What Should I Name My Goldendoodle? 300+ Names by Size and Color! (2024)

What Should I Name My Goldendoodle?

Part Golden Retriever and part Poodle, the Goldendoodle is a trending crossbreed with a long list of highly desirable traits.

Exceptionally friendly, cuddly, gentle, and affectionate, they are ideal dogs for families.

With a variety of sizes, colors, and coat types to choose from, there is a Goldendoodle for even the most finicky person.

What should I name my Goldendoodle? The name should be one that perfectly reflects both your personality and your dog’s. Select a name that your dog will easily recognize. For inspiration, consider some of your favorite things in life. For more ideas, think about your dog’s size and color.

Deciding on the perfect name for your new Goldendoodle can seem daunting to many.

I mean, you are naming your next (or possibly first) child. But really, it’s a great opportunity to get creative and have some fun. 

What you’ll find below should be really helpful for this process. We’re confident you’ll find at least a few names you like, and with your creative juices flowing, you’ll likely decide on the winning name for your new Goldendoodle.

Settling on the perfect name is but one of many choices you’ll need to make when it comes to caring for your Goldendoodle.

Deciding on what type of food to feed, which haircut will be best, selecting safe toys, etc. The list of decisions goes on and on, and your list of questions will likely grow as well.

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Tips For Naming Your Goldendoodle

The potential names for your Goldendoodle are nearly endless and are only limited by your imagination.

With time and creativity, you will soon stumble upon the name your puppy was destined to carry. 

Learn Their Personality

Your new little Goldendoodle’s personality can often point you in the right direction. Spend some time getting to know him and his individual temperament.

Your pup won’t mind at all if it takes a few days to settle on just the right name.

Observe Their Temperament 

While becoming acquainted with your Goldendoodle, notice how he explores his new environment.

Does he curiously investigate every nook and cranny, or is he a bit hesitant? Is he super playful or laid back?

The answers to questions like these can spark some great name ideas.

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Avoid Confusing Names

You will want to settle on a name that your pup will easily recognize.

For instance, if your child’s name is Kelly, and you name your dog Nelly, he might have a hard time differentiating between the two names.

Avoid Names Similar to Commands 

It is usually best to avoid names that sound similar to words that will be used in training.

A dog named Sid might be confused when you try to teach him to sit, or he may sit every time he hears his name called because “Sid” and “sit” sound too much alike.

How Does the Name Flow? 

Names that roll off of the tongue easily and are pleasant to say are good choices. Steer clear of names difficult to pronounce that will leave your tongue in knots.

After all, you will be repeating this name thousands of times throughout your dog’s life, so choose one that you can actually say.

Avoid Overly Common Names 

Skip the overused names like Fido and Rover and let your imagination soar! Words from foreign languages can make for fantastic dog names.

You could nod to your black Goldendoodle’s Poodle lineage by calling him Schwarz (German for black), for example.

Just make sure that you can correctly and easily pronounce the chosen name.

2 & 3 Syllable 

Most people naturally use a sing-song voice when calling their dog, beginning on a high note and gradually becoming lower.

When conveying displeasure, the opposite occurs as the first part of the name is spoken in a low, deep tone and then slightly ascends.

One syllable names can be flat sounding and hard to inflect emotion into, while two or three-syllable names are easier to change pitch-wise.

My favorite tip: The ‘Dog Park Test’

If you’re not comfortable or confident enough to yell your dog’s name at the dog park in front of a crowd of people…or down the street, if he gets loose…you should think of something else.

Although funny names like “Pooper” may sound great at first, will you really want to shout this name across a crowded dog park every time you want your dog to come?

Try to stay away from embarrassing names so that you will never be hesitant to call your dog to you.

Remember too that your dog’s name will be permanently engraved on his ID tags (these tags from Amazon can be deeply engraved on the front and back).

Avoid potential embarrassment and stick with a name that allows your dog to maintain some semblance of dignity.

You Can Also Pull Inspiration From…

  • Books & Movies — Other ideas for names could come from characters in your favorite book or movie. Naming your Goldendoodle after a president or philosopher could be fun.
  • Weather — Weather often inspires great names like Stormy, Thunder, Cloud, Sunny, Rain, Lightning, Twister, Snowball, and so forth. You get the idea.
  • Favorite Foods — Your favorite foods and drinks might provide you with some ideas. Names such as Oreo, Cocoa, T-bone, Brownie and Tater Tot have been popular for a while now, so head to your kitchen or local grocery store and get creative.
  • Favorite Travel Destinations — Do you have a cherished childhood vacation spot like Nantucket, Disney World, or Myrtle Beach? You could transform these places into names like Tucket, Disney, or Myrtle.

Get the whole family involved!

If the whole family is interested in helping to select a name, give each person two slips of paper on which to write their two favorite names, and drop them in a hat.

Let the youngest child reach in and pick the winner.

Have some fun, use your imagination, and take your time. Choosing a name for your Goldendoodle is important and shouldn’t be rushed.

To get started on the right track, take a look at the following names for ideas and inspiration.

Standard Goldendoodle Names

Many people opt to name larger dogs with regal or sturdy sounding names that imply power. Names of mythological gods, planets, and stars are often used.

(Just how big will a Standard Goldendoodle grow to be? Find the answer here.)

Of course there is always a jokester in the bunch who names their 90-pound Goldendoodle Tiny, and that’s fine too.

Here are some examples that work well for Standard Goldendoodles.

Names For Boys Names For Girls
Alfred Larry Abby Lara
Anakin Leo Alex Lucy
Andy Leonard Alexia Mackenzie
Angus Lester Alexus Maura
Apollo Magnum Arista Maxie
Arthur Matty Arlene Maxine
Atticus Maximus Artemis Olympia
Baxter Maxwell Belinda Paola
Bear Nelson Betsy Patsy
Beaufred Nelson Betty Paula
Benji Nester Callie Pauline
Benny Opery Carrie Phoebe
Beowulf Oppie Cassie Princess
Boomer Oscar Chrissy Queen
Bruno Packer Dafney Rosey
Bueller Paulie Dana Roxie
Buster Paxton Darla Sadie
Caesar Pedro Delilah Sammy
Champ Perry Destine Sandy
Champy Poncho Destiny Sara
Charlie Quin Ella Sassy
Chester Quincy Ester Scout
Chochi Randy Fancy Shiba
Dairy Rupert Fiona Sophie
Dexter Russel Gemini Tatum
Dino Sherlock Harriet Tessa
Dusty Sirius India Theresa
Eddie Stanford Ivory Trina
Einstein Stanley Jazzy Trixie
Elmer Terry Justice Venus
Eugene Thomas Justine Vixen
Frank Thompson Karie Wilma
Fredrick Thor Kendy Winona
Gary Tiger    
Gerry Tommie    
Goliath Tracker    
Hank Ulysses    
Henry Vector    
Herbert Verno    
Herold Warrant    
Hugo Warren    
Jacks Wiley    
Jackson Wilfred    
Jasper Willy    
Jaxon Winston    
Jeffy Yeller    
Jerico Zeddy    
Jupiter Zenny    
Kasper Zeus    
Kenny Zoro    

Miniature Goldendoodle Names

Miniature Goldendoodles are obviously much smaller than Standards (see our explanation of Goldendoodle sizes here) and may not be able to live up to similar strong-sounding names.

They are small enough that they can get away with cute, endearing names and still retain their dignity. Try some of the following on for size.

Names For Boys Names For Girls
Bandit Belle
Beau Belle
Bentley Chloe
Brody Cleo
Chester Cuddles
Cooper Daisy
Gulliver Dixie
Harley Dutchess
Lucky Emmy
Max Holly
Merlin Izzie
Mowgli Josie
Murphy Lady
Ollie Lexi
Orion Lola
Ozzy Lolly
Ranger Maggie
Riley Marley
Shemp Meg
Simba Midge
Tigger Molly
Tiny Nala
Tito Piper
Watson Polly
Winner Willow

Toy Goldendoodle Names

Toy Goldendoodles might be the most fun size to name. “Cutesy” names will definitely work with dogs of this size, but these little dogs are usually tough enough to bear “big” names like Atlas as well.

See if any of the following might work for you and your little Goldendoodle.

Names For Boys Names For Girls
Barkley Bonbon
Bilbo Bonnie
Bobby Bubbles
Cannoli Chica
Champ Cupcake
Chico Dafney
Fidget Darla
Gizmo Gidget
Guss Millie
Jax Minnie
Mickey Missy
Noodle Molly
Nugget Muffin
Oakley Patsy
Oliver Peanut
Pedro Pebbles
Ragamuffin Puddles
Scoobie Puffins
Snickerdoodle Skittles
Solomon Sophia
Teddie Sweetpea
Ziggy Zoey

Names By Color

Your Goldendoodle’s coat color can provide inspiration as well. Take some time to dwell on the images that come to mind when you think about your dog’s color.

For example, does the color white bring to mind fluffy clouds or mounds of whipped cream? Then maybe Fluffy, Cloudy, or Cool Whip would work.

See how easy it is? Now, here are some more ideas for the most popular Goldendoodle colors.


Apricot Red Chocolate Black
Biscuit Butterscotch Blaze Bailey Coal
Brie Foxy Brandy Boscoe Ebony
Champagne Ginger Cayenne Cappuccino Midnight
Cheerio Goldilocks Cinnamon Cocoa Onyx
Cookie Honey Ember Espresso Pepper
Dumpling Nutmeg Merlot Hershey Raven
Latte Peaches Rosie Java Shadow
Marshmallow Sunkist Ruby Mocha Smudge
Strudel Toffee Scarlet Reeses Storm
Twinkie Waffles Valentine Snickers


Related Question:

How long do Goldendoodles usually live?

A Goldendoodle’s life expectancy is roughly 10 – 15 years though many factors can influence different outcomes.

Diet, amount of exercise (find out how much they really need here), exposure to pollutants and chemicals, and hereditary issues can all play a role in determining the life span of a Goldendoodle.

Short Recap

Deciding on a name for your precious Goldendoodle puppy should be a fun experience and an opportunity for bonding.

Getting to know him is often the best place to start. Once his little personality begins to emerge, the right name will come to you.

Names that reflect his future size or the color of his coat can be a lot of fun, as can naming him after one of your favorite things, like Snickers.

Take the time to read through our other Goldendoodle articles (you’ll find them all here) for more name-inspiring ideas or just to learn more about this remarkable breed.

Think outside of the box, get creative, and have fun!