nursery page to view the available puppies, then contact the breeder via email or phone to confirm availability and make reservations.

The breeder facilitates pet delivery via air cargo and ground delivery; contact the breeder to discuss the details.

Polar Mist Samoyeds Details:

How to Choose Samoyed Breeders in New York (NY)


It can be difficult to locate a trustworthy breeder of Samoyed puppies in New York (NY), but you can take a few steps to be sure you do.

First, research breeders that are experts in the dog breed you are interested in. Seek out breeders who have a solid reputation in the neighborhood and are members of recognized breed-specific organizations.

Consult your veterinarian or other dog owners for recommendations.

Once you’ve located the right breeders, visit the breeder’s facility to meet the puppies and dogs and observe how they are treated.

Also, check for a contract explaining the obligations of the breeder and the buyer, and ask the breeder for proof of any health checks performed on the parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How close is a Samoyed to a wolf?

A Samoyed is actually the closest representation of what wild dogs would have looked like. It has no wolf lineage.

What is the closest dog to a Samoyed?

An American Eskimo dog is the most similar breed.

Do Samoyed dogs have separation anxiety?

Samoyeds are herd animals. They prefer packs and need company. Otherwise, they will get bored.

Where Are the Best Samoyed Breeders in New York (NY)?


So there you have it – a list of the top-best Samoyed Breeders in and near New York.

The breeders are respectable, knowledgeable, and committed to raising happy and healthy puppies.

Also, it’s crucial to do your homework and pick a breeder who is dedicated to the welfare of their dogs and has a track record of raising puppies of exceptional quality.

You must take your time to ensure you select a breeder you can trust and feel at ease with because getting a pup is a major decision.

You may identify the ideal Samoyed breeder in New York with some work and welcome a devoted friend into your life.

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