12 Interesting Facts About King Cane Corso Dogs! (2024)

Many fascinating facts will surprise you if you are learning about this breed for the first time. First, the king Cane Corso dogs are a working breed that doesn’t like staying idle. 

The species is known for its impressive appearance and protective nature. The fierce mastiffs are athletic and powerful, suitable to guard properties and big game hunting. 

The adult Cane Corso dog can only be handled by experienced pet keepers who will give them the space they need, adequate training, and exercise. If you keep this breed idle, they may find destructive ways to stay active to reduce boredom. 

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The Interesting History of the Formidable King Cane Corso


The king cane corso is a descendant breed of Molossin mastiff-like dogs bred by the Romans. The dogs originated in Greece and were captured by the Romans during the war.

They were returned to Italy and served as war dogs helping the army guard the enemy lines. After the war, the Italians made the heroic breed the protector of their farms from livestock thieves, hunting in the wild, and guarding the farmhouses.

The heroic breed came close to extinction in the mid-1900 but was revived by some Italian cynophilists. Since then, the breed remained obscure until after the year 1988. 

The lovable breed has become in demand for its protective and guarding abilities. However, dog lovers have also discovered that there is more to King Cane Corso than meets the eye. 

King Cane Corso Size and Weight


This bold and strong breed produces large dogs with impressive heights proportional to their weights. The king cane corso dog is not considered fully grown until it is two and a half years old. 

A one-month-old puppy weighs up to 9 pounds and may hit from 52 to 75 pounds when it reaches six months old. 

Fully grown, the male is 24-28 inches tall and weighs a whopping 99-110 pounds. The female version is only slightly smaller. Averaging 23-26 inches and weighing between 88 and 99 pounds. 

Fascinating Facts About Cane Corso


The king cane corso may sound intimidating, but we are here to provide you with some accurate yet fascinating facts about the breed.

1. They Are the Perfect Security Guards


The first name cane comes from the Latin word “Canis,” meaning dog. The second name, Corso, comes from the word “Cohors,” meaning protector or guardian. 

As the name suggests, the breed was meant to serve as guard dogs and wild hunters. But, their aggression shouldn’t scare you away; train them to use it to keep the intruders away and maintain a loving relationship with them. 

They enjoy staying close to you and fancy spending every second of your walking with you. 

2. King Cane Corso Is Loyal and Sensitive to the Owners

When you train the adult Cane Corso right, he becomes a member of your family physically and emotionally. They become best friends with everyone around the household. 

On top of that, the breed becomes aware of your moods and may think they are responsible for your mood change. The dog’s relationship with the owner can be genuine and subtle, and the breed is intensely loyal. 

3. A Lifespan That Is Associated With Their Color


This fact may sound ridiculous, but research on the breed shows that its lifespan depends on its color. The fierce mastiffs come in Black, red, fawn, and gray. 

The majority include brindle patterns and white patches on the feet and chest. 

The analysis concludes that the black brindle cane corso has a longer lifespan of up to 10 years and three months compared to the other colors that live for about nine years. 

4. The Cane Corso Dogs Need Only Primary Care and Grooming

The cane corso service dog has a short coat which makes grooming easy. Use a brush to clean the dog once per week and bathe them once in three months using a mild shampoo. 

Also, check the ears and clean them weekly or when they get dirty. Brush the dog daily during the shredding hair period, trim the toenails once a month, and brush their teeth frequently to keep the gum and teeth in good shape. 

5. They Don’t Like Sitting Around Idle


King cane corso is a social dog, outgoing, and likes having tasks to do. Therefore, it is best to keep them engaged most of the time. 

Give them lots of attention and enough space to run and exercise. Make them feel useful most of the time by taking them for a walk or as your companion during your jogging sessions. 

400;”>Cane corso hates being lonely and may find ways to keep them busy in such a case. However, you don’t want them to become destructive and messy, so give them the attention they need, and they will always be loyal. 

6. The IQ of Cane Corso Is on Another Level

The breed has a high intelligence level and therefore calls for strong and consistent individuals to handle it properly.

A potential owner should have the passion and consistency to deal with cane corso, especially when they want to test how far they can go. 

The owner should be firm enough to train the dog that nothing comes for free. In addition, these dogs should learn to follow orders before receiving any honor or reward. 

Make sure you don’t question your authority because the breed needs to understand why they should follow your rules. 

Superiority is a must. You need to set firm boundaries, or the dog will try to play first fiddle to the family. Teach intelligent dogs to follow commands, and all the family members should be familiar with the rules too. 

If you aren’t sure about possessing the authority to handle a cane corso adult dog, consider getting another dog.

7. They Can Be Destructive


If well-trained, the breed can be a loyal friend but is still considered the most dangerous animal by many. Check if your insurance covers concerns for this particular breed before you get one. 

A puppy, cane corso, loves to bite and chew and can be destructive around the household. Buy them chewing toys and train them properly to keep them away from you and your sofa.

8. Don’t Hit or Intimidate the Dogs

Keep your hands to yourself, and never attempt to hit or intimidate the cane corso breed any day. They don’t receive violence of any form so well. 

Remember that the breed is large and powerful, so always be nice and friendly to them. They love rewards and praise and respond positively to the same. 

So praise them for good behavior and avoid hitting or yelling at them when they do wrong. 

9. They Can Help in Case a Lion Attacks You


The blue king cane corso dogs originated in the Tibetan highland almost 1000 years ago when they protected ancient monasteries. 

The Romans were fascinated by the dogs’ strength and size. So they returned the breed to Italy to serve as war dogs, where they used to fight bears and lions to death.

They might come in handy if a lion wants to attack you. In addition, the breed has the size and strength to wrangle an equally strong animal. 

10. Their Reputation Depends on the Training You Give Them

Many people perceive king cane corso as mean and dangerous with their big heads and masculine body. 

In addition, their large size makes them a threat if poorly trained. The powerful dogs keep strangers on their toes. Therefore, they must be trained with the family early.

However, the cane corso dogs are not beastly animals. Overall, they are intelligent, easy to train, and outgoing. A passionate cane corso owner can make it a companionable and affectionate dog. 

11. They Were Once a Source of Inspiration for Italian Artistry


The unique blue and white king cane corso dogs feature in several classic paintings by famous artists such as Andrea Mantegna and Bartolomeo Pinelli. 

Italian sculptors also used their athletic and muscular physical appearance as inspiration to create sculptures. 

Many people in Italy are painters and sculptors, and having the breed featured in their artworks means that it was a common sight in Italy and was worth appearing among their masterpieces.  

12. Cane Corso Almost Ran to Extinction

In the mid-20th century, mechanized farming developed, and there was no need for farm guard dogs. During this time, cane corso dogs almost went extinct.

However, in 1983, a breed club called Società Amatori Cane Corso began, and later the Italian kennel club recognized the breed in 1994.

The cane corso service dog breed wasn’t as well known as other breeds until 2010 when the American Kennel Club recognized it.  

King Cane Corso vs. Cane Corso


Is it king corso or cane corso? Of course, it is the same dog. But, many people have a challenge pronouncing the breed’s name. 

The word is “Kah-nay Corso,” thus the nickname King Corso. This nickname fits as the species has proven to be noble, strong, and confident. They are not kings, but their fearless nature will give you a royal reward.  

Is King Cane Corso the Right Dog Breed for You?


Now you know the facts about the breed, and you are probably wondering, are cane corsos good family dogs? You can make a cane corso the right dog for your family if you possess the right expertise.

The king cane corso dog can give first-time pet parents a headache. So, you must have previous experience with the dog. Also, the breed is not the best choice for families with toddlers because it can accidentally injure them. 

Having a sense of authority is a must. It would be best if you were quick to action and made the decision to train your dog early. 

The dog needs daily exercises to maintain its muscular tone. Therefore, it is best if you have space on your property to allow the dog to run around. They will ensure adequate protection for your property and make a fierce bodyguard for you and your family.

It is okay to breed cane corso dogs if you have the help you will need to handle the dogs around your property. 

Pros and Cons of Owning a King Cane Corso


Some people may want to keep a king cane corso solely for its impressive physical appearance and guarding abilities. If you are such a person, it is essential first to understand the dog’s character. Here is a quick list of pros and cons..


  • A great family dog. If handled by a strong and consistent pet parent, cane corso can make a perfect family dog.
  • They are loving and protective of their family members.
  • They are easy to groom. Weekly brushing is enough for the better part of the year. Brush them daily only during the shedding period. 


  • The breed is large and muscular and can accidentally harm small children
  • The breed is intelligent and bossy, so it requires strong leadership not to push the boundaries.
  • Cane corso has a shorter lifespan compared to other breeds. They only live for 9 to 12 years.

Conclusion For “Interesting Facts About King Cane Corso Dogs!”


King cane corso has existed since ancient times and has proven to be reliable over the years. The breed also has a high IQ and is easily trainable.

Even though the dog requires a lot of commitment, it can make an excellent pet with the correct management. Before getting a cane corso for your home, ensure that you know how to care for them and that you can meet all their needs. 

Make sure you teach your dog to obey and work with you.The breed may appear mean, intimidating, and protective to its people, but they can be loyal and gentle companions with the correct socialization and training. 

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