9 Best Persian Cat Rescues in The USA! (2024)

Purchasing a Persian cat directly from a breeder can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Additionally, some breeders only breed cats for profit, showing very little care for the health and happiness of the animals they produce.

But when you adopt from Persian cat rescues, you’re bringing home a cat that’s been showered with love and given optimal care. 

You’re also helping keep a cat out of a shelter and thus preventing pet euthanasia. According to the ASPCA, about 920,000 pets in animal shelters are euthanized each year. By adopting a rescue cat, you’re helping decrease that number!

Besides, adoption fees to adopt rescue cats tend to be much more affordable than buying from a breeder. Still, there are a few things you’ll want to know before you adopt a Persian cat.

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Things To Know Before Adopting a Persian Cat


Purebred Persian cats are fluffy, even-tempered animals that can be a joy to own and care for. 

However, as with many other purebred animals, these cats can suffer from breed-specific health problems. Additionally, the long fluffy coats of these cats require more grooming and care than short-haired felines.

Persian Cat Personalities

Persian cats have a reputation for being a little quieter and more reserved than other breeds.

Kittens might be able to handle households with young children. But older Persian cats tend to prefer child-free homes or households with older kids.

It can also take time for your newly adopted Persian cat or kitten to trust you and show affection. Pet parents must be patient when developing a relationship with one of these cats.

Persian Cat Veterinary Needs

One of the most noticeable physical attributes of Persian cats is their squished faces and snub noses. While this feature is undeniably endearing, it can also contribute to respiratory problems.

Another common condition Persian cats experience is cherry eye, which is when the cat’s tear duct becomes inflamed. Your cat may need surgery if they develop this condition, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Persian Cat Grooming Needs

Persian cats have long, fluffy coats that add to their majestic appearance. These cats need daily brushing to stay healthy and comfortable, and require monthly baths.

Because many cats don’t enjoy getting wet or taking baths, it’s an excellent idea to find and contact a local pet groomer before adopting a Persian cat.

The Top 9 Persian Cat Rescues in the USA


Cat adoption can be a beautiful and rewarding process, especially when you choose to adopt from a reputable rescue organization. 

Without further ado, let’s explore the top nine Persian cat rescues in the USA to help you find the four-legged family member you’ve been searching for.

1. South Texas Persian Rescue


When you think of a fluffy Persian cat, you likely don’t think about Texas, but maybe you should! After all, the South Texas Persian Rescue is one of the top-rated Persian cat rescue organizations in the United States.

To get started, you’ll need to fill out their GoogleForms adoption application, then wait for the organization’s volunteers to reach out for an interview.

Following this rescue’s social media is also an excellent idea, as available cats are often featured on the rescue’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

South Texas Persian Rescue Details:

2. Persian Cat Rescue of Virginia


If you live along the East Coast and would like to adopt a Persian cat from a rescue, the Persian Cat Rescue of Virginia might be the best place to start. 

Of course, as with many other reputable rescue organizations, Persian Cat Rescue of Virginia isn’t in the habit of giving out free cats. So, before you contact staff members to set up a meeting or interview, you’ll want to review the list of adoption fees.

It’s also crucial to note that this organization doesn’t adopt cats out to residents of faraway states. If you cannot find transport to attend in-person meetings with staff, this option might not be the right one for you.

Persian Cat Rescue of Virginia Details:

3. Nourish Persian Rescue, Inc.


Sadly, many Persian cats that end up in shelters don’t receive the care they need to thrive.

Nourish Persian Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization specializing in remedying this situation by rescuing Persian cats and offering them the best possible dietary and veterinary care.

As such, all cats available via this rescue enjoy loving and stable foster homes (throughout New England) and exceptional levels of care.

If you live in the Northeast and are eager to provide a home for a Persian cat in need, Nourish Persian Rescue, Inc. would love to hear from you.

Still, the small size of this rescue occasionally means they don’t have cats available for adoption. Checking back frequently and contacting staff members can help keep you aware of which cats are available.

Nourish Persian Rescue, Inc. Details:

4. Persian & Himalayan Cat Rescue of Northern California


You don’t need to live in the Midwest or South to find a reputable Persian cat rescue organization! 

Persian & Himalayan Cat Rescue of Northern California is just one of many rescues located along the West Coast.

This 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization makes it easy for interested individuals and families to find a Persian cat in need, especially those living in or near California.

Adoption fees are competitively low, with most cats going to good homes for between $200 and $450. That’s hundreds of dollars less than you’d spend to buy from a breeder!

Persian & Himalayan Cat Rescue of Northern California Details:

5. Helping Persian Cats


The name of this organization says it all! Helping Persian Cats is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rehoming and rescuing Persian cats throughout the United States.

Every cat or kitten rescued via Helping Persian Cats receives immediate veterinary care before finding its way into loving foster homes. This ensures that the rescue cats are in the best health and enjoy plenty of socialization before the adoption process begins.

This rescue is based in Santa Monica, California, and adopters are encouraged to attend special events to meet adoptable cats. 

As with several other rescue organizations, adopters must also fill out an application, complete an interview, and submit references before taking their chosen kitty home.

You’ll need to submit your landlord’s contact information if you’re currently renting (aka not a homeowner).

Helping Persian Cats Details:

6. Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue


Those living in Washington State should consider adopting their next Persian cat from Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue (SPHR).

This 501(c)3 nonprofit rescue organization is small, but its smaller size ensures that all rescue cats receive the best care and attention possible.

This rescue has rehomed numerous cats since it was founded in 2004, and browsing available cats is as easy as visiting their Petfinder page.

It’s also worth noting that SPHR offer comparatively low adoption fees, so they could be a top-notch choice for those hoping to stick to a budget.

Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue Details:

7. Briland PotCats Rescue


If you live along the West Coast, Briland PotCats Rescue could help you find the Persian cat you’ve been looking for.

This rescue is focused on taking in Persian, Himalayan, and Scottish Fold cats of all ages and has two headquarters, one of which is located in Southern California.

This rescue is comparatively small, and their selection of available cats is equally limited.

That said, the adoption process is a little simpler than those of larger rescue organizations, so you might be able to bring your chosen cat home a little sooner when you choose Briland PotCats Rescue.

Utilizing this rescue’s social media page is one of the best ways to get into contact with staff and begin the adoption process.

Briland PotCats Rescue Details:

8. Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue


Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue (SPCR) takes in cats and kittens from all across the nation, and while they primarily focus their efforts on rescuing purebred felines, they also accept mixed-breed cats. 

If you’ve been unable to find a Persian cat from other rescues, contacting this organization may be worthwhile.

Their foster families are scattered throughout the United States, so there’s an excellent chance that a Persian rescue cat in need of a home isn’t too far away.

This organization also offers competitively low adoption fees, making them one of the most affordable choices for pet parents. But unfortunately, SPCR doesn’t ship or transport cats, so potential adopters are responsible for picking up cats from foster families. 

Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue Details:

9. Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue


Like Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue, Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue doesn’t specialize in rescuing and finding homes for Persian cats. However, they take in Persian cats of all ages, making them a wonderful resource for those hoping to adopt one.

Their website also features a helpful “available pets” page, making it easy to see if Persian cats are ready for adoption. 

Though this rescue is centered in Davis, California, cats fostered via this organization can be found all along the West Coast. So, if you live in this area, adopting a Persian cat from Purebred Plus Cat Rescue could be a convenient choice. 

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue Details:

Other Ways to Find and Adopt Persian Cats


If you can’t find a cat via one of the Persian cat rescues listed here, you’ll be glad to know that there are other ways to find and adopt the Persian cat of your dreams.

Two of the most reliable methods are searching reputable pet databases and contacting your local animal shelter. Let’s briefly examine each option to ensure you find cuddly rescue cats that need a loving home.

Using a Reputable Pet Search Database

Online pet search databases are dedicated to helping individuals find and adopt pets. Utilizing these databases is a fantastic way to find rescue cats of every breed, including Persian cats.

The most reputable and popular of these online pet search options include:

  • Petfinder
  • Adopt-a-Pet.com
  • Rescue Me

Each website allows users to specify pets within a specific area (or search nationwide) and filter results based on age, gender, breed, and appearance. Finding an adoptable Persian cat near you is a cinch with the help of these pet search databases!

Contacting Your Local Animal Shelter

Many mixed-breed and purebred cats end up in animal shelters. If you’re unable or unwilling to drive to another state to adopt a Persian cat, searching your local shelter is an excellent way to save time and money while also saving a life!

You can opt to visit your local animal shelter and browse their adoptable cats, but most animal shelters also have websites that feature updated lists of adoptable pets.

Either way, searching back often is the best way to find and adopt a local Persian cat in need.

Some animal shelters also hold special events where they adopt out free cats to loving homes! Check with your local shelter for more information on special adoption events.

Conclusion For “Persian Cat Rescues in The USA”


Adopting a Persian cat from a rescue is a great way to save a life and add a furry bundle of joy to your household. Besides, adopting rescue cats instead of buying from a breeder can help you save on adoption fees!

There are several Persian cat rescues from which to choose, and some could be within your area.

If you can’t find a rescue in your state or city, consider alternative options, such as searching for adoptable Persian cats using a search database or inquiring at your local animal shelter.

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