What Is a Cavapoo’s Life Expectancy? (2024)

Considering Cavapoo life expectancy is a normal part of ownership. However, it can be sad and make any dog lover feel pain.

Wanting the best for your lovable Cavapoo is typical, and although they can’t live forever, there are plenty of things you can do to make your Cavapoo as healthy as possible.

By offering your Cavapoo the best quality of care possible, they may be able to live longer than usual, meaning you and your family will get plenty of memories with them.

Thankfully, there are dozens of ways to help your Cavapoo beat the odds and live longer than usual.

Whether you want to adopt a strict oral hygiene routine or introduce vitamins into your dog’s diet, there are simple and effective ways to help boost the health of your Cavapoo.

Read on to learn how your Cavapoo can live longer and what you can introduce into your daily life to make them happy and healthy.

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What Is a Cavapoo?


A Cavapoo is a hybrid dog breed from a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle.

This dog breed is notorious for being a friendly, loving dog that thrives on attention from its owner. Although these dogs are lovable and gentle, they can be mischievous when left alone for too long.

Cavapoos are also prone to separation anxiety and prefer to spend their days with their favorite people or animals.

How Long Do Cavapoos Live?


Cavapoos can live anywhere from eight to 15 years. However, it can be challenging to get your Cavapoo to 15 years.

Sadly, Cavapoo life expectancy can seem short, but there are plenty of things that Cavapoo owners can do to help their beloved puppy reach a higher age, happily and healthily.

With the right quality of care, a Cavapoo can live quite long.

However, you may want to be aware of what kinds of health conditions and struggles Cavapoos can have. Keep track of any symptoms or signs of trouble you may be seeing in your Cavapoo. Seek the counsel of a veterinarian when in doubt.

What Impacts a Cavapoo Lifespan?


Many factors can impact the health of your Cavapoo, and addressing each can lead to a happy and healthy life.

Many genetic and environmental factors can make your Cavapoo more susceptible to health conditions and diseases. Alternatively, there are also some benefits they have.

For example, Cavapoos come from two generally healthy breeds that don’t pass down any specific genetic problems to concern yourself with. Here are a few factors that may impact your Cavapoos health.

Health Conditions

A pre-existing health condition can significantly impact how long your Cavapoo can live.

For example, difficult heart conditions or blood conditions can make your Cavapoo sickly and prevent them from getting the proper care and exercise they may require to be healthy.

Developing health conditions, like bone and movement troubles, can also impact their lifespan and ability to live longer if they are impaired by their condition.

Health of Parents

The genetic makeup and health of a Cavapoo’s parents will directly affect how long your Cavapoo will live. If both parents of your Cavapoo are in good health, your Cavapoo will likely live a long time and may live longer than the average.

However, if one or both parents have a condition, your Cavapoo may be genetically predisposed to developing the same issue. Always track any symptoms you see in your Cavapoo and discuss these signs with your veterinarian.


Diet significantly impacts your dog’s health and can make them more capable of handling disease or illnesses. For example, dogs who eat meat are typically in better health than those that rely on fruits and vegetables.

Feeding your dog the kind of food their body needs, from as natural sources as possible, can help them live longer and be healthier.

Avoid processed foods that have fillers and artificial ingredients. Artificial dyes can sometimes be carcinogenic and cause cancer in canines.

Quality of Care

The quality of care you offer your Cavapoo will directly impact their health and wellness. Although this can be challenging, their care is entirely in your hands.

The care you provide them includes their food intake, exercise levels, and socialization. You may want to consider training your dog or sending them to doggy daycare centers to help them stay social and be happy.

Without proper care, a dog can develop depressive symptoms or separation anxiety, leading to a shorter lifespan.

Level of Exercise

The level of exercise you give your Cavapoo will directly affect how long they can live and how well they will function. A dog with more exercise and access to the outdoors will likely feel better, maintain motor function, and be happier.

Cavapoos are small dogs, and they will only need 30 minutes of exercise daily to maintain their health and happiness. Consider letting your Cavapoo play outdoors for 30 minutes with other animals or children.

How To Help Your Cavapoo Live Longer


There are dozens of ways you can help your Cavapoo live longer. However, these ways are the most beneficial and will have the highest impact on your Cavapoos health and wellness.

Implementing a few small changes into daily life can make your Cavapoo happier and healthier, so provide them with the care they need to live longer than average.

Consider making a schedule to keep track of all the new changes you’ll be employing regarding your Cavapoo’s care.

Employ a Dental Care Routine

A dental care routine is essential to preventing harmful and destructive diseases in Cavapoos. For example, a common dental issue called periodontal disease is known to cause heart conditions that can end a dog’s life.

Brush your Cavapoo’s teeth once every three days to keep away bacteria, plaque, and other harmful bacteria that may attack your dog’s body and cause destruction and poor health.

A gentle toothpaste formula can make the process easier and incentivize teeth-brushing.

Routinely See a Vet

Always take your Cavapoo to the veterinarian if you have any concerns about their health or if you notice anything strange about them.

Keep a log of any strange behavior you detect, and always bring your Cavapoo in for a visit if you see them vomiting, lethargic, having consistent diarrhea, or any other symptoms.

You will also want to take them to the veterinarian once a year for an annual physical and checkup. These appointments are beneficial because they will offer your dog their essential vaccines to keep away rabies and other harmful diseases.

Promote Healthy Exercise

Playtime is a perfect way to promote healthy exercise in your Cavapoo. Convince them to get exercise by throwing a ball around the backyard, asking them to chase you, or allowing them to play with any small children in the home.

Incentivize exercise time by offering small, low-calorie training treats, plenty of praise, and attention. Using praise and affection is a perfect way to make your Cavapoo excited and happy to try playtime and exercise activities.

This dog breed is eager to please and will do nearly anything to keep its owners happy and excited about them.

Watch for Developing Health Conditions


Always keep a log of any symptoms you may be noticing in your dog. Old age symptoms can creep up quickly and may come as a shock for some Cavapoo owners.

Some symptoms that are common with multiple health conditions include the following:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Excessive gassiness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Overeating
  • Graying hair
  • Consistently warm nose
  • Fever

Keep track of the date and time you notice the symptom or behavior. If these behaviors and symptoms don’t go away, consider taking your Cavapoo to the veterinarian to have them checked out for any developing health conditions.

Don’t Forget About Mental Health

Cavapoos are clingy and attached dogs who are prone to developing depression and separation anxiety over time.

These dogs may get sad if they feel they have been abandoned or left behind by their owners. Cavapoos should not be left alone for longer than a few hours at a time. 

Consider taking your Cavapoo on your adventures, or have them boarded in a kennel where they can make plenty of friends.

Use High-Quality Dog Food

Choose a high-quality dog food that contains plenty of protein and fiber. Also, ensure that your dog food of choice has no by-products and fillers that offer no nutritional value to your Cavapoo.

Low-quality foods can impact your dog’s health because they will fill your Cavapoos belly but leave them without the nutrients their body needs to function properly.

Choose foods with a meat-based item as the first ingredient. Usually, the first ingredient listed is the most abundant in the product.

Be careful not to feed your Cavapoo too much, as well. Overfeeding can cause weight gain and lead to canine obesity, severely limiting your Cavapoo’s functions and range of motion.

Start with conservative portion sizes and monitor how your dog eats their meal. If they seem extra hungry, a small second portion can be served.

Offer Them Vitamins, Supplements, and Probiotics

Including supplements, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics into your Cavapoo’s daily intake can have a positive impact on their health and help them live much longer.

When your Cavapoo has everything they need for their body to function well, they will likely have a long and happy life.

Choose probiotic drinks, drops, or food supplements that can be easily digested and served with their meal. You may also want to opt for treats that have probiotics and vitamins.

Conclusion For “What Is a Cavapoo’s Life Expectancy”


Cavapoos are friendly, lovable dogs who thrive on companionship, adoration, and affection.

These stunning dog breeds prefer to spend their days with their owners and are susceptible to things like separation anxiety or depression when they are alone for too long. Cavapoos, however, are versatile and adapt easily.

These dogs thrive in conditions where they have access to their loved ones and make ideal travel companions.

Consider employing new ways to help your Cavapoo beat the odds and live longer than average.

Whether you seek to get them more exercise, adopt an oral hygiene routine, or make a chart of their behaviors to monitor their physical and mental well-being, these methods can significantly Cavapoo life expectancy.

Cavapoos can live for anywhere between eight and 15 years, on average.

However, this time frame will also depend on their parents, genetics, care, and any developing issues. Keep a watchful eye on your Cavapoo to see if they need the care of a professional.

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