25 Best Wildlife Rescues in The United States! (2024)

When they encounter a lost pet, most individuals know they should report it to the local shelter. They also know what to anticipate when working with dogs and cats, which is why we have a list of the best wildlife rescues in the United States for you.

If you’d wish to make a difference for local wildlife in your area by supporting such organizations, we’ve put together a list of the top wildlife rescues in the United States to help with your search.

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1. WildCare


WildCare is a non-profit animal hospital and wildlife rehabilitation center in San Rafael, CA. Since its inception in 1974, the hospital has handled native mammals, birds, and reptiles suffering from injuries and illnesses.

In addition to providing critical medical care for wild animals from all over Northern California and Southern Oregon, the organization also provides essential education programs for people who live near wildlife habitats.

WildCare Details:

  • Location: San Rafael, CA
  • Phone Number: 415-456-7283
  • Website: WildCare

2. Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center


Located at Bradenton Beach, Florida, Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center is the biggest animal sanctuary in Manatee County.

They have been in business since 1980 and presently rehabilitate over 4,000 birds, mammals, and reptiles annually.

According to their webpage, their rescues range in size from the smallest abandoned chick to the largest bald eagle.

They rescue most of their wildlife during the spring. Interested partners can book an appointment with Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center in winter.

Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center Details:

3. Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota


Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota has an active online presence, keeping its supporters abreast of the most recent statistics while offering clear and concise advice on what to do in the event you encounter injured wildlife.

A real-time “Critter Ticker” on their homepage details the arrival and departure timings of all the animals. They hold a yearly wildlife-themed banquet and fundraiser to raise money for their project.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota Details:

4. Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center


Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to saving the many bird species in the area. They treat the animals, release them back into the wild, or relocate them to better sanctuaries.

The rehabilitation center uses Facebook to coordinate with the public and quickly respond to complaints about ailing birds. Their webpage features a live camera and a photo gallery documenting their efforts to save the birds’ lives.

Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center Details:

5. Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center


Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is the biggest wildlife care facility in Colorado, providing care for over 2,300 birds and mammals annually, covering around 135 different species.

Their personnel, trainees, and supporters have recently begun publishing about their experiences of working at Greenwood. The first is a collection of adorable pictures feeding a baby squirrel from a bottle.

Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Details:

6. CLAWS, Inc.


Headquartered in North Carolina, the organization strives to rescue animals all around the United States, irrespective of whether they’re out of their reach. Their webpage highlights collaboration with a group of other activists to save bears in Montana.

The organization has been vocal in its opposition to the practice of keeping exotic animals as pets and has the firm belief that wild animals should be left alone with minimal interference from humans.

Animals are housed in Kindra Mammone’s home and given free property control while undergoing rehabilitation.

CLAWS, Inc. Details:

  • Location: North Carolina
  • Phone Number: 919-619-0776
  • Website: CLAWS

7. Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition


Besides acting as a rescue organization, Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition collaborates with the local community in different aspects.

They train community members who want to become in-home wildlife rehabilitators and give young people the opportunity to share their time and feed orphaned birds.

Since its establishment in 1979 in response to a catastrophic oil leak, the organization has been able to assist more than 100,000 animals.

Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition Details:

8. The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center


The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center is unique from others because it treats injured and orphaned predatory wildlife, like eagles and other hawks, bobcats, cougars, and coyotes.

Afterward, they release the animals back into the wild after they have undergone rehabilitation.

In addition, the 13-acre facility provides veterinary care for exotic creatures rescued from the commercial pet trade. They offer a shelter for animals you can’t take back to the wild.

The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center Details:

9. Cape Wildlife Center (CWC)


The facility’s headquarters are in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Cape Wildlife Center provides training to vets and pre-veterinary trainees from all over the world. Furthermore, it gives its animal patients high-quality care in a contemporary surgical facility.

You can visit the facility’s Facebook page to get more details. The CWC annually assists roughly 2,000 animals, covering 135 species.

Cape Wildlife Center (CWC) Details:

10. International Bird Rescue


The San Pedro, California-based non-profit organization, is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing injured birds. Since its founding in 1971, International Bird Rescue has done more than 8,000 bird rescues.

In addition to a fully equipped marine wildlife rescue center and hospital, the organization also operates an animal care facility for land-based animals and birds on the site.

The animal care facility can house up to 200 adoptable wildlife. It offers education programs for staff members and community volunteers who come into contact with homeless animals throughout Southern California daily.

International Bird Rescue Details:

11. Oklahoma Wildlife Rehabilitation Council


The Oklahoma Wildlife Rehabilitation Council is dedicated to rehabilitating injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife. It provides educational programs for the community members in the metro area.

The mission of this organization is to rehabilitate injured, sick, or orphaned native Oklahoma wildlife. It also provides quality education programs on responsible pet ownership and promotes conservation awareness through public outreach activities.

Oklahoma Wildlife Rehabilitation Council Details:

12. Tree House Wildlife Center


Tree House Wildlife Center is a private, non-profit wildlife rehabilitation facility in Dow, Illinois, that strives to offer the best wildlife adoption.

The organization’s mission is to care for injured or orphaned wild animals so they may be released back into their natural habitats when possible.

They provide quality care based on current scientific knowledge and professional standards while maintaining an open admission policy for all species of wildlife native to the area.

Tree House Wildlife Center Details:

13. Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center


Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center is a philanthropic organization that aims to protect endangered species. The center has been in operation for thirty years, making it the most seasoned organization of its kind in terms of rescuing wildlife.

The center works with over 100 volunteers who help care for the animals. The organization’s mission is to provide a haven for wildlife and educate the public about wildlife conservation through hands-on experiences with rescued animals.

They offer veterinary care to more than 2,700 injured animals annually. The facility receives no government funding and relies solely on private donations to rescue wildlife.

Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center Details:

14. Avian Sanctuary and Protection


The organization aims to provide information on how to protect natural resources, increase public awareness of birds through education, and promote private land conservation.

Its facilities include an aviary where injured birds can recover from their injuries, a rehabilitation area for birds released back into the wild, and a display center where you can observe hawks participating in daily training exercises with their handlers.

Avian Sanctuary and Protection also offer tours for individuals or groups.

Avian Sanctuary and Protection Details:

  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Phone Number: 801-688-6911
  • Website: Avian Sanctuary

15. Out-Back Wildlife Rehab Center


Out-Back Wildlife Rehab Center is a unique, non-profit facility that rescues and rehabilitates injured or orphaned native Missouri wildlife.

The center is located in the heart of Northwest Missouri on 200 acres of wooded land with a small lake. It offers a refuge for animals to heal and grow before releasing them back into their natural habitat.

Out-Back Wildlife Rehab Center Details:

  • Location: Northwest Missouri
  • Phone Number: 734-777-1613
  • Social Media: Facebook Page

16. Nurture to Nature Wildlife Rehabilitation Center


Nurture to Nature Wildlife Rehabilitation Center provides rehabilitation services for injured or orphaned wild animals, such as squirrels and foxes.

The organization also offers educational programs for schools, universities, and community groups on animal rights. They educate people on conservation issues to benefit wildlife populations while reducing human environmental impact.

Nurture to Nature Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Details:

17. The Wildcat Sanctuary


The Wildcat Sanctuary is a non-profit organization dedicated to adopting wildlife and providing lifelong care for unwanted captive wildcats, including bobcats, cougars, and lynxes.

The sanctuary currently houses about 50 wildcats from all over North America. The Wildcat Sanctuary took these cats from private owners or zoos that could no longer care for them.

As a sanctuary with international accreditation, the organization has built a strong reputation for competence in saving and caring for these stray wild cats

The organization tries to inform the public why you shouldn’t keep wild cats as pets.

The Wildcat Sanctuary Details:

18. Eagle Creek Fire Wildlife Rescue


Eagle Creek Fire Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit organization formed in response to the Eagle Creek Fire that began on September 2, 2017.

They set up a fund and have been working with the Oregon Humane Society to help care for all the animals displaced by the fire.

The organization has rescued over 120 animals, including birds and reptiles. Their website updates daily about the latest animals they’re helping. If you want to donate or volunteer, contact them.  

Eagle Creek Fire Wildlife Rescue Details:

19. The Elephant Sanctuary


The Elephant Sanctuary aims to ensure the welfare and preservation of elephants. The sanctuary houses retired entertainment elephants rescues elephants from abusive situations and rehabilitates them.

It also provides a home for elephants rescued from natural disaster areas. Today, more than 30 African and Asian elephants live at the sanctuary.

The organization’s mission is to ensure that elephants in captivity have access to high-quality medical treatment, social interaction within a herd, and a peaceful environment in which to spend the remainder of their lives.

The Elephant Sanctuary Details:

20. Wildlife Center of Virginia


The Wildlife Center of Virginia is the only wildlife rehabilitation facility in the state. It’s a non-profit organization that cares for injured, orphaned, and sick wild animals.

The organization receives about 6,000 injured animals each year. The center relies heavily on volunteers to help care for the animals and provide them with food and water.

Since its inception in 1982, the institution has provided veterinary care to over 85,000 native birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, covering about 200 species in all.

Wildlife Center of Virginia Details:

21. Minnesota Zoo Wildlife Care Center


Minnesota Zoo Wildlife Care Center is one of the few accredited wildlife rehabilitation facilities in Minnesota. It cares for more than 2,000 injured or orphaned animals each year.

The center provides emergency medical treatment and long-term care until the animal is ready to return to its natural habitat. It also serves as an educational resource for the public about the proper care of native wildlife.

Minnesota Zoo Wildlife Care Center Details:

22. Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center


Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center in California. Native Americans passionate about passing on their culture and knowledge of wildlife to the local community oversee the organization.

The staff has spent the last 15 years rescuing and caring for injured and orphaned wild animals.

The center saves around 400 species yearly, including birds, mammals, and amphibians. Its education programs and outreach activities aim to educate the public about wildlife conservation.  

You can check out their website or Facebook page for updates. Nevertheless, be forewarned that the center does not shy away from displaying some gruesome photographs of its animals for educational purposes.

Skye’s Spirit Wildlife Rehabilitation Center Details:

23. Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center


Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center specializes in rehabilitating birds of prey, small mammals, and reptiles.

The center also provides education to the public about wildlife rehabilitation, conservation issues, and wildlife biology through exhibits, educational programs, and special events such as field trips and lectures.

Since its inception, the organization has cared for more than 1,400 injured animals, including bald eagles, owls, hawks, and other raptors.

Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center Details:

24. Coast and Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation


Coast and Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation is well-known for its work with baby squirrels. They take great satisfaction in that they never refuse an animal in need and make every effort to save every animal they come across.

Their website features videos of some of their most successful rescues, including newborn squirrels, skunks, and chipmunks.

Coast and Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation Details:

25. Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center (WIREC)


Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The facility cares for about 1,200 wild animals each year. They receive an average of 150-200 calls daily from people who have found injured or orphaned wildlife, including birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

WIREC’s staff and volunteers work around the clock to care for these animals until they are healthy enough to be released back into their natural habitat.

Its mission is to provide emergency medical care and rehabilitation for injured, sick, or orphaned wild animals before releasing them.

The center also offers educational programs for adults and children on wildlife issues such as conservation and habitat preservation.

You can browse their website for more information about how you can donate or volunteer.

Wildlife Images Rehabilitation and Education Center Details:

Conclusion For “Best Wildlife Rescues in the United States”


Wildlife rescues in the United States are the unsung heroes of our wildlife conservation efforts.

These facilities provide treatment for injured and orphaned animals. The organizations aim to return animals to the wild once they are healthy and can survive independently.

Wildlife care organizations do not receive any government funding. Most rely on donations from volunteers and community members who support their work.

The above wildlife rescues in the United States deserve recognition for their creativity, popularity among locals, community service, and, most importantly, their commitment to adopting wildlife.

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