Goldendoodle Owner Interview: Featuring Fitz the Red F1 Goldendoodle! (2024)

Fitz the Red Goldendoodle-fitz_thedood

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more handsome and cool Dood than this guy. And with nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram, it’s quite possible you’ve seen one of his pics before!

Fitz was one of the first Doodles we started following, so sharing this interview we did with his mom is quite exciting.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Meet Fitz!

Fitz the Red Goldendoodle-fitz_thedood

He’s an 18-month-old F1 Moyen (Medium) Red Goldendoodle, loving life in Canada. He has a wavy coat, weighs 50lbs/23kg, and knows his ‘howl talk’ always gets him what he wants.

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What Breeder Did You Get Fitz From and Would You Recommend Them?

Fitz’ breeder is a small family-first breeder located in Southern Manitoba Canada called Goldendoodle Oasis.

I would highly recommend them! The dogs are raised in a family setting with endless loving attention that you see in the parents & puppies sweet behavior. This raises them to be perfect family dogs. 

What Made You Decide on a Goldendoodle? Were You Considering Any Other Breeds?

Adding a dog to our family was not on the radar for us until we dog-sat for a few friends who both had Doodles while they traveled over the winter season.

Both Doodles were an instant fit for our family and we adored their characteristics. So much so, we did it again the following year just to be sure we were ready for a dog!

We knew after that, adding a Goldendoodle to our family was the right choice. 

How Much Do Goldendoodles Like Fitz Usually Cost?

The average cost in our area (Canada) for a Goldendoodle ranges from $1,400 – $2,200 cdn ($1,060 – $1,665 usd). 

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How Would You Explain His Shedding Habits?

With Fitz being an F1 (50% Retriever 50% Poodle) we knew the chance of shedding was going to be higher than with an F1b (25% Retriever 75% Poodle). 

We saw no visible shedding on Fitz until 8 months. After that, we started noticing more fluff balls on the floor, furniture, and clothes.

Although having his coat groomed shorter helps, we would consider his shedding to be light to moderate at times. 

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How Does He Like Water? Does Fitz Like to Swim? 

Fitz loves water! He was first introduced at a lake while we were camping. Hopping through the waves and playing fetch, you could tell he was a water dog. 

Pools are no exception, he loves swimming with the family and kids. He loves the attention he gets when showing off how brave he is.  

How Much Exercise Does He Typically Get Each Day?

Although we often say Fitz can be lazy, he will never turn down a walk or playtime!

He gets a walk either in the morning or evening and a few hours of sport play: ball throwing, Frisbee, or soccer in the yard.

Throwing his favorite ‘Chuck-it’ ball really helps get his daily exercise in. He runs fast and hard!

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What Are Some of His Favorite Things to Do?

Goldendoodle’s are very social dogs and love being with people and soaking up all the attention.  Fetch is their middle name.

As well as high energy retrieving when they play, they live for that ball life. They also love sleeping and just chilling with the family. 

Does He Have Any Funny Quirks or Habits? (My Labradoodle, Oliver, Greets Every Visitor at the Door With a Shoe or Toy…)

Same as Fitz! He can not greet anyone without a shoe. Even at 2 a.m., he’ll hop into bed and drop a sandal on your face. 

In the mornings we sometimes have 3-4 random shoes at our bedside. ???? Also, your entire forearm in his mouth when he greats you means he really loves you. 

He’s always been vocal when you ask him questions. His howl talk always gets him what he wants. 

Want to hear Fitz howl? Check out this Instagram story of his.

Does He Have Any Favorite Toys?

Fitz’ first year we had a monthly subscription to Barkbox which really helped through the puppy stage.

Toys he favors are ones that squeak, he loves a rubber hippo squeaker that I bought at Walmart (or something like these guys) or sports toys like Frisbees and balls!

His favorite ball is definitely his ‘Chuck-it’ ball.

What Grooming Tools Do You Use With Fitz?

We use an Andis steel comb 90% of the time on Fitz. It’s great for getting a close comb to the skin. We then use a slicker brush to rid any lose hair and smooth out his coat to make him fluffy.

Here’s a basic slicker brush that does a great job.

Shampoo & Conditioner?

Shampoo: Tropiclean Papaya and Coconut Shampoo + Conditioner (available on Amazon)

Conditioner: CHI Oatmeal Conditioner

Does He Get Professionally Groomed? How Often?

Goldendoodle’s have coats that need to be groomed as they are easily prone to matting. 

Fitz was first groomed at 5 months old and we continue to have him groomed every 6 months.

We like Fitz with a longer coat, and to have him that way we dedicate a lot of time grooming at home to keep him from matting.  

Knowing What You Know Now, What Advice Would You Give to Someone Considering a Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodle’s have a reputation for being hypoallergenic dogs because of the Poodle non-shedding gene they carry. This isn’t always the case; shedding still is a common trait.

If shedding is a concern for you, consider a puppy that appears to have a curlier coat. The more curl to the coat, the less chance of shedding. 

However, with that curly coat, you’ll need to be even more diligent with grooming your Doodle.

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