4 Best German Shepherd Rescue in North Carolina! (2024)

It doesn’t matter if you are confident that you will be adopting a German Shepherd or if you are still learning about this beautiful breed; a rescue organization is a wise place to start. Therefore, we have a list of the best German Shepherd rescue in North Carolina for you!

While searching for German Shepherd rescues in North Carolina, ask the essential questions and get to know the organization’s values and team. You and your new German Shepherd adoptee both want to be happy together at the end of the day.

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1. Southeast German Shepherd Rescue


While SGSR is based in North Carolina, they partner with shelters and rescue organizations throughout the Southeast. Every ill-fated German Shepherd Dog deserves a loving forever home.

In addition to saving German Shepherds, they actively participate in community outreach events, dog training, and education to encourage responsible pet ownership and decrease pet populations.

For potential families to adopt one of their dogs, they have a rigorous adoption process.

They don’t want to risk rehoming a dog that had already been abandoned, abused, neglected, or “thrown away” – that they rescued, rehabilitated, and are hoping to rehome. Instead, every Shepherd should find a home deserving of their love and devotion.

So, you’re interested in adopting an adorable forever friend from SGSR? First, you’ll have to apply. After you submit the Adoption Application and the $30 application fee, one of their Adoption Coordinators will get in touch with you.

Please be patient and kind to them as they have 5-8 tireless volunteers processing applications at any given time for their entire adoption area.

They do not accept applications for specific dogs. It may take six to eight weeks to complete the application process, and a particular dog may not be available once you have been approved for adoption.

Applications may take longer during periods of high volume.

At this time, they cannot adopt a German Shepherd to you if you live outside of N.C. and V.A. Therefore, if you live outside of their geographical area, please do not apply – they will not refund your application fee.

You must provide a check for the adoption fee ($300.00).

Southeast German Shepherd Rescue Details:

2. German Shepherd Rescue & Adoption, Inc


German Shepherd Rescue & Adoption, Inc. is a non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to providing essential care and adoption services to neglected, stray, or surrendered German Shepherd Dogs.

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and serving the Carolinas and Virginia, they strive to protect and promote this magnificent breed.

They only adopt to people living in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Virginia.

Although it occasionally takes in dogs of other breeds and mixed breeds, the Rescue primarily focuses on German Shepherds. Many of the dogs are rescued from local shelters. Some have been requested by pet owners looking for a new home for their pets.

You can contact them via their Contact Form, email, or snail mail if you’re interested in adopting a pet.

Alternatively, you can go to their monthly adoption events and speak to their volunteers. Also, feel free to join the discussion on Facebook! You can find the link below.

Their dogs are up-to-date with shots, have been tested for heartworms and intestinal parasites (treated if needed), and have been spayed or neutered.

The adoption fee of $300 will be applied to the incurred medical bills and necessary administrative costs. With the adoption fee, they can save more dogs.

German Shepherd Rescue & Adoption, Inc Details:

3. Freedom German Shepherd Rescue


Freedom German Shepherd Rescue seeks to rescue, rehabilitate and restore the lives of abandoned, neglected, abused, and homeless German Shepherds.

They place their rescued dogs with caring temporary foster homes, providing them with all the necessary medical care, food, and basic training to ensure they become healthy and integral members of their families.

After spending a period of time with foster families, they can evaluate their personalities and behaviors to match them with their rigorously approved forever families.

To adopt a dog from them, you must be 18 years of age or older. They will forward the application, fee, and acknowledgment of the application process to a volunteer who will conduct the vet check.

A vet check will ensure that all pets in the home have been vetted and have received their shots. In addition, all dogs must be altered, up to date for rabies and DHP, and given heartworm preventative and a fecal and heartworm exam at least annually.

The agency’s adoption coordinators will identify an appropriate dog for you based on your level of experience with German Shepherds and other working breeds and family members, circumstances, etc.

The only dogs that they will adopt out are those that have been vetted, cleared medically, and microchipped. If approved, you will have a two-week trial period with the dog you and the foster family believe is the best match.

Freedom German Shepherd Rescue Details:

4. North Carolina German Shepherd Rescue


You can find SPCA German Shepherds for adoption through North Carolina’s German Shepherds Rescue.

The Rescue Me organization is nationwide, but you can set your location to Texas to find dogs in your area. You’ll see a location listed with each dog picture as you scroll through.

You can learn more about its health and socialization by selecting a dog. Then, you can contact the foster parents via the site, email, or phone. For each dog, you’ll also find its adoption fee. The adoption fee covers the dog’s medical care and expenses.

You might be looking for a German Shepherd in Raleigh, NC, but this organization is statewide, so you’re likely to find one near me. You can contact the foster parent when you find a dog you like and allow the adoption process to begin.

North Carolina German Shepherd Rescue Details:

German Shepherd Rescue in North Carolina


A German Shepherd makes the perfect addition to any family. Perhaps you are a family searching for a companion for the children, or maybe you live alone and would like a four-legged friend to keep you company.

Ultimately, dogs are the ideal pet for almost everyone.

You can bring a German Shepherd into your life in several ways. The temptation to go out and buy a new puppy may be high, but there are many benefits to adopting a rescue dog instead.

Adding a rescue dog to your family is an enriching experience. Adopting a rescue German Shepherd brings a sense of satisfaction and moral benefits that you can’t compare to buying a puppy.

Rescue homes take in a staggering number of dogs each year, and many of them stay there their entire lives. Adopting a dog from one of these shelters gives that dog a chance to belong to a family again.

How to Choose a German Shepherd Rescue Dog in North Carolina?


Is it a good idea to get a puppy, young adult, or senior dog? It depends on your lifestyle!

Would you prefer an eager, precocious puppy, or would you consider adopting a young adult dog or perhaps even an older one?

Despite being cute and quick to learn, German Shepherd puppies need lots of attention and love and should be housebroken and taught basic obedience. In addition, you will need to be a dedicated pet parent for at least a year.

A young adult dog might already know some basics and have decent housetraining skills (though he will still need to adjust to your home). You will also know what your new German Shepherd will look like as an adult and how large he will become.

You may even consider adopting an older rescue. These mature pets can be a great option if you don’t have much spare time. They are predetermined in personality and size, so there are no surprises.

Usually, housetraining is stable, and the youthful energy has waned into a more relaxed attitude. The chances are they are good dogs who have just been dealt a tough break.

Where do you find a German Shepherd Rescue?


Don’t give up if you don’t find who you’re looking for right away. In reducing pet overpopulation and supporting pet owners to keep their pets, the number of German Shepherds in shelters will decrease- this is a positive thing!

You can also talk to a shelter official about how to find a responsible breeder. They can also help you connect with other shelters and rescues in the area if they don’t have a suitable match for you and your family.

Check the websites of your local shelters and rescues as well, as not all shelters and German Shepherds are listed on national websites. Don’t forget to visit in person, too–sometimes looking into an animal’s eyes is all it takes to fall in love!

Conclusion For “German Shepherd Rescues in North Carolina”


German Shepherds are intelligent, loyal, active, and dedicated to protecting their owners. Instead of spending thousands on a breeder, consider saving a dog’s life by adopting through a North Carolina rescue.

You will not only welcome a new furry friend into your home, but you will also provide love, care, and a supportive environment for a dog in need.

Research German Shepherd rescues like those listed here to find the right fit for you and your family. Adopting dogs in need lets you move through the process quickly and welcome your new pet into your home right away.

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