5 Best Cat Rescues in Denver! (2023)

Stray or abused cats are a nationwide concern that could significantly benefit from more care and better practices. Many neighborhoods across the United States are full of stray cats and other stray household animals.

In addition, big cities, such as Denver, have a more significant concentration of strays to deal with than different corners of the nation and thus need more institutions dedicated to resolving the problem while giving these strays the care they deserve. 

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most well-known rescue shelters for cats in the Denver area and how they help to provide the love and care these wonderful companions deserve.

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How Cats End Up as Strays  


Feral is another term often used to label stray cats in residential areas. However, many cat owners will let their cats outside from time to time to explore and exercise, and cats usually enjoy outdoor time.

The difference between a household cat outside and a feral cat is that feral cats were not raised around people when they were kittens. Hence, they usually aren’t as friendly. 

However, many residents will still look after stray cats in their local areas by giving them food, which builds trust between the abandoned animal and the people they live around.

Over time this can lead to the stray being comfortable enough with certain people that it will allow them to pet it, and can even lead to a household adopting the stray.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for many homeless animals; millions of strays are euthanized annually. 

The number of strays that get rescued and receive proper care is staggeringly lower than the amount of them that get euthanized nationwide. 

The stray population in the US is roughly around 70 million, and only 6-7 million of those strays enter animal shelters annually; this number has decreased in recent years.

The reason why the stay population is so vast and unaccounted for is multifaceted. Many of these factors come from neglectful pet owners, for example: 

  • An abused or mistreated cat will likely run away the first chance it gets. 
  • Home renovations can cause a cat a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety, causing it to run away. 
  • Cats are often reclusive animals and usually do not enjoy the company or introduction of other household pets unless they were introduced to them as kittens.
  • Unspayed cats will likely run out of the house if they catch the smell of a stray that could be a potential mate for them. 
  • Unattended health problems can also cause a cat a lot of stress which may lead to another reason for it to run away from home. 

5 Best Cat Rescues in Denver


Here are five cat rescue shelters to turn to if you are looking into cat adoption.

1. Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue 


Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue is one of many cat rescues in Denver. The rescue’s mission is to take in stray or neglected cats and provide them care until they can be adopted into a loving and permanent home.

Adoption, foster care, or volunteering are the three main methods a member of the Denver community can use to assist Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue’s goal of rescuing cats. 

There are a few qualifications you must meet if you wish to become a foster caregiver for this cat rescue location. Firstly, all potential foster caregivers must be at least 18 years old.

You can provide foster care whether you’re a homeowner or a renter. Still, you will likely need permission from your landlord if you’re renting.

Other household pets are acceptable as they can potentially create a positive environment for the foster cat, but this is dependent on the pet’s behavior. 

The rescue needs caregivers willing to provide care for adult cats to give them more opportunities to be socialized with people, require a special diet, or other specific circumstances. 

Rock Mountain Feline Rescue:

2. Denver Cat Rescue


Denver Cat Rescue’s mission is to save cats from high-kill shelters and give them the best chance for the loving forever home they deserve. The recuse location partners with many other groups to further its rescue and adoption efforts.

In addition, Denver Cat Rescue is one of the first cat cafes to be opened in the US. The cafe opened in 2014 and since then has helped find over 4000 cats a new home through adoption. 

The conjoined companies of the rescue center and the cat cafe provide a lot of visibility for their adoptable cats in the Denver metro area.

Furthermore, because patrons can interact with the cats in the cafe, it creates a great environment where cats can easily be socialized with humans and other cats for adoption. 

For those who wish to take the extra step to be involved, Denver Cat Rescue is open to foster caregivers and volunteering. 

Denver Cat Rescue Details:

3. Almost Home Adoption for Rescued Cats 


Almost Home Adoption is a cage-free, non-kill rescue and adoption center for neglected or abused cats and other household animals.

The rescue center depends entirely on generous donations to keep running and continue to fulfill its mission. Most animals in the shelter were rescued from the streets of Colorado or from other shelters that were going to euthanize them. 

This rescue center operates as more than just a rescue and adoption center for strays. The rescue center is one of the few cat rescues in Denver that will take in kittens that still require bottle feeding, which is an around-the-clock task.

These kittens are called bottle babies and need constant care and attention to survive at this stage in their lives. 

Terminally ill cats are also accepted at this rescue center to live their lives with as much love and care as possible.

This care is made possible at the center because they operate with a no-cage system for their cats and instead have an entire lounge with plenty of fluffy beds and room for exercise. 

Almost Home Adoption for Rescued Cats Details: 

4. Cat Care Society 


Cat Care Society is a non-profit, cage-free organization to provide proper care to the stray cats of the Denver Metro area.

As a loving rescue center, the Cat Care Society is nondiscriminatory in what cats they choose to take in and provide care for.

Although the rescue center’s capacity is roughly 75 cats, dedicated staff and volunteers provide excellent care and affection to all of them. 

Due to their nondiscriminatory policy, the Cat Care Society rescue center can only take in more cats when current inhabitants find a forever home. 

In addition to providing unconditional care to any cats in need, the rescue centers also sponsor several programs that aim to educate people on the proper treatment of household companions and spread awareness to free cats from mistreatment and kill shelters. 

In 2021 alone, that care center was responsible for finding a forever home for over 500 cats. Furthermore, 20% of those adopted cats were old or required special treatment. 

Cat Care Society Details:

5. Dumb Friends League


You’d be hard-pressed to find a rescue center with more history than the Dumb Friends League. The organization was founded in 1910, over 100 years ago, and has since expanded its reach and animal care efforts exponentially.

The center offers cat adoption services and works to rescue cats and other neglected animals from abuse. 

Dumb Friends League contributes to animal care across Colorado, especially Denver. In 2017 the organization opened a veterinary hospital in Denver that offers free neutering services as part of an effort to resolve the overpopulation of strays.

In the same year, they received significant renovations to their Leslie A. Malone center to improve and expand the essential components of the care center.

The organization has been expanding and improving to meet the needs of neglected animals and pet owners across Colorado. Dumb Friends League is showing no signs of slowing down its efforts to fight animal homelessness and neglect.   

Dumb Friends League:

Conclusion For “Best Cat Rescues in Denver”


Denver, Colorado, is home to many animal lovers, so the demand for adoption and veterinary care is positively high. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go in quelling the number of homeless strays.

However, with the combined efforts of cat rescues in Denver, such as the ones listed above, these loveable animals have a better chance of receiving the love and care they deserve. 

When more people become aware of animal homelessness and mistreatment, more people will work to give these animals the care they deserve. 

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