French Bulldog Puppies in Michigan – Top 5 Breeders! (2024)

We can make your search for French Bulldog puppies in Michigan easy with this detailed guide that lists five of the top breeders in Michigan.

Purchasing a new puppy is a significant investment, and you do not want to rush into it. With so many puppy mills posing as genuine breeders to make money, separating responsible breeders from illegitimate ones is quite challenging.

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French Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Michigan


Buying a puppy from a breeder that uses substandard breeding practices can result in astronomical veterinarian costs in the long run, which is why you need to make your choice carefully.

Choosing breeders for French Bulldog puppies is doubly important because French Bulldogs are prone to health issues.

These adorable wrinkly-faced dogs suffer from breathing and mobility congenital issues because they have been genetically modified over the years to have shorter snouts and stature.

Only breeders with years of experience and those who strictly adhere to the breeding guidelines can raise healthy Frenchies. The breeders listed here are some of the most renowned in Michigan; they can help you get a French Bulldog to be proud of!

1. Jessicah’s Frenchies


Jessicah’s Frenchies is one of the many French Bulldog breeders in Michigan.

If you are interested in buying a French Bulldog puppy from a breeder that is recognized by the American Kennel Club and a member of the Good Dog Breeder Program, then this is the breeder for you.

This is a small hobby breeder that breeds dogs out of their home. They do not believe in a kennel environment, and all of their puppies are kept inside the home.

Jessicah’s breeds standard color and unique color French Bulldogs. Their breeding practices are safe and responsible, resulting in healthy, happy puppies.

All of their puppies come from purebred certified parents. Their puppies are socialized at an early age in the home and receive the opportunity to be around humans and children at an early age.

If you are interested in purchasing from Jessicah’s Frenchies, then you should know the following:

  • Their waitlist is open for this fall, and potential owners can place their names on the list by going to their website and filling out a contact form.
  • Their puppies are cleared by a four-panel health test and are AKC registered.
  • They do not produce many litters like other breeders because they care about the health and quality of their puppies.
  • Every puppy is sent home with a package that includes a mommy scent blanket, microchip, starter kit, and puppy toys.
  • All puppies have received three veterinarian checkups and are started on Health Guard before they go home.
  • All vaccinations are up to date before the puppy is sent home.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

2. Bluestar Frenchie


Bluestar Frenchie offers exotic French Bulldog puppies for sale in Michigan. Bluestar Frenchie is a small home-based breeder that has been selling uniquely-colored French Bulldogs for many years.

They take pride in breeding healthy Bulldog puppies by doing DNA testing and going the extra mile to ensure their puppies have no genetic defects.

They use artificial insemination, C-section deliveries, and incubators to ensure safe gestation and births and that their puppies are not exposed to anything that could harm their health.

They make sure their puppies are socialized and meet with other dogs and humans once they are old enough to interact. Their puppies come in various exotic colors like Lilac, Merle, Blue, Blue Merle, and Lilac Merle.

If you are interested in purchasing from Bluestar Frenchie, then you should know the following:

  • They do not allow visitors to their breeding facility for the safety of their puppies. They will meet you at their local veterinarian or any other common meeting place but do not allow visitors to the premises. They can also set up a FaceTime call if you would like to do that.
  • They use artificial insemination because it is difficult for compact Bulldogs to breed.
  • They place puppies in an incubator for the first three to four weeks of their lives to protect them from the outside world.
  • They specialize in rare colors.
  • Because of the added services this breeder offers, the cost of these puppies can go up to $4,000, depending on the sex and color of the puppy.
  • All of their puppies come with AKC registration, but it is mostly limited. Full registration is available but only for professional dog show owners.
  • All puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, and vet checked before they go home.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

  • Address: 22823 Heslip Dr, Novi, Michigan
  • Phone Number: 248-943-7179
  • Website: Blue Star Frenchie

3. Bullish Pride


If you are looking for French Bulldog puppies in Michigan, this breeder with its unique name might be the perfect one for you. Bullish Pride is a small home-based breeder that breeds French Bulldogs at home.

They breed dogs that adhere to the AKC breed in unique and typical colors. If you are looking for an exotic color, then Bullish Pride might have exactly what you are looking for.

Before breeding, Bullish Pride will run detailed genetic testing and OFA testing to ensure that parent dogs are healthy and will produce the highest pedigree of puppy. For this reason, their puppies are well-tempered and structured.

They are certified AKC HEART breeders that have experience and know-how when it comes to breeding French Bulldogs.

If you are interested in purchasing from Bullish Pride, then you should know the following:

  • All puppies will come with AKC registration paid for by Bullish Pride.
  • All puppies will have Bullish Pride as the prefix to their name on the registration certificate. However, owners can choose the rest of the names.
  • They recommend that all puppies receive ‘Puppy Culture’ training which you can learn more about by visiting this website.
  • All puppies will be microchipped and registered into the AKC reunite program.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

4. Custom Made Bulldogs


Custom Made Bulldogs is an experienced AKC breeder that has been breeding French Bulldogs puppies for sale in Michigan for the last 20 years.

They are a premier breeding facility and have provided French Bulldog puppies to famous personalities, and their puppies have appeared on tv commercials and tv shows. Many other top breeders use their puppies for their breeding programs.

If you are looking for quality and pedigree, then Custom Made Bulldogs is where you should buy from.

They are located in Southeastern Michigan, and you can learn more about the kind of French Bulldog puppies they sell by looking at their website.

If you are interested in purchasing from Custom Made Bulldogs, then you should know the following:

  • Their puppies go quickly. You should submit a request for litter information by filling out the contact form on their homepage.
  • They can transport their puppies across the US by personally delivering them to any major airport.
  • They have produced some of the rarest colors using DNA and genetics. If you are looking for a unique color, you can contact the breeder for more information.
  • All of their puppies are raised inside the home and not in kennels.
  • They do offer stud services.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

5. Kelley’s Toyland Kennels


If you are interested in buying French Bulldog puppies in Michigan, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Kelly’s. They have been breeding Bulldogs for 19 years and are run by a husband-and-wife duo who love French Bulldogs.

Their breeding facility is small and home-based. All their puppies are either inside the home or in kennels and are frequently visited by the breeders.

They are socialized at a young age and interact with children and other animals, making them very friendly.

If you are interested in purchasing from Kelly’s Toyland Kennels, then you should know the following:

  • All puppies are sold as pets and cannot be guaranteed as show dogs.
  • All owners must have their puppy examined by a licensed vet within 10 days of purchase.
  • After the exam, you will need to email the results to Kelley’s Toyland Kennels; otherwise, this agreement is void.
  • All owners must follow vet instructions for deworming and vaccinations.
  • All puppies will need to be kept in a secure and comfortable environment once sold. No chains in backyards.
  • There is a one-year health guarantee for congenital health issues and other illnesses like hip dysplasia, kidney, heart, pancreas, and spine problems.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

How to Choose French Bulldog Breeders in Michigan?


Finding French Bulldog puppies for sale in Michigan can seem challenging, but with our list, you are sure to find your new puppy sooner rather than later. Choosing a breeder is as important as picking the right breed for your home and family.

You should feel comfortable talking to your breeder, and they should be willing to answer any questions you might have. Visiting the physical premises is not always an option, but it is something that you should request.

If you are unable to visit the premises, then having frequent FaceTime calls and seeing recent pictures and videos is another good way to make sure you know what you are paying for.

Responsible breeders even give pet parents access to puppy cams to see how the puppies are being raised.

More Information About French Bulldog Puppies in Michigan

French Bulldog puppies are adorable small breed dogs, perfect for small living spaces like apartments because they do not bark very much, are easily trainable, and adapt quickly to new environments.

These small dogs love to please their owners and can, with little effort, learn new tricks. They can be easily trained by turning training activities into games, and because they are smart, they will pick up commands quickly.

Although French Bulldogs require light physical activity, you must watch their diet, as they are vulnerable to obesity more than other breeds. All in all, a French Bulldog is a perfect pet for those who enjoy a leisurely lifestyle.

Conclusion For “French Bulldog Puppies in Michigan – Top 5 Breeders”


Getting a new puppy is a big responsibility and privilege, and the first step in responsible pet parenting is to get a puppy from an ethical breeder.

This article listed 5 of the best breeders raising exceptional French Bulldogs in Michigan; you can get in touch with them to find your puppy.

We strongly suggest that you double-check all the information and ask questions to your satisfaction before making a decision!

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