12 Best Horse Rescues in Maryland! (2023)

If you’re interested in adopting a horse, you can find plenty of horse rescues in Maryland offering beautiful, loving companions looking for a new home. 

Unfortunately, despite being popular pets for many avid animal lovers, many of these horses wind up in these rescues because they experienced abuse, neglect, and abandonment, like many other equines across the country.

Adopting from a rescue usually costs less than buying from a breeder, making their cost worthwhile for anyone interested in contributing to lowering the rate of annual horse abandonment.

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Why Do Horses in Maryland End Up in Sanctuaries or Rescues?


Most horses in Maryland wind up in rescues for a wide selection of reasons. Examples of why they arrive at rescues for retraining and rehabilitation include:

  • Their previous owner lost interest in caring for a horse
  • Neglect or abuse
  • Getting auctioned off to a kill pen or slaughterhouse
  • Their previous owner died
  • Unaffordable veterinary costs for injured or ill horses
  • Getting surrendered by their owners because they’re too difficult to train
  • Old age
  • Their previous owner doesn’t have room to raise unplanned foals from pregnant mares

The Top 12 Horse Rescues in Maryland


We compiled this list of the best horse rescues in Maryland if you’re interested in giving a horse a loving home but only have time to visit some facilities in the state.

Although many rescues share the same priorities for rescuing horses, their fees and services can vary from place to place.

1. Freedom Hill Horse Rescue


The first organization we recommend on this rundown of horse rescues in Maryland is Freedom Hill Horse Rescue. Most of the unwanted and abused horses they take in are older, injured, or have chronic illnesses.

This non-profit rescue also prioritizes educating the public about horse care and offers an equine-assisted therapy program for those in need.

Their horse adoption process requires interested applicants to schedule an appointment to visit the rescue, submit a $25 fee with their application, have other horses living on their property, and live within 60 miles or an hour from the rescue facility.

Freedom Hill Horse Rescue Details:

2. Safe Haven Equine Warriors


Next up on our list of horse rescues in Maryland is Safe Haven Equine Warriors, located 20 miles west of Baltimore. This non-profit rescues most of its unwanted horses from livestock auctions and rehabilitates them for life as companion animals.

Anyone interested in adopting horses from this rescue must be at least 18,  have appropriate fencing on their property, and own at least one equine as a companion for the horse they want to adopt.

Safe Haven Equine Warriors Details:

3. Black Mountain View Farm Draft Rescue


Since 2016, Black Mountain View Farm Draft Rescue has dedicated its time to rescuing draft horses throughout Maryland from neglect and slaughter.

This non-profit rescue relies on sponsorship donations and volunteer work to operate and rehabilitate horses.

They quarantine their draft horses for 30 days before deeming them ready for adoption.

People who want to adopt horses from this organization must provide their veterinarian and farrier’s contact information. Horses who aren’t available for adoption remain part of the rescue’s sanctuary herd.

Black Mountain View Farm Draft Rescue Details:

4. Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue


Another excellent rescue organization we recommend is Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue. This non-profit rescue prioritizes rescuing draft and draft cross horses from neglect, slaughter, and abuse.

They quarantine their horses for three weeks to ensure they don’t have infectious diseases, like Rhinopneumonitis, and treat their injuries.

They only accept adoption applications from people who live within a four-hour radius of their main rescue facility.

They recommend scheduling a visit to the rescue to meet the horses and ride their potential pick at least three times before beginning their application. They also perform a facility inspection to ensure your property is ideal for caring for a rescue horse.

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue Details:

5. Lifeline Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation


Lifeline Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation is a volunteer-operated, non-profit organization located north of Washington, D.C.

They prioritize rescuing, rehabilitating, rehoming, and retraining horses who experienced neglect and abuse. In addition, they have several educational programs for teaching the public about combatting horse abuse and neglect.

Like most horse rescues in Maryland, they rely on donations to provide excellent health coverage, hoof and dental treatment, and food for their resident and adoptable horses. All horses go to their new homes vaccinated and dewormed.

Lifeline Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Details:

6. MidAtlantic Horse Rescue


If you’re looking for quality horse rescues in Eastern Maryland, consider visiting MidAtlantic Horse Rescue for your new horse. They prioritize rescuing and rehoming retired and slaughter-bound Thoroughbreds.

All adoptable horses have up-to-date deworming, vaccinations, dental treatments, and negative Coggins test results for Equine Infectious Anemia, a fatal viral disease.

Adoption fees vary from horse to horse, but you can expect their rideable horses to cost more than their pasture pet horses. Adopters must also provide veterinarian references and an equine-safe property.

MidAtlantic Horse Rescue Details:

7. Days End Farm Horse Rescue


If you live near Central Maryland, the best place to find horses for adoption is Days End Farm Horse Rescue. This non-profit organization dedicates its time to rescuing and rehoming neglected horses and educating the public about equine welfare.

Interested adopters must be at least 18 and reside on property with shelter and fencing that meet the rescue’s standards.

Adoption fees vary, depending on whether you adopt a rideable or companion horse. Adoptable horses in their Guardian Program require special treatment for their medical conditions.

Days End Farm Horse Rescue Details:

8. Greystone Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc.


Greystone Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc. is a small, family-operated rescue dedicated to rehabilitating and rehoming unwanted horses experiencing abuse and neglect. You can find this rescue in Cecil County.

All interested adopters must schedule an appointment to meet and ride their adoptable horses. The rescue can deliver horses to adopters living within a 25-mile radius of their location for an additional fee.

Adoption fees vary based on each horse’s age and riding capabilities. They also accept donations for their resident rescues.

Greystone Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc. Details:

9. Izzy’s Love Equine Rescue


Izzy’s Love Equine Rescue is a non-profit rescue dedicated to helping slaughter-bound, owner-surrendered, and neglected equines, regardless of age, size, and breed.

They encourage the public to contribute to their cause by participating in monthly sponsorship donations or volunteer work.

Eligible adopters interested in their horses must provide their veterinarian and farrier’s contact information, agree to a facility inspection to ensure their home is suitable for caring for a horse, and visit the rescue to bond with the horse of their choice.

Izzy’s Love Equine Rescue Details:

10. Southern Maryland Equine Miracles


Another excellent horse rescue you should consider visiting is Southern Maryland Equine Miracles.

Since its inception in 2017, this non-profit rescue has rescued abused, neglected, and at-risk horses and placed them in new forever homes. They rely on donations to provide the best care for each rescue horse.

All adoptable horses have up-to-date medical, dental, and hoof treatments to ensure they’re in top condition before going to their new owners. Adoption fees vary based on each horse’s trainability.

Southern Maryland Equine Miracles Details:

11. Sofia’s Oasis for Equines, Inc.


You can find Sofia’s Oasis for Equines, Inc., about an hour and a half south of Baltimore. Like many non-profit rescues in the state, they prioritize rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abused, neglected, and slaughter-bound equines.

They offer adoption and foster services to anyone interested in raising a horse.

Interested adoption applicants must provide information about their facility and veterinarian and transport their new equine to their property within a week if their application gets approved.

Sofia’s Oasis for Equines, Inc. Details:

12. Maryland Horse Rescue


One of the best horse rescues in Maryland near the state’s northern region is Maryland Horse Rescue. This volunteer-run, non-profit organization rescues and rehabilitates abused and neglected horses, primarily senior and blind equines.

Maryland Horse Rescue’s adoption policies forbid adopters from selling and breeding their horses. They only accept applications from Maryland residents or anyone living within four hours of the rescue and are 21 or older. 

Maryland Horse Rescue Details:

Conclusion For “Best Horse Rescues in Maryland”


Horse adoption is an excellent option for anyone interested in adding a beautiful equine to their family while simultaneously giving them a second chance at life after experiencing unimaginable hardships.

Hopefully, this list of horse rescues in Maryland can help you streamline your search and find a new companion if you think you’re ready to give them the best life.

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