18 Interesting Facts About the Black Cane Corso! (2024)


The Black Cane Corso is among the most common within the breed of Cane Corsos. They are known for their gorgeous black fur and their strong nature. However, there are some fascinating facts about Black Cane Corso that you may not know. 

Some of these intriguing facts trace back centuries. Let’s take a look at 17 interesting facts about the Black Cane Corso. 

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1. They Were Popular for Entertainment


Although the Black Cane Corso were war dogs, they also provided a means of entertainment in ancient Rome.   

Blood sports were a common form of entertainment during this era, and Cane Corsos played large roles in various sports, including gladiator battles and pit fights. 

During the pit fights, Black Cane Corso would battle wild animals, including lions, bulls, other types of dogs, and tigers. When gladiators would fight, many would be assigned a Cane Corso to fight alongside them.   

2. The Cane Corso Origination Is Unknown

No one knows where the Cane Corso breed originated, although the name makes people believe they’re from Italy. However, there are several other theories.

Cane Corso broken down, has various meanings in different languages. The variation in definitions has confused where the fantastic breed hails. 

The word Cane translates to “dog” in Italian, while Corso is strongly associated with the Latin word “cohors,” which means guardian.    

Lastly, some historians theorize the breed’s name could mean Corso means powerful. They also theorize Corso is relative to Kortos, a Greek word that means “enclosed court.” 

3. The AKC Recognizes the Cane Corso as Majestic


The American Kennel Club is a purebred dog registry and trusted expert in pedigree, training, and health for dogs.  

The American Kennel Club, better known as the AKC, recognizes the Cane Corso breed as a majestic breed. 

There are just four breeds of dog in the world that have received this recognition from the American Kennel Club. Apart from the Cane Corso, the other three are the Neapolitan Mastiff, the Field Spaniel, and the Tan and Black Coonhound.   

4. The Black Cane Corso is The Most Common

Out of any other color in the Cane Corso breed, black is the most common color, and the black Cane Corso is also the most desired and sought after

Their beautiful black coats come from the production of a gene called melanin, a gene that is genetically dominant in the Cane Corso breed.  

Finding a black Cane Corso that meets the standards of AKC can be very challenging, especially since it’s common to find one with an inaccurate coat. 

5. They Love Affection


At first glance, the all Black Cane Corso looks very intimidating. However, when properly trained, they are very gentle and sweet dogs. 

Generally, Cane Corso are very intelligent. However, they are also very protective, docile, and affectionate. So, when trained correctly, your Corso will be assertive and safeguarding but also eager, loyal, and full of affection.   

6. They Weigh Nearly As Much as an Adult Human

Cane Corso generally are massive in size, so it’s no wonder they weigh nearly as much as an adult human. On average, an adult human weighs 136 pounds, and an adult black male, Cane Corso, typically weighs up to 140 pounds.   

Although the weight can vary between male and female Cane Corso, the highest weight they reach is 150 pounds for males. The highest weight for females is 99 pounds.    

7. Black Cane Corso Eat Up to Six Times a Day


As you know, the Cane Corso breed represents a mammoth of a dog, which means having an appetite equal in size. An adult black Cane Corso eats between 6 and 9 cups of food daily.

However, the average dog usually eats around 3-4 cups of food per day which is significantly less than a Cane Corso. 

Even as puppies, the gargantuan breed must be fed between three and six times per day. It’s important, though, to not overfeed, as with any other dog breed. 

You may think that they need tons of food due to their large size. However, overfeeding your Corso can lead to severe sickness and potential health problems. 

8. They Have Origins Rooted in Greek Mythology

Today, we know the Cane Corso has origins in Italy. However, it’s believed their ancestors may have come from Greece. Historians theorize that the Greeks settled into a new city after Achilles led the Greek army and Troy fell.

The settlers were mostly farmers and had large flocks that needed to be protected. 

The Cane Corso ancestral breed was then formed by Molossians and helped to guard the farmers and the flocks. 

Currently, there are sculptures and Greek art that Historians discovered, and these pieces portray the dogs during this era in Greek History.  

9. The Cane Corso Was Bred Specifically To Guard


Black Cane Corso are very protective, and there’s a reason for that. As a whole, Cane Corso were bred to hunt, but more than hunting, they were first meant to guard and protect. 

In the past, they would help protect Italian farmers from predators. They also helped to keep guard over the farm which was easy since they are naturally protective and significant in size.

This guarding is no surprise since Cane Corso also means guardian or bodyguard-dog.

10. They Have Their Own Form of Communication

It may be hard to believe, but black Cane Corso are very quiet. Most dogs bark as their way of communication or vocalizing; however, Cane Corso do other things to communicate. 

They will typically grunt, snort, or use body language. You won’t hear barking very much unless the situation calls for it—cases such as an intruder entering your home or during an emergency. 

11. Black Cane Corso Are Popular in Modern Entertainment


Animals frequently get the chance to play a starring role, and the infamous all-black Cane Corso is no different. Believe it or not, these gentle giants are alongside stars in various movies and TV shows.  

Some popular shows where the black Corso appeared include Game of Thrones, Sessomatto, Save The Date, Atlanta, Blacklist, and Once in a Blue Moon

12. There Are Two Types of Cane Corso

The two main types of Cane Corso are traditional and nontraditional. Each class, amazingly enough, has distinct bloodlines.  

The traditional type originated from the Italian Cane Corso, and this particular bloodline first came to the US in the 1980s. 

The nontraditional type evolved with the use of other dog DNA. Breeders figured it’s best to expand the gene pool and mixed bloodlines between Cane Corso and several other breeds., including Rottweilers, Boxers, Presa Canarios, and Great Danes. 

Also, the traditional and nontraditional types are both the carrying on of the original breed of Cane Corso. These two types still have the original Italian bloodline coursing through their bodies. 

Furthermore, they are physically built dissimilarly and much more significant. They have a much larger frame with considerably larger bones and muscles. 

So, due to breeding, the nontraditional types show some differences in temperament and physical build. They are slightly slimmer and more limber than an original blooded Cane Corso.  

13. Black Cane Corso Is Big on Companionship 


The Cane Corso will truly feel a part of your family and expect to live as part of it all the time. They enjoy the closeness and will ensure you know how much they care.

Although Black Cane Corso can be very intimidating because of their dark appearance and massive build, they can be teddy bears underneath it all. 

This loving and affectionate character is an instinct for them, just as is, protecting and keeping their owners safe. It’s best to develop a routine each day of activities for bonding. 

They also enjoy being indoors just as much as outdoors. Wherever their family is, is where they need and want to be. It helps them to remain close by while also providing them the attention and companionship they desire.  

14. Black Cane Corso Live for a Very Long Time 

On average, a Cane Corso will live for about nine years; however, the Black Cane Corso can live between 10 and 11 years. According to research, black and brindle Corso live for a long time due to the color of their fur.

Their average lifespan is 10.3 years; however, they can live as long as 13 years.  

The Cane Corso with lighter brown fur, has a shorter lifespan. They typically live between 7 and 11 years.  

15. They Enjoy Working


Where most dogs enjoy lounging and relaxing, a black Cane Corso doesn’t. They thoroughly enjoy completing tasks and having things to do. 

This hardworking ethic is just part of their nature to love and be a significant part of their families.

So, no matter what the task, they will want to be a part of it. Whether going on walks with you or standing guard, Black Cane Corso enjoy constructive things to do. 

16. They Rarely Need a Bath

You very rarely have to bathe your black Cane Corso. Since they have very short-haired coats, you only have to clean them every 30 days. 

Of course, this is dependent on their lifestyle. If your Corso enjoys going out onto the lawn and playing around, that definitely calls for a bath. 

However, if they aren’t big on playing and getting dirty, the general rule is once a month. Also, it’s essential to keep their nails trimmed every 30 days. 

However, areas like their ears and teeth should be groomed regularly. For example, they need their teeth brushed daily while checking their ears for a weekly cleaning is best.  

17. They Almost Went Extinct


We wouldn’t have any Black Cane Corso if it weren’t for a breeding program during WWll. This wonderful dog breed was nearly extinct because many died during the war. 

Thankfully, some lived through it, and people began creating a breeding program with the surviving Corso. This program helped save this wonderful breed that we know and love today. 

18. They Have the Ability To Learn at 8 Weeks Old 

Although they are just puppies, Black Cane Corsos will soak in everything they learn at eight weeks old. This early learning is ideal for dominant breeds like Cane Corso and, therefore, it’s best to begin training them as young as possible.

Cane Corso isn’t very friendly or social unless until properly trained. 

So it’s essential you begin training them early to understand your authority over them as their owner. It’s also essential they become acclimated to others being around and how to behave with strangers. 

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