5 Best Horse Rescues in New Hampshire! (2024)

For anyone searching for an animal they can develop a genuine, long-term bond with, horses are one of the best options out there.

Every year, around 200,000 unwanted horses in the United States need stable, loving homes. Many of these horses throughout the United States, and in New Hampshire specifically, end up in horse rescues for a long time. 

So if you live in New Hampshire and are considering a new pet, visiting one of these horse rescues is a great first step to finding the perfect lifelong companion. 

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Why Do Horses End Up in Rescues?


Unfortunately, when people aren’t prepared for the commitment and responsibility of training and maintaining a horse, they often neglect or surrender them to horse rescues.

And with an increasing horse population in the United States, there often isn’t enough support and resources in the equine community to keep them out of rescues. 

Some of the main reasons horses end up in rescues include:

  • Overbreeding for horse racing and competitions
  • Improper training that results in dangerous temperament and behavioral problems
  • Lameness and medical conditions
  • Owner financial challenges and lack of resources
  • Owner moving or changing living situation
  • Neglect or isolation due to lack of time or limited land
  • Rescued from slaughter

Luckily, if you live in New Hampshire, there are many ways to find adoptable horses near you and make a difference in an animal’s life. 

The Top 5 Horse Rescues in New Hampshire


Whether you’re considering horse adoption or are just interested in meeting and learning more about some of the rescue horses and farms in your area, New Hampshire has a great selection of horse rescues. 

Here are 5 of the best rescues in and around New Hampshire that are working to find every horse a permanent home. 

1. Hidden Pond Farm Equine Rescue


Located across 30 acres of quiet farmland in Brentwood, NH, Hidden Pond Farm Equine Rescue rescues horses from slaughter and finds them new, permanent homes.

Since 2014, this largely volunteer-run nonprofit organization has worked to rehabilitate and rehome horses and donkeys in need of love and support. 

After rescuing animals from kill pens and auctions throughout the Northeast, this equine rescue center provides horses with shelter, food, medical care, and more.

The rescue has several horses and mules available for adoption, along with a handful of other horses they are currently training and evaluating.

The application process is simple but thorough to ensure everyone adopting horses from Hidden Pond Farm can provide their new companion with the best possible home.

If you see a horse you’re interested in adopting, you can reach out to founder Phyllis Elliott to make arrangements to visit the farm and meet the horses. 

Once the farm assesses your preferences and potential matches, you can fill out the online adoption application. After they check references, vet information, and future boarding, you’ll be ready to sign the adoption contract. 

If you want to spend more time with any of the horses before adopting, you can also lease any horse for $550 per month. 

The farm also hosts several events throughout the year to help the horses socialize and form connections with potential adopters. These events include summer camps, trail rides, interactive seminars, and more. 

Hidden Farm Equine Rescue Details:

2. Draft Gratitude


If you want to help provide a senior working horse with a peaceful, safe retirement, consider a visit to Draft Gratitude in Winchester, NH. This nonprofit horse rescue focuses on saving senior, unwanted draft horses and providing them with a second chance in life. 

Draft Gratitude was founded in 2014, and is run entirely by dedicated volunteers that care for the horses, place them in forever homes and educate community groups about draft horses.

Since the organization began, these volunteers have saved nearly 70 draft horses from unsafe conditions. 

Many of the horses in this rescue are older and have medical needs that make them unable to work anymore.

However, after being trained to work throughout their entire lives, senior draft horses are generally well-trained, smart, and quiet horses that are just looking for a peaceful retirement. 

This nonprofit currently has 17 horses in its care, several of which are available for adoption. You can start the adoption process by filling out the online adoption application on the organization’s website.

The farm will check your farrier and vet information, references, and boarding information. If they approve you, you can plan a visit to their farm to meet the horses. 

Draft Gratitude Details:

3. Live and Let Live Farm’s Rescue and Sanctuary


Live and Let Live Farm’s Rescue and Sanctuary is a nonprofit shelter that rescues and rehabilitates horses and other animals.

Since its founding in 1996, this volunteer-run organization in Chichester, NH has provided shelter and permanent homes for neglected and surrendered horses, dogs, cats, and more. 

While the rescue and sanctuary is home to many different livestock animals, their primary focus is horse adoption and rehabilitation. Today, they have over 60 horses in their care looking for a safe, loving home. 

The adoption process varies based on which animal you’re looking to adopt. To learn more about how to meet and adopt horses from this rescue, you can fill out the short adoption form available on the Live and Let Live website. 

Along with providing sanctuary to horses, this rescue helps both animals and people through unique horsemanship and training programs. These include:

  • Visits to school districts
  • Eagala equine therapy
  • Prison rehabilitation programs

These interactions with horses have proven benefits for both people and animals.

By having their horses work with kids and nonviolent inmates, Live and Let Live Farm ensures that their animals are staying socialized, well-mannered, and productive, and are prepared to be matched with potential new owners. 

Live and Let Live Farm’s Rescue and Sanctuary Details:

4. New Hampshire SPCA


Despite the New Hampshire SPCA not being a horse-specific rescue, it’s a fantastic place to go if you’re looking to adopt a horse or other large farm animals.

They have several horses available for adoption that they have rescued, who are now receiving care on-site in Stratham, NH.

The NHSPCA is the oldest animal welfare organization in the state, making it a staple when it comes to horse adoptions, rescues, and welfare in New Hampshire.

If you’re interested in adopting one of their available horses, you can reach out to the organization at [email protected].

Along with rehoming horses, they provide emergency programs for horse owners, offering:

  • Affordable veterinary care
  • Assistance with vaccines, dental care, and emergency visits
  • Hay support
  • Farrier care

By helping horse owners with limited resources, the NHSPCA aims to prevent horses from being surrendered and ensure they stay in safe, loving long-term homes. 

The NHSPCA is also heavily focused on community education and support surrounding animal care. They offer summer camps, animal story times, low-cost vet care clinics, and more to help build the relationship between their animals and the community. 

New Hampshire SPCA Details:

5. NEER North Horse Rescue


While this rescue might technically be in Massachusetts, NEER North Horse Rescue helps horses and donkeys throughout both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

They take in surrendered animals from abusive situations or those at risk for slaughter and provide them with care and support until they find a permanent home. 

The rescue focuses on rescue, rehabilitation, and education about horses and their needs.

They offer resources and assistance to horse owners and public education programs to prevent the surrender and abuse of horses in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and the rest of the New England area.

NEER North has several animals available for adoption, along with many others that are currently in training. To meet one of the adoptable horses, potential adopters can fill out the online adoption application on the rescue’s website. 

Once your references are checked and the application is approved, the rescue will contact you about the next steps of the adoption process. 

If you’re interested in fostering a horse, NEER North Horse Rescue also has a special needs equine foster program. You can also find adoption and foster applications on their website. 

NEER North Horse Rescue Details:

Conclusion For “Best Horse Rescues in New Hampshire”


Horses are loving, friendly, and energetic pets, but they’re also a big commitment. They require financial resources, plenty of outdoor space, and a lot of time and energy. 

If you’ve decided that adopting a horse is the right choice for you, visiting a rescue is a great way to find your new companion while making a difference to rescue horses in need.

Check out any of these horse rescues to take the next step in adding a horse to your family. 

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