The 8 Best Wild Bird Rescues in The USA! (2024)

You may want to adopt a bird from wild bird rescues in the USA, but which one? To clarify the question, we’re going to be providing you with a list of the best wild bird rescues in the USA.

It is only in some instances that you could keep an orphaned baby bird if it is a European Starling, a Pigeon, or a Sparrow. A much better option is to adopt an exotic bird from one of the bird rescues or humane societies we have listed below:

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1. Nebraska Humane Society


Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) is one of the many places to look for wild bird rescue in the USA. In addition to cats and dogs, they have critters, birds, and sometimes exotic birds for adoption.

The Nebraska Humane Society, in addition to providing a safe place for vulnerable animals, also educates the community about responsible pet ownership. The society is the third largest society in the US and was established in 1875.

They provide safe refuge for over 24,000 animals, so there is a good chance you will come across exotic birds here. They have a straightforward adoption process, and the first step is to visit the premises.

Most of their animals are on-site, so it is preferable to visit in person. However, you can also set up a virtual tour.

The rescue’s adoption system works on a first-come, first-served basis, so you will need to be quick if you want to adopt a bird you like.

Most of the time, one bird has multiple suitors, so the bird you are interested in may already be adopted by someone higher up in the adoption line. However, you can choose any other bird when your time comes.

To adopt a bird from the NHS, you must fill out an application form and submit it.

After you hear back from society, you will need to get in line to complete the adoption; the email they send you with your approved application will provide you with a link.

You will receive text messages when your place is towards the front of the line. After selecting the animal, you will pay and sign the adoption contract, and you can take your animal home.

To adopt, you will need to:

  • Be at least 19 years of age.
  • Provide landlord approval.
  • Meet the requirements for the animal you wish to adopt. The requirements are included in the bio of each adoptable animal on the website.
  • Pay the adoption fee, which is listed in the bird’s bio.

Nebraska Humane Society Details:

2. Animal Humane Society


The Animal Humane Society is located in Minnesota and has provided life-saving support to 100,000 animals across the region. Their friendly adoption center has animal experts to help you navigate their adoption process.

Being one of the leading Humane Societies in the US, there is a good chance you will find an exotic bird to adopt here. To adopt, you will need to visit their adoption listings and one of the three adoption centers in the Twin Cities area.

You can put a bird on hold if you find one you are interested in adopting at the center.

Moreover, you will meet with one of their animal experts to have a consultation to ensure the animal is a good match because there is no application process or paperwork to fill out.

Adoption fees are between $9 -$99, including an administrative fee of $5 to $22. The fee covers the cost of a general exam, a follow-up exam with participating vet, and a 60-day return period.

Animal Humane Society Details:

3. San Diego Humane Society


The San Diego Humane Society is a must if you are looking for birds for adoption. In addition to sheltering animals, they provide behavioral training, access to a community pet pantry, dog licensing services, and spaying and neutering procedures.

Their adoption process begins when you browse the available birds on their site. After finding a bird you are interested in, you can visit their facility, where an adoption counselor will assist you in finding the right bird.

In addition to the San Diego campus, they also have sites in El Cajon, Escondido, and Oceanside campuses, so if you can’t find the bird you are looking for, you can look there.

After meeting the adoption counselor, you will sign an adoption contract and pay the adoption fees. In addition, a pre-adoption meeting with a veterinarian will be arranged if the animal has any health issues.

Adoption fees range from $10 and upwards. The rescue also offers discounts for veterans and senior citizens.

San Diego Humane Society Details:

4. Associated Humane Society


The Associated Humane Society rescues both domestic and wild animals.

They are located in New Jersey and have been providing rescue and rehoming services since 1906. In 1977 they established Popcorn Park, where they house injured birds, farm animals, and wildlife.

Newark, Tinton Falls, and Forked River are the three locations where they house animals. Each site has its own adoption application so make sure you fill out the right one.

The Associated Humane Society has a list of adoption policies available at each center’s front desk. You will need to read them before you are allowed to adopt.

Furthermore, the rescue will keep your application on file for 90 days, so if no birds are available, you can always check back within that time limit. After your application is approved, you will be asked to visit the shelter and pay the adoption fee.

Fees vary depending on the kind of bird you want to adopt. The amount will be listed in the bird’s bio.

Associated Humane Society Details:

5. Free Flight


Free Flight is a bird sanctuary in the USA that shelters and nurtures exotic birds while educating the public about their care. This rescue is the number 1 place for people interested in adopting exotic birds.

Free Flight rescue can assist you in the adoption efforts and have bird experts in-house that can guide you on what kind of bird would be best for your home.

Their adoption process involves six months of visitation to the sanctuary to build a solid and trusting relationship with the bird you want to adopt.

The rescue believes that you are fit to adopt after you have formed a bond with the bird, and to do that, you must keep visiting the sanctuary for at least 6 months.

After meeting you, the rescue team will ask you to fill out an adoption inquiry form. Requirements for adoption include:

  • They only adopt to individuals in the US.
  • An average adoption will take six months.
  • They don’t ship birds or sell them to breeders.

It is important to note that the sanctuary is temporarily closed for visitation due to viral outbreaks like Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI). Therefore, always call the shelter before visiting it.

Free Flight Details:

6. Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue


The Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue in Chicago provides a loving temporary home to city-born injured pigeons and doves. It rehabilitates, provides necessary medical treatment to the birds, and then rehomes them.

The Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue has matched over 100 birds to various homes and shipped them to 38+ states so far. It will stay in touch with those who adopt to ensure the bird and the individual are happy.

To adopt, you must fill out an adoption application and be at least 18 years or older to apply. Before filling out the adoption application, you must select a cage per their requirements.

Fees are listed under the bio of each bird and range from $40 to $80.

Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue Details:

7. Birds and Beaks


Birds and Beaks is a rescue that provides loving homes to exotic birds. They not only offer birds for adoption but also work with the community and owners to educate them about the welfare of companion birds.

If you are interested in adopting one of its birds, you need to fill out this application and provide a video tour of your home. The adoption process will be complete once you visit the shelter and meet the bird.

However, the rescue will allow you to adopt a bird if you live within a 350-mile radius of Battle Creek, Michigan, and are within driving distance of the shelter.

The adoption fees vary from $126 to $1600, depending on the kind of bird you want to adopt. To find out how much each bird costs, you can visit their selection of birds on their site.

Birds and Beaks Details:

  • Location: 23047 M-78 Battle Creek, Michigan
  • Phone Number: 517-898-1577
  • Website: Birds and Beaks
  • Social Media: Facebook

8. Northwest Parrot Rescue


If you are looking for an exotic Parrot, then the Northwest Parrot Rescue in Vancouver, Washington, is the perfect place. They were founded in 2002 by the father and son duo Christopher Driggins and William. M. Driggins.

They care for orphaned exotic and wild birds in the Northwest Pacific area. If you are interested in adopting from them, you will need to fill out an application and know the following restrictions they have:

  • The rescue will not take birds from sellers and breeders.
  • You have to be between 26 and 60 years of age. To adopt a bird.
  • The rescue will ensure that the parrot likes the applicant before the adoption is finalized.

Northwest Parrot Rescue is one of many Wild Bird rescues in the USA and one that you should check out, especially if you are interested in a Parrot.

Northwest Parrot Rescue Details:

More Information About Wild Bird Rescues in the USA


As mentioned earlier, keeping a wild native bird as a pet in most US states is illegal.

Moreover, the ethics of keeping a wild bird captive are also questionable. Therefore, we suggest choosing exotic birds as companions rather than taking the risk of owning a wild bird as a pet.

When looking at wild bird rescues, you want to check the application form each organization requires you to fill out. The application fields will show how diligent the shelter is in ensuring their birds are placed in loving permanent homes.

The application form will also give you an idea of what responsibilities you must commit to taking care of the bird.

Moreover, visit the rescue multiple times and meet the birds to understand the care required for a pet bird. Adopt only when you gain that understanding.

Conclusion For “Best Wild Bird Rescues in The USA”


This article listed 8 excellent nonprofits that will give you a jump start on your search to adopt a wild bird. We have listed renowned human societies and bird rescues with exotic birds available for adoption.

Like always, be sure that you fill out the necessary paperwork and check the timings of the location before you head out. So, here’s hoping you find that loving companion bird today!

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